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And so, how is GENOCIDE created on PLANET EARTH?

Suubconscious influence, was Lord Hutton's response, subconscious influence, of ALISTAIR CAMPBELL on the MIND of the UK's TOP SPOOK, Sir John Scarlett.


Note, most carefully, the WIKIPEDIA entry, was as soon as I mirrored it, ALTERED, to REMOVE the reference to SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE ... And note even more potentially relevant, that the Court of Appeal judge Lord Hutton, is also, a Privy Council member; lifetime duty of confidentiality to HM The Queen of England, and the very most high security clearance possible; advisor to HM The Queen, personally.

Having now been out of illegal detention (29 days, on a 28 day section, and that's only part of the illegality, etc) ... Onwards, to more REAL REALITY, than you'd ever want to accept as TRUE.

First, two video introductions, and also note, this page isn't for the superficial researcher; quite the opposite, it's the highest level view, I can give, and before you even start, you must have listened to, and understood, everything, on these two pages:


Really however, this page, is going to read as nonesense, UNLESS you're very up to speed indeed, on rather a lot of subjects; nevertheless, and at great personal risk, I puhlish: you need to know.



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The Hybrid Consciousness In The ET Encounter Narrative



MilAbs Mind Control in Broadcasting by Miles Johnston

And now, this mornings update/discussion; read it, if you dare.

  1. I did! Remember the hell I went through last night?.. <g>
  2. Not sure recover is an appropriate word perhaps from the physical, appropriate, but for the spiritual of this
  3. yes, that's what i'm talking about..the spiritual integration..

    Tweet text
  4. Cannot help but think, this is the splitting of humanity we're going through now right now. The blobs, stay blobs, some, ascend.
  5. Most of the blobs, will never know, just die out naturally But I do get the sense we're across a threshold as a planet now.
  6. If the blobs want to be blobs, they can be blobs; they can take the implants, and teh precursory; google glass etc
  7. I've spent all morning puzzling over this wondering just how many are choosing a path of higher consciousness.
  8. Thanks for asking. Not easy losing all contact with all family, etc. But I choose reality over delusion, every time.
  9. And the sad reality is, those who have chosen delusion over reality each time for the past 13 years no longer share this planet
  10. They have volitionally made their choice, and no doubt, it has been absolutely noted by TPTB
  11. The Pet Goat GET SLAUGHTERED They were told, they just wouldn't listen, and so now, their plan, into effect, big-time, no doubt.
  12. The only real irony I feel safer this side of what happened, than I ever did before it happened.
  13. A sense, that if a test was administered I passed.
  14. I RT'd quite a few inbound from some 'helpers' of a lady that also seems to have got the full works treatment too mainly abusive
  15. But it seems the battle was not just fought over my street from what came in But frankly, I'm just too raw 2 even read most of it
  16. I think I likely need to talk to someone about what happened And think, I've worked out who ... hopefully that might help.
  17. What ever mind bending tech was used in addition to weapon my, it was super advanced stuff - and of course, I'm totally insane
  18. And so we have two humanities developing those who have some personal insight and experience, locked down, sorta;
  19. receiving no medical treatment - not even examination(s) etc I did ask, too. & rest of society, carrying on, as usual
  20. Still no doubt thinking 4 towers brought down by two planes not that they realise four towers, were brought down, etc
  21. And of course, Putin is the big bad guy Not there end. FYI saved my ass, and also others, here :)
  22. Our peeps got a little short-handed with the volume inbound at one point lol But confirmation from almost everyone else thrown
  23. in the unit after me One of whom has just spent 3 days lecturing on a navel base (with no police record of being arrested) 1st
  24. I thnk we were both thrown in the same bin so we could talk; can't say it all (by half) but never having met, we'd both just been
  25. saying exactly the same thing (though from different angles) and to different services - synchronous - u bet
  26. I cannot say anything at all about this, other than to also state, there was a member of a Royal family there, too whom I hope
  27. I managed to help in some way, to get a grip on their mind
  28. Our peeps came through big-time for me, too, I want to be clear about that. All the way up to reassuringly low flights right
  29. over my head, Chinook, at one point, little else would have reassured me, the entire mil had my back <g>
  30. And my,did I need to know that, to continue, after I got whacked through the wall big-time :(
  31. I wonder, and frankly, worry, more and more about what and buddy may have got up to with US
  32. 7707th Flight 77, building 7 missing "0" NOUGHT/NOTHING = building SIX my best guess; their real OCCULT target
  33. And whether even he saw it (of of course, operated it, if it was a hologram) the ET, right next to him; craft, overhead.
  34. And so, now you know, what happened, that no one, is ever, going to believe
  35. It was no blob in the sky I saw but a fully detailed and illuminated craft (or hologram, to create delusion, etc) <g>
  36. It only appeared when things got so desperate I realised the humans might be losing and told them they'd better show themselves
  37. And they did, twice (hey, I needed a second peek after the first one; not so easy to believe even your own eyes sometimes)
  38. Not when it's an alien craft overhead right, over your home <gg> ... Anyway, I was certainly reassured by the ET 10 metres away
  39. the two drones, and lethal looking soldier appearing out of the shrub, and so; back to work, and to win, I went lol
  40. the DOUBT put in your MIND causing you to DELAY action The DELAY (DEALY :)) ... leaves THEM able to CONtrol HUMANities TIMELINE
  41. No mor DOUBT doubt leads to INDECISION No mor INDECISION the INDECISION leads to DELAY No mor DELAY - no mor DEALY :) ;)
  42. Reverse those TACTICS and use as a STRATEGY to DEFEAT them
  43. where legal ;) Case DOUBT Case thus INDECISION Case DELAY everywhere you can ;) It's not illegal to make a telephone call eg
  44. They fuck with us ILLEGALLY nothing stops an honest patriot fucking back, LEGALLY; cause DOUBT, INDECISION thus **DELAY**
  45. And climb that TIMELINE of EVENTS until you're BACK in CONTROL
  46. the SYSTEM ERROR is in your MIND Aaron ;) Catch their sneaky sneaky ET tech at work REAL-TIME in your OWN MIND
  47. If you can catch it REAL TIME you're already 90% of the way to victory; no mor DOUBTS, no mor INDECISION = no mor DEALY ;)
  48. Be especially mindful when writing NUMBERS down and don't be afraid to us PEN and PAPER LISTS; they ALWAYS like to STRIKE in your
  49. MIND each day, just once a day, to make you FORGET, the MOST IMPORTANT THING, that day ;)
  50. And perhaps most importantly of all, understand they CAN push a throught from your MIND **NOTICE** that, from now on; FORGETTING
  51. Forgetting, ESPECIALLY what you were HALF WAY through SAYING :) ... That's ALWAYS, the IMPORTANT STUFF you NEED to REMEMBER :)
  52. No mor DOUBTS No mor INDECISION No mor DELAY :) World's first EXO-WAR :) REVERSE THE ABOVE :)
  53. And use ALL THREE tactics RUTHLESSLY utterly utterly RUTHLESSLY RUTHLESSLY on them And **WIN** :)
  54. They NEED their HUMAN HELPERS to HELP - their HANDS in this DIMENSION RUTHLESSLY utterly utterly RUTHLESSLY deal with those human
  55. Legally, using those tactics and fuck up every last plan they have for your enslavement; and soon enough, they start LOOSING :)
  56. Like the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS they are ;) xx
  57. They have meetings all the time nothing illegal in happening to break down in your car, causing DEALY and on and on it goes:)
  58. Fuck with them in every legal way you can RUTHLESSLY And if they want to not come quietly, well, Patriots own guns for a reason.
  59. some bastards ain't going to come, at all And for them, there is only one way out of the situation THEY created VOLITIONALLY :)
  60. They wanted hell here They can have it, elsewhere; no probs. ;) Blessings V

