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An agreement M5S with English Nigel Farage   seems impossible for various reasons. Farage is a conservative and racist and wants a company focuses  on profit and not on the job, solidarity and equality , M5S pillars. The program Farage is at odds with the inviolable rights to environmental protection (Article 9 Constitution) and health (Article 32); is opposed to renewable energy , wants fossil fuels , such as coal, of which Britain is rich, but it is a cause of cancer, wants nuclear power and   rejects the zero waste plan.  When the European Parliament is discussing the program " strategy of 20% more energy efficiency, 20% less greenhouse gases and 20% of energy from renewable sources, the fiercest opponents were the British Conservatives and UKIP Farage.
In economics, Farage is opposed to Eurobonds , proposed by M5S to solve the debt problems of Italy to Germany. Farage , to promote financial groups and banks  , is in favor of privatization , which are the root cause of corruption and the squandering of public money, such as EXPO, AV and Company highways show; was  opposed to Monti but favorable to Berlusconi , who had endorsed the lie of English services on Nigergate and justify the war on Iraq is a nationalist , while the nationalism, the natural father of fascism and Nazism, brought Europe to 2 wars the world; is in favor of profit and non-work,  against the minimum wage and social income ,   unlike M5S is opposed to gay marriage, racist, to the point of saying that he never wanted to Romanian neighbors.
Farage does not want a united Europe an alternative to the U.S., he wants to destroy the EU, to ensure that Europe continues to be a colony of the U.S. and UK, who decide wars such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, for their economic interests and imperialists. The British government, with the backing of Berlusconi, endorsed the lie of Nigergate, that the uranium trafficking between Niger and Iraq to justify the war on Iraq, involving Italy, with huge debt for military spending.
And 'unlikely that M5S come to be part of the European People, hosting and Forza Italy Alfano, or group of Eurosceptics (Europe for freedom and democracy), chaired by Nigel Farage and Matteo Salvini, or green, making them refuse, or to be part of the group of non-members, have gone from 33 to over 100, including a German neo-Nazi, neo-Nazi Greeks two Golden Dawn, and the three neo-fascist Hungarian Jobbik party. So M5S would be uncomfortable with that Farage with the group of non-members.
Which choice for the M5S? Politics is the art of the possible is not utopia; in Europe, to make a group that can participate in political activities del'UE, it takes at least 25 MEPs from at least seven countries ; without alliances, it is impossible to group and be part of the committees; while M5S, with 17 MPs, may agree with the representatives of other countries less distant from 6 M5S program, which is inspired by equality and solidarity, the pillars of the Italian Constitution and parliamentary find 7 of these other 6 countries
It remains, therefore, only one possibility for the M5S: agree with newly elected to six other countries who want a social Europe and work, focusing on citizens and not on the subjects, on Eurobonds to save the indebted countries, solidarity between the countries of 'EU, a policy of aid to small and medium-sized enterprises, and have often been favored criminal enterprises. I would add the relaunch of the Treaty of Barcelona bodies of which all the countries of the south shore including Israel and Palestine, to settle peace in the Middle East.


Good judge good to be ALLOWED back on RECEIVE FACEBOOK/SEND FACEBOOK, unlike NAZI 2 BE **JAILED** before gave The Honorary Judge of the Italian Supreme Court:

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

ARCHIVED 'as is' mor mor mor EVIDENCE of CRIMINAL COVERT CONTROL of a GENOCIDAL NATURE; aiding and abetting WAR CRIMINALS, and WAR CRIMES; and Google doth keep LOGS!
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