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"The UK government has revealed that intelligence service GCHQ can snoop on British citizens' use of Facebook and Google without an individual warrant because the firms are based overseas.

UK spy boss Charles Farr said that the services are classified as external communications.

The policy was revealed as part of a continuing legal battle with campaign group Privacy International (PI).

PI said the interpretation of the law "patronises the British people".

It is the first time the UK has commented on how its legal framework allows the mass interception of communications as outlined by US whistleblower Edward Snowden in his leaks about global government surveillance.

The former National Security Agency contractor revealed extensive details of internet and phone snooping and has since fled the US and sought temporary asylum in Russia.

Charles Farr, director general of the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism told PI that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and web searches on Google - as well as webmail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo - are classified as "external communications", which means that they can be intercepted without the need for additional legal clearance.

The internal communications between citizens can only be intercepted when a targeted warrant is issued. Warrants must be signed by a minister and can only be issued when there is suspicion of illegal activity.

But when someone searches for something on Google or posts on Facebook they are sending information overseas - constituting an act of external communication which could be collected under a broader warrant which does not need to be signed by a minister, explained Mr Farr in a 48-page written statement."   Continues.




Dr. Steven Greer on Cosmic Truth,12.3.2014

"Website link:

In just a matter of days, the website United Nations Brigandage has collected more than 50 documented cases of severe misconduct by the UN, and that number is growing as we write this report.

All the cases have already received attention in the past by the international community, some more than others. Mainstream and alternative newspapers, websites and other outlets have already written and reported about the cases, and all cases contain enough facts, according to OMNI-JUR, to be found valid for further investigation and legal action.

Due to the diplomatic immunity of the United Nations, its Specialized Agencies and its officials, billions of people have yet to be compensated by the UN, once its diplomatic immunity has been lifted and legal action has been taken against the United Nations, resulting in its successful prosecution and conviction in the court(s) of law.

The more than 50 cases are factual reports about disinformation regarding the true intentions of the UN’s Agenda 21, about corruption, depopulation, destabilization & occupation, disarmament, drugs, human trafficking, internet control, man made global warming, mind control, Nazi links, pedophilia, sexual abuse and torture.

According to OMNI-JUR, the known cases as mentioned and referred to in this report contain more than enough facts and evidence to justify the lifting of the diplomatic immunity of the UN and for legal actions against the UN for:

Committing war crimes
Violating of universal human rights
Conspiring against humanity
Conducting psychological warfare
Sexual Abuse
Human Trafficking
The situation is already out of control, people have been murdered and abused by a corrupt organization claiming to bring peace and justice, while the truth is the exact opposite. It’s time we expose this tyranny once and for all.

Website link: "


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