And so, now you know, or now, you CHOOSE, to disbelieve.

A bit like, no doubt,you CHOOSE to disbelieve, those MILLIONS of people, who scream at you 911 was an inside job.

Quantum Correction 911

Of course, there's simply NO EVIDENCE whatsoever, of any interest AT ALL, in stopping these posts ever being made, is there:

Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))

And if you value at all any of these posts, it's time you showed it, and donated; if you want more, that is.  Frankly, right now, it's hard, to want to continue to help people, who refuse, even, to help themselves; as you can see, your choice, your bed, you were told, you just won't listen:

The Pet Goat:  GET SLAUGHTERED. ;)

ADDENDUM:  Just in

"Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?

by Preston James

Has a Final Warning been delivered by a benevolent Alien ET group that the Super-elite Oligarchs running Planet Earth must quickly clean house or suffer a Final Judgment/Cosmic Reset?

Several top inside sources, including Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff have claimed that a very serious message was delivered to Super-elite Oligarchs on behalf of a certain Alien ET group.

As the reports go, a somber military style briefing was delivered during a recent meeting of a certain top group of Super-elite Oligarchs, not the CFR or Trilats, but perhaps a group something like the Pilgrim Society.

It is exceedingly difficult to get accurate information about such sensitive meeting and what goes on behind closed doors with high security in place but Gordon Duff has provided confirmation that this briefing did occur.

Indications suggest that the briefer, allegedly a very high ranking official in the UN, communicated a very somber message to this group of Super-elite Oligarchs on behalf of this certain group of Alien ETs.

The actual description of the details of the message that was delivered by this briefer has not yet been disclosed. It appears the basic idea was that unless these Super-elites cleaned up the massive corruption and evil in the world, a very powerful Cosmic Entity was going to deliver a massive worldwide Final Judgement, perhaps best described as a Complete Cosmic Reset for Planet earth.

This briefer may have told this group of super-elite Oligarchs that this particular Alien ET groups wanted these Super-elites to understand unequivocally that unless they abated the high levels of corruption they have perhaps allowed and/or produced, 90% in the room would not be there in two years.

It is unknown at this time if this certain Alien ET group that insisted that this message be delivered to Super-elites will be the ones delivering this judgment or not. However, based on what we do know, it is unlikely that they would be the ones. It is likely that the Military Briefer was delivering this warning about another Alien ET group that is very old, has an evil history operating as a major Earth Parasite. mass-murderer of humans. this is the same Alien ET entity which has been the origin of most evil in the world and will continue to do so unless human consent is withdrawn at every level.
Note: This article is written for well informed active Military, Veterans, Intel or retired Intel, USG Policy Makers, and Members of Congress. If you do not have some knowledge of Secret Space War issues, reading this article is probably a waste of your valuable time.
What particular Entity would be delivering a Final Judgment or “Cosmic Reset” to Planet Earth?
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