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VT Radio (7-8-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Preston James Machine Translated

We tell the previous information, that are being planted nuclear bombs throughout the United States, but in this article, information about the explosives planted in Yellowstone around it may be found. It is said that speaking of Yellowstone district, is a volcanic region of North America's largest, in the near future, that there is a possibility that catastrophic eruption occurs at the huge caldera. If the eruption occurred, if I can affect the world as well as America.
And,'s in this catastrophe awaited eruption is the trick people of NWO. By the U.S. military and the U.S. government to cooperate, to explode the Yellowstone neighborhood and am trying to induce a catastrophic eruption. There is also information Russia and attacked the area in HAARP in 2006. If these pieces of information if true, Russian troops are stationed in secret back to the United States from a few years ago, are doing a joint exercise with the U.S. military, to realize the NWO and martial law in the United States that's because you know. Thing of this street is if you are actually carried out, that the Western has come so far is a OWO, the Obama administration of communism and China, Russia and take the initiative of BRICS, in conspiracy, of OWO Now destroy the United States and Europe of the ruler, what are you trying to achieve in the United States of their NWO, Illuminati, but I have been working behind the scenes of course. . . .
It may be that trying to blast the super volcano in Yellowstone Obama administration and Russia played a central role and this happens. I do not see this information may or may not true. . . Their plan will not be done by such information is diffused in the world and the United States. Anyway, now, Yellowstone is whether to watch. . . .
Explosive destructive was planted at the hands of U.S. forces in Yellowstone near: dated 10 May.

The disguised as a volcanic eruption?
You can declare martial law in Yellowstone National Park as a result.

Or. . . Are you sure they will continue trying to blast the super volcano of Yellowstone actually.
In that I went to investigative reporting for several years, I have to get the critical information that is from U.S. military sources two to be able to put trust. They are people who have been exposed for the NWO agenda for America. One of whom is Mr. Al Kapetto. Have you ever worked in the Pentagon, but he is a person very sincere.
Here is the web site of Kapetto said:
For years, Mr. Kapetto has been a speaker at all over America. With that he will testify, I was trying to let you know the truth of the NWO agenda in the United States to the people of America.
And I have confused listening to such information, but I thought that it was the information that would be helpful later.
Why They Will was buried in Yellowstone around explosives?
Proponents of the NWO is, I want to take away all the guns that Americans have. By declare martial law in parts of the United States, investigation by the U.S. military starts, find the owner of the gun, and the gun robbed of all, it is to arrest them. After the disaster caused by the explosion, FEMA mobilizes, with the pretext that evacuation of residents and sent into FEMA camps to force the residents.

In Wyoming and Montana, anti-NWO activists and patriots of many that was heavily armed has been gathered. Thus was laid the martial law in the region, the U.S. government would like to take away weapons from them. There is no way I wanted to cause a catastrophe for that. After you took the weapon from them, what can be such a thing really ... I fed into the FEMA camp them. . .
Super volcano of Yellowstone When the explosion, everything within a radius of 600 miles (about 380km) you would die habitually. Ash erupted in large quantities to cover the atmosphere, resulting in a cooling of the earth, ready to grain does not grow for one year. In addition, a large amount of rock is blown up in the air, it will come falling down like rain on him building and people. And I will continue to destroy everything. Scientists, etc., says super volcano has come to time any moment even if the eruption. If erupted if indeed, the U.S. government will do declare emergency (martial law) to the affected area. And for the safety of residents, I am fed into FEMA camps to force the affected people. But FEMA camp or would really safe?
The roundup anti-NWO activists in pretext to evacuate the residents from the affected areas, authorities I wrest the weapons from them. For very convenient, guys NWO side'm looking forward to the eruption of super volcano when it comes to things like this.
By detonate by filling the explosives with the power to Yellowstone neighborhood and can be induced the eruption of a super volcano. For guys NWO side, or a good thing is how convenient!

The reason why the U.S. military buried explosives that power to Yellowstone neighborhood and is based on the analysis result my personal. But they Will we be able to induce the eruption of a super volcano really? The answer is no.
However, the fact that terrorize local residents caused the disaster similar, there is a possibility that residents begin to create a cooperation situation forced DHS FEMA and the (National Security Ministry) They. After that, I'm waiting for martial law and state of emergency declaration for residents.
Of course, towards the American people major media of Pashiri ll use of the NWO agenda, and just was waiting, you will carry out the information control and a continuous flow of false information about the U.S. military and the U.S. government. NWO guys side, and can not, without the cooperation of the national media is a co-conspirator, to the false flag attack like this. Interestingly, (2006), was handed the documents that are from the original employer when I was working in Yellowstone National Park. In that document, Yellowstone National Park was attacked by (ELF frequency 24/7) HAARP of Russia, but it was written that it could not be destroyed by this frequency. Frequency of HAARP is beam irradiation in the ground, soil and rock in the ground is softened. It is also a result to cause a large earthquake ground because vibrates at the same time greatly. It seems to think someone would want to eruption super volcano of Yellowstone. Or I am trying to Tsukuridaso the situation similar to it. .
I will be that if such was done, then life is at risk in a large number of people. Following optional

It may for a long time, I was living in area of Yellowstone and Bozeman, Montana I, but I have investigated the super volcano of Yellowstone for a long time. To proceed with this volcano is such that eruption, it could be a very scary scenario. Eruption occurs, the local residents will know that there is influence immeasurable. Large earthquake occurs in the area, super volcano will erupt immediately after.
There is nothing to prove this, but as a personal opinion. . . I believe this is a part of the agenda of Operation Ring of Fire (of Presidential Decree). U.S. military and U.S. government'm trying to Chico martial law after it is large explosion by explosives planted in secret, it was chaos in the state region on earth. They want to to chaos state in each region the United States.
A few years later, when he met with McConnell, who was telling the truth of 9.11 in veterans of the U.S. Air Force, he told us that he heard a person significant information of U.S. forces inside there. It. . . This is the information that the U.S. military buried explosives destructive to Yellowstone around. This is exactly the same information that al-Kapetto Mr. tell me.
Here is the web site of Mr. McConnell:
information Kapetto Mr. tell me was amazing. It. . . He was listening to the information that the U.S. military buried explosives destructive to Yellowstone around information source in the U.S. military inside a few years ago. In addition, up to intercontinental ballistic missiles of Russia that I have been buried there.


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