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Friday, 18 July 2014

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"Stalinist-style show-trial: Former top shrink for FBI to be involuntarily committed
by Jim Fetzer and Preston James

Salerian featured imageIn a shocking development, Alen J. Salerian, M.D., the former top psychiatrist for the FBI, is about to be involuntarily committed to a prison psychiatric facility for indefinite detention.

The official reason is that he is not currently competent to assist his legal counsel in their defense against charges that he has become a drug distributor through his medical practice.
The real reasons, however, appear to be completely different, including:

(a) that Alan and his colleagues have pioneered the responsible use of narcotics to reduce pain and anguish for their patients, where their efforts have been perceived as undermining the “War on Drugs”;

(b) that two of his closest associates in these efforts, Kevin Byers and Siobhan Reynolds, who, like Alen, were members of the Board of Physicians Against Cruelty to Humans with Imperfect Brains, of which Byers was its legal counsel, died in a mysterious plane crash that may well have been deliberate;

(c) that he has been a persistent critic of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for distributing misleading statistics and promoting the impression of non-existent epidemics, where their efforts collectively have constituted a serious attack on the War on Drugs, which has many financial and political beneficiaries, including the DEA;

(d) the crack down began on 3 March 2011, when his home in Bethesda, Maryland, was raided by a heavily armed force of DEA agents wearing bullet-proof vests and brandishing automatic weapons, ransacked his home and taking his computers and cars on the fabricated ground that his bank account reflected a $100,000 transaction, which was for medical equipment but which the agents claimed was for dealing drugs; and,

(e) because he has spoken out about the assassination of JFK and published on the possible use of a paralyzing dart to immobilize the President and aspects of the alleged Sandy Hook “child massacre”, including a psychological evaluation of the testimony of Gene Rosen, a key witness, which he has discredited.

We are thoroughly familiar with Alen Salerian and his situation, and, on the basis of our combined personal and professional experience and qualifications, we are convinced that this case is a version of Stalinist “show trial” tactics to punish him for publicly criticizing the War on Drugs and to set an example of what happens to those who transgress the government’s boundaries.

Even if Alen were “incompetent to defend himself at trial”, which neither of us accept, he could instead be evaluated on an out-patient basis. There is no good reason to incarcerate him in a prison psychiatric ward, except that then he can be subjected to invasive drug and perhaps even electro-shock therapy to alter his ability to reason and turn him into an obedient serf of the state. Alen protested his abusive treatment at The National Press Club this past Wednesday at 1 PM/ET (see below) . If you think this is wrong, write or call Judge Sargent (below).

The Washingtonian’s “Update” of Alen’s Case

Here is a summary of his plight that has appeared in The Washingtonian, which, as we shall explain, has been running a smear campaign against him by its contributor, Ariel Sabar:"  Continues.



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Mark Passio



The time has come to stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade.

Karen Hudes has for too long damaged the cause of human liberty by shamelessly attacking the friends and advocates of human freedom.  She has had to walk back more bizarre, half-baked claims than anyone in her position should credibly make.  But it is her attacks on two bright luminaries of our cause of human freedom, and my friends, which leads me to conclude which master Karen serves.
Karen has attacked Kevin Annett’s International Common Law Court of Justice where Kevin risks his neck to peruse justice for the grotesque satanic activities of top echelon globalist leaders.

And Karen has very recently started to attack Laura Magdalene Eisenhower – who bravely speaks the truth as she sees it about off-world puppet masters of this world’s diabolical financial elite, all the while being excoriated by Ms. Hudes who seems to be positioning herself as a globalist shill alarmist for a false flag alien invasion as the next globalist excuse to debase human freedom.

Ms. Hudes is wrong about gold stakeholders, attaching herself to Philippine mafia man Wolfgang Struck.

Ms. Hudes is wrong about our champions of freedom Kevin Arnett and Laura Eisenhower.
And I am afraid it is time to stop pretending Ms. Hudes is just mistaken. She is far too intelligent for that. The results of her sowing seeds of discord within the many communities of the human freedom movements have not had their desired effect. This is largely due to the maturing of these movements away from fear mongering and rumor mills, and toward courageous, righteous, and active resistance on the march by those fed up of the cabal’s social matrix of oppression and mass murder and ready and willing to get of their ass and do their part.

I am hardly alone in questioning the globalist loyalties of Ms. Hudes. There is a growing dossier by thoughtful, intelligent advocates of human freedom, like Judge Alfred Webre (KAREN WHO-DES UPDATE) and here in

Let us now stop giving this scoundrel the benefit of the doubt. You shall know them by their fruits, and the fruits of Karin Hudes has cabal shill oozing out of every crevice. Karen: as you know from experience, go after Neil Keenan and he’ll slap you down.  And now know this: you go after his friends and he’ll take you out.  Watch your step, because we’re watching too. You will have to account for what you do when the people turn the page on this ugly cabal chapter of human history.  What did they promise you, Karen?

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