Thursday, 14 August 2014


UPDATE (which they're stopping me publishing on the relevant page; ... you need to READ and ABSORB the page below, BEFORE you continue to read this page; this is COMPLICATED stuff, and AFAICT, the REAL REALITY, unfolding ... )

Thursday, 14 August 2014

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The Protest - "We Will Rise" Protest Music by BlankTV


UPDATE -  14th August 2014 16.9 hrs BST

  1. life is not fair. but you fight crime, that's good to know inside yourself.

    Tweet text
  2. Live and die, on the right moral ethical side no other way ;)
  3. But I don't believe in divine retribution I believe traitors should get divine retribution fired from the end of a Patriots gun;)
  4. If u missed it this bit's going to sound really wild But when I led a charge down to to kick some ass & left
  5. without giving enough warning (took a while for most of rest of the planet to join me) guess who turned up beam of light style
  6. But what he said amazed me (esp arriving an atheist etc) if it wasn't him, I think it was one of our Kings in person ....
  7. "Tell those god-damn Yanks we never wanted to stop them having independence, but as God's representative on this earth I couldn't
  8. in any conscience let them go off and get themselves run by a bunch of Satanists"
  9. Make of that, as you will Me, I'm still trying to work it out lol
  10. Especially as just THE most EXPLOSIVE power arrived a minute or two later .... I suspect >> friends
  11. I think the saved my ass until they did, got a little desperate for a time fighting an entire star system alone <g>
  12. I never did look BEFORE I went at the make-up of the star-system, but drew a pic of what I saw, before I did (just 3 circles)
  13. I reckon half of India & tibet etc piled in after me Because the immense power that arrived behind me; indescribable>
  14. Save by the words 'out of this world' ... Interesting, hey rotflmao ;) Times up ;)
  15. I asked the to show me a pic of these fuckers Instantly I has a TOTALLY CLEAR picture in my mind ... I described it
  16. To my partner in some detail ... especially noticeable the STRIPING across the cheeks ... the pic u just saw; SAME STRIPING
  17. exactly positioned the SAME PLACE bridge of nose, across cheeks, one strip (those the face much flatter and frankly the pic
  18. they put into my head frightened the life out of me - and the strips on the pic they put into my head; BLACK, not dark green
  19. But that pic (attached again now so no confusion) if the face were MUCH flatter, and the thing MUCH mor
  20. evil and fraightening looking comes, interestingly from this article about
  21. Batter through the ad (top right corner ... ;))
  22. I think the US is in a LOT more shit, than most want to accept my friend
  23. You (WE ALL who seek to over this PREDATORY HYPER-DIMENSIONAL SPECIES {which has a right to eat, right})
  24. Need to become CONSCIOUSLY CONSCIOUS - moment, by moment Because their CONtrol, is exercised THROUGH THE MIND :)
  25. No mor DISTRACTIONS distractions, lead to DEALY (DELAY :)) No mor DELAYS 911 etc, etc Delays KEEP them in CONtrol
  26. There may b many dimensions (600 we think via remote viewing earth etc) ref: "remote viewing Reptilian Consciousness" that page
  27. But we're JUST bright enough to GET OVER and STAY OVER them my friend, indeed, we are (those of us not successfully dumbed down)
  28. And so, you must start MOMENT-by-MOMENT, to notice the ERROR IN THE SYSTEM the errors, in your MIND :)
  29. Because you're MIND exists in HYPERSPACE (ask a doc to point you to it on a ANATOMY diagram .. they can't ;) ;))
  30. And so, this is how they exercise their CONtrol of our EVENTS Time is merely a HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS CONSTRUCT :)
  31. NOW, in EVERY TIME there is in ALL those DIMENSIONS :) ;)
  32. Right there, in teh GCHQ playbook along, with UFO pics, I note :) ;)
  33. No mor DISTRACTIONS my friend from DEALING with the SECRET SOCIETIES **FLATTEN THEM** ;)
  34. I got up to 2 seconds behind these fucks ... and you can NOTICE the ERROR in the SYSTEM, right here, on TWITTER :)
  35. When you do a TYPO at a CRUCIAL moment and that of course, causes DELAY :)
  37. Occasionally they REALLY show themselves,but I;ve noticed they only do this ONCE a DAY *maximum* (it's how they stay HIDDEN) ;)
  38. The most CRUCIAL moment of YOUR DAY ... when you FORGET (quite often, what you were TALKING ABOUT etc .... RIGHT in the middle
  39. of saying it ;) NOTICE THE ERROR IN THE SYSTEM my friend; notice the ERROR IN YOUR MIND :) They CAN push a THOUGHT OUT :)
  40. And when they DO right there, is the BIGGEST THING *that day* you CAN do, to GET OVER THEM :) ;) ;)
  41. NO longer let FORGETTING *distract* you, from THAT thought :)
  42. If you're in a GROUP ask someone in it to REMIND YOU what you were JUST saying, and do not let someone else start talking ;)
  43. Causing of course, DELAY ... the conversation, moves on ;) ;) And YOUR most important THOUGHT of that day, gets FORGOTTEN :) xxx
  44. :) Keep it FOREMOST in your MIND; and ACT, without DELAY or DISTRACTION ;) Get in CONTROL of EVENTS:)
  45. And don't RELAX for a MOMENT once you are, or they'll be STRAIGHT back over the top of you I speak, from experience <gg>
  46. If you're ALONE, one way to protect your THINKING is to SPEAK IT OUT LOUD and RECORD yourself U forget, PLAY TAPE BACK; remind ;)
  47. And now you know, everything I hope I taught the head of MI5 in the week during which GCHQ / NSA tried MURDER ME :)
  48. That's how valuable SOMEONE thinks that intel is USE IT :)
  49. All a LOT more complicated than what I just wrote states etc But u need just the PRACTICAL ADVICE & now u have it ;)
  50. SUMMARY 1) No mor DISTRACTIONS 2) No mor DELAYS 3) ... hehe they're making me FORGET :) lol rotfalmo I told u bro ;) ;)
  51. TOP TIP (words in the FIELD :)) your SKULL -the BONE in it is a PROTECTION from that INFLUENCE; put your FOREARM over EYE SOCKETS
  52. Just for the crucial few seconds or minute etc when you have to take a REALLY IMPORTANT DECISION I think that's how they get in
  53. to your brain matter .... to INFLUENCE your THINKING :)
  54. A bit of guesswork on the latter bit, but now, you know it all ;)
  55. except the MOST CRUCIAL bit they just made me forget <ggg> shout remind me <gggg>
  56. WTF was that THIRD thing on the bit of paper I gave you ? lol
  57. Are you LEARNING FAST in REAL TIME did you NOTICE the ERROR IN THE SYSTEM caused DELAY :) 2-5 minutes ;)
  58. Twitter shows that DELAY as FOUR MINUTES get BUSY bro ;) Climb it ;)
  59. "you fight crime, that's good to know" WE're fighting the world's first (recorded hisotry) exopolitical battle bro & now u know:)
  61. Any MASON that is UNDER 60 years of age or so JOINED *AFTER* spoke Kennedy was CLEAR *CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY* ;)
  62. And the penalty for being a TRAITOR is in the US CONSTITUTION ;)

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