Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#OVC Pantera Bitcoin Fund Files SEC $90M #BTC

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And so, it begins ... as the old-money moves into the new money ...

"[–]Posiment[S] 32 points 1 day ago
So for those who haven't heard of Pantera Capital, they are a hedge fund that manages money for Fortress Investment Group (who invested $10 million in Bitstamp). Good article about their partnership here on bloomberg.

Fortress and Pantera announced earlier this year they would be setting up a bitcoin fund. This would be similar to Second Market's BIT, and Falcon Capital's Bitcoin Investment Fund.
Pantera/Fortress has been relatively quiet since announcing their fund, so this SEC filing gives us a bit more detail on what they are doing.
Edit: another great article on Pantera found here on Coindesk. Sorry, I assumed most had heard of Pantera/Fortress.

[–]tiltajoel 15 points 1 day ago
$96 million/45 investors = $2,000,000 each... Wow.

The smart money, starts to move, into open-transactions: 

Monday, 9 June 2014

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