Friday, 18 July 2014

#ACCESS Association of #Cryptocurrency Enterprises & #Startups

"The Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups, Singapore (ACCESS), an industry body representing the interests of the Bitcoin sector in Singapore, introduced itself to the public this morning. The first of its kind in Singapore, it was registered with the Registry of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore) on 30 May 2014.

Representing various businesses in Singapore dealing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ecosystem, the industry body also includes representatives from exchanges, merchant transaction services, vending machines and miners based in Singapore.


ACCESS noted that one of its core roles is to foster ethical business practices, best practices and responsible use of digital currency technologies, given the relative infancy of cryptocurrency technologies and their evolving applications. Another of its stated priorities is countering illegitimate uses of the technology (e.g. Silk Road drug market). Anson Zeall, ACCESS’s Chairman and Founder of Coinpip, stated"  Continues.

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