Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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The sun releases two enormous solar flares.

  • FASTER THAN LIGHT - #FTL AWE-SME Testing Re-TrixTe...

  • Leuren Moret: Fukushima radiation is intentional extermination that HAARP Tesla technology



    TOP TUNE! Tammi Tomlinson - The Ugly People

    Tammi Tomlinson - The Ugly People by Poemhunter

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    Grey Aliens and their Origins and their Agenda

    Published on 17 Sep 2012
    Richard D. Hall interviews Danielle Silverman & Professor John Biggerstaff about the work of Nigel Kerner who has written two great books on Grey Aliens.
    In 1997 Nigel Kerner first introduced the notion of aliens known as Greys coming to Earth, explaining that Greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long outlived. In this new book "Grey Aliens And The Harvesting Of Souls" Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.
    Kerner explains that genetic manipulation by the Greys has occured since biblical times and has led to numerous negative qualities that plague humanity, such as violence, greed, and maliciousness. Racism, he contends, was developed by the aliens to prevent their genetic experiments from being comprimised by breeding with others outside their influence. Examining historical records, Kerner shows that Jesus, who represented an uncorrupted genetic line, warned his disciples about the threat posed by these alien interlopers, while Hitler, a pure product of this alien intelligence, waged genocide in an attempt to rid Earth of all those untouched by this genetic tampering. Despite the powerful grip the Greys have on humanity, Kerner says that all hope is not lost. Greys exist wholly in the material world, so if we follow the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma aiming for enlightenment and rising above the material--a state the Greys are unable to reach--we can free ourselves from their grasp.

    UK Abductee; and Local Counciller HERO

    Contactee Simon Parkes Part 1

    Alien Abductee Simon Parkes Part 2

    London's has purchased three water cannon for the Met Police's armoury against austerity protesters this year. Surely it's only fair the people had one too.

    Not satisfied with the power to kettle, taser, arrest and shoot citizens - London's Metropolitan Police Service can now fire water cannon at anti-austerity protesters too. Thanks to Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the Met will have three water cannon with which to clean the streets of citizens who dare to protest ideological austerity this summer.

    We think this is wrong. Secret courts, legal aid cuts, the privatisation of the justice system ...and now this.

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