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"Child protection campaigners say at least 10 “famous” current and former politicians will now face being investigated over allegations of historic abuse.
The figures, including a number who are now dead, have been identified “again and again” by callers to child abuse helplines, it has been claimed.
It comes as Theresa May announced an independent inquiry will look into how the state and other institutions have handled accusations of abuse over the past four decades.
Dr Jon Bird, of the National Association for People Abused In Childhood (Napac), said it looked like the 10 politicians will “at last” face up to the accusations – and warned that he expected more allegations to follow.
He told Sky News: “The names of people in very high places - politicians, senior police officers and even some judges - have been going around as alleged abusers for a very long time." 

Something BIG Is Happening In America (JUNE 2014)

Meantime, in Dubai, the lock 'em in the city' agenda moves on afoot, in rather a better watered, environment:
Dubai has announced plans to build the first climate-controlled city on the planet. The area, constructed under a huge glass dome, will accommodate the world's largest shopping center, over 100 hotels, and a wellness district for medical tourists.
The city of Dubai is the most populous in the United Arab Emirates, and the second-largest emirate by territorial size. Though it is a popular tourist spot, many are deterred from visiting due to the city's scorching heat, with temperatures reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius) in the summer.
UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed confirmed plans for the world's first temperature-controlled city, named 'Mall of the World,' in early July. The city will be made “to enhance Dubai's tourist infrastructure as soon as possible,” he said.

SATANIC Ritual Events - Illuminati Sacrifices - June 2014
The White Rabbit!  

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