Wednesday, 20 August 2014

#MILITIA Breaking: Army Plans To Execute Protesters #REX84 NWO #REVOLUTION

We DID tell you REX 84 ...

Monday, 18 August 2014

"Although the document makes reference to the Constitutional rights of American citizens it goes on to stress that such protections are null and void under a state of emergency, asserting that Posse Comitatus, which is supposed to limit the power of the federal government to use military personnel domestically, “does not apply” under declared “emergency authority” or “When the need for the protection of federal property or federal functions exists.”

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Breaking: Army Plans To Execute Protestors

The Full US Army Document & full text of the EXECUTIVE ORDER, stealing YOUR RIGHT to LIVE!

US Army - Civil Disturbances - 2014
Ferguson PsyOp EXPOSED - Race War / Martial Law / Police State Operation Underway

And the full text of the Executive Order:

MaxResistance Round Table - 6/17/14 - Guest Dahboo7

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