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Radiation Expert: California Fukushima Exposure being Covered up - Kevin Kamps

One of the most frightening of the most frightening takedowns ... one of the TOP 27 legal officers in the European Union; now forced into retirement; now forced into police invstigation; NOW FORCED INTO COURT; and now, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE EUROPE!

"Krol: "Intimidated by Harro Knijff, lawyer Joris Demmink"


"The reputation of Joris Demmink yesterday received another blow. Henk Krol, who once wrote about the Gaykrant Demminks alleged child abuse, should tell his story in court. He told how the partner of the top official as porn actor furore and Demmink proudly handed out a porno. " Interviews with the Gay Krant editor Henk Krol former Utrecht on April 11, 2014 provided, as shown by this report in the AD, again a shocking look into the bizarre double life of the former chief justice.
Krol was one of the authors of the shocking documentary"The dubious double life of a top official to justice ' which Gaykrant and Panorama in 2003, to say the least touched a nerve in the Hague. This co-production did Krol and journalist recently come to life Fred Brewer "investigation" higher-ups "that would have" all the young boys' in Eindhoven Anne Frank parking sex. In that time PSV director Fons Spooren unmasked as a customer of boy prostitutes and editors drip inside tips about other 'high places'. "
In this report came Joris Demmink screen. Other gay people called him as 'whore monger' and Krol stated that even Demminks rich card of the ministry was found. There in the grass It draws from AD Krol's statement: "When Krol friends talk about Demmink, happens according to him something remarkable. A friend of Krol, Jan Wolter Wabeke , gives him a video. Which in turn has been Demmink Wabeke as 'gift' for him and his friend, says Krol in court. " It turned out to be that according to Krol the then Czech friend Demmink played a major role a porn movie: "The title was Das Zimmer Fickende class , "recalls Krol himself. "Whether the boys were underage, I do not know. But his friend, the children in the classroom was young, younger."
NRC also a record of the examination of Krol: "The court did Krol, under oath, Friday all reserves boating. He painted a detailed picture of his journalistic findings, which started at a gay meeting in Eindhoven and ended up in a brothel in Prague, the Pinocchio Bar. As sex with young boys could be arranged. " This newspaper also writes that Wakeke this story after the publication on Demmink suddenly denied, to the annoyance of Krol: 'Extremely sorry as witnesses deny statements later. " He also recounted how, according to him from the camp-Demmink, were put under pressure not to publish business. A driver Demmink, Hans Bakker, took repeated contact us to say that there was nothing wrong. Another witness who reported at Krol as victims of Demmink, Frank L., would be asked to withdraw the declaration. Against Demmink from The Hague
In the interview Krol also gave more details about the conversation he had when he had taken with him. Following publication of the article in Gaykrant contact Demmink Demmink claimed that the negative stories are distributed. By gay haters on him Krol wrote them a draft reply, but then gave Demmink to anyway wanting a new publication and the "pleasant conversation" with Krol "if not implemented should be considered." Yet
There follows a legal battle in which Gaykrant Panorama and eventually went on his knees and while not rectificeerden but, to avoid all sorts of claims it wrote that their sources they might not all have proved reliable. Krol said to have done so because he was "softened up" by what had happened to it. "He felt intimidated by the lawyer Demmink, Harro Knijff, and" begged that the matter had finally ended. " Now, eleven years later, Krol had glowing sorry he did not remain "behind his own article says NRC.
After Krol was also heard former Justice employee John Moeleker, under oath confirmed what he already recently declared to the AD , he was like 'change manager' in the administrative department at the time approached the head of the car service, Hans Bakker. "Hans said something like, "Sorry to interrupt, but one of the drivers has filed a complaint against Joris Demmink 'According Moeleker Bakker says that driver Rob Mostert the complainant, that he, after picking up a young boy in the Hague forest.. the hood of the official to sit with his back to the cabin, while Mr. Demmink that boy had sex in the backseat. " Same Bakker was later ones Krol repeatedly approached to stress that there would be particularly no problem been, and very recently, flanked by Peter R. de Vries, once again came to claim Pauw & Witteman."

9/11: The Devil's in the details


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