Thursday, 17 July 2014

#CSAINQUIRY Archons & Rennes-le-Chateau #OpCLEANSWEEP

And so, as the mainstream media kicks off on the paedophile scandal, we turn to deepening and broadening, and especially internationalising the GLOBAL ILLUMINATI PAEDOPHILE NETWORK!

Archons ↠ The Gnostic Theory of Alien Control

Jay Weidner - Archons and Rennes-le-Chateau

Don't think we're WINNING? Think again! :)

"Britain's senior police officers said they were at risk of being overwhelmed by an unprecedented number of child abuse investigations after the arrest of 660 suspected paedophiles.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) said it had uncovered hundreds of Britons previously unknown to police, including teachers and doctors, who had been using hidden corners of the internet to view obscene images of children.

Simon Bailey, the national police lead on child protection and abuse investigations, who is also chief constable of Norfolk, said: "Policing is facing an unprecedented increase in the number of reports in relation to historic and current child abuse. Chief constables around the country are having to arrange our resources to manage the threat and crime that is posed to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and we are doing that on a daily basis."

The volume of investigations means that officers said it would not be possible to eliminate viewing of child abuse material simply by detaining the perpetrators.

Phil Gormley, the NCA deputy director general, said: "Are we going to be able to arrest our way out of this problem? I doubt it."

The six-month investigation, Operation Notarise, which was coordinated by the NCA and involved each of the UK's 45 police forces, led to 431 children who were known to the suspects being safeguarded, including 127 considered to be at serious risk of harm.

Detectives said that 39 of those arrested were on the sex offenders register, meaning the vast majority of the 660 suspects were never on the police's radar. Those arrested had used the internet, including the so-called "dark web", to swap child abuse material, but were tracked down using specially trained cybercrime experts who passed intelligence to forces across Britain.

Gormley, who led the investigation, said publicity surrounding the Jimmy Savile scandal and the convictions of Rolf Harris and Max Clifford had "broken a barrier" that previously prevented child abuse victims from coming forward."  Continues

Archons: Exorcising hidden controllers with Robert M. Stanley and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

The White Rabbit!

Nikola Tesla Secret

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