Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#MH370 Exposed: REAL Reason #MH17 Shot Down #FALSEFLAG

Exposed: The REAL Reason MH17 Was Shot Down

Listen very VERY carefully, from 4.40 onwards, about WHEN UKRAINIAN airspace was CLOSED ;)

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CONFIRMED! U.S. Navy Admits Flight 370 Cover-up

Over 75% of West Point Cadets Refuse to Give Obama Standing Ovation!

Pathetic; where was the one TRUE American OATH-KEEPER, that tried enforce the Constitution, and put that traitor, to DEATH!   Ukraine; Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq; IS THERE ONE OATH-KEEPER in the US MILITARY on planet earth willing to ACTUALLY FULFILL their OATH and DIE to get to job of PRESERVING FREEDOM on PLANET EARTH, one, apart from DORNER, who values their PERSONAL DIGNITY over their LIFE?  It seems not; PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC! 

May all of your children suffer the fate your 'commander-in-chief' meets out to others; DEATH BY DRONE by DICTATORS DIKTAT; for truly NONE OTHER DESERVES IT MORE after UKRAINE!

You SAD useless pieces of SHIT.

Is not ONE of you man enough to GO PUT A BULLET into every last TRAITOR at WESTPOINT ever involved in running the NUCLEAR GENOCIDE course

I guess you think it's CLEVER do you, to GENOCIDE JEWISH GENETICS JAPAN?


The White Rabbit! aka Freeman Money ... ;)
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