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"Tuesday   August 12, 2014

Pictures Tell a 1,000 Words

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that sometimes pictures tell a 1,000 words when it deals with the activities of the NSA NAZI neo-con Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and their stooge, NAZI Jew Victoria Nuland aka Nudelman.

P.S.  At this hour with the German economy collapsing, Bush-Clinton Crime Family-controlled Deutsche Bank is totally broke with undermargined, cross-collateralized derivatives tied to naked short positions linked to precious metal contracts, grain contracts and energy contracts with the Mellon Bank of New York as a counter party.

In closing, here is a direct message to George Herbert Walker Bush, illegal year 2000 occupant, neo-NAZI, election stealer, Constitution shredder and nation wrecker George W. BushFRAUD, and his punk brother, worldwide bank stooge former Florida governor NAZI Jeb Bush, along with neo-NAZIS Bill and Hillary Clinton:

It is time for you to leave American soil and do it NOW!

Your NAZI-Zionist media stooges at CNN and FOX News are about to be financially decapitated.

You have wrecked the United States, shredded the Constitution and destroyed the American Republic.

Note:  A personal message to NAZI bitch Dick Cheney:  Get out NOW!

NAZI Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

NAZI Bush Crime Family
 illegal pResident George W. BushFRAUD and
neo-NAZI Nuland/Nudelman

Neo-NAZI Nuland/Nudelman and NAZI Paperclip 9/11 conspirator Dick Cheney
during phony "War on Terror" and illegal attack on Iraq
Principal Deputy National Security Adviser to
Vice pResident Dick Cheney from 2003-2005

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
Benghazi war criminal Hillary Clinton and neo-NAZI Nuland/Nudelman

Crisis in Ukraine fomented by the Neo-Con Kagan family
My Catbird Seat March 6, 2014
Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

The crisis in the Ukraine has been fomented by the Neo-Con Kagan family and their Zionist masters. The Kagan family, Lithuanian Jews of Khazar ancestry, seems to have a permanent fiefdom at the State Department. Robert, Fred, and their father, Donald Kagan, were the founders of the Project for a New American Century, which aggressively pushed for war against Iraq during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Rather than being allowed to start new wars, the Kagans should be prosecuted for their roles in the conspiracy to wage a war of aggression against Iraq.
By Christopher Bollyn


Shihad - FVEY

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WAR! CPU remotely accessed, Erased All my Videos!

Published on Aug 12, 2014
They got me.....Every video I ever did was removed remotely... I watched my laptop get taken over in fro t of my own eyes... sooooooooo.
Bare with me guys....while I try to get through this Mess!

Ferguson 8-13-14

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