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Never a glaringly more obvious NEW WORLD ORDER declaration could be made; than to BAN the transfer of KNOWLEDGE of the GLOBAL VAST CRIMINAL COVERT CONSPIRACIES plan (Sarin sales IN THE NETHERLANDS, note) ... to TAKE-OVER EUROPE and the WORLD  Dare you read on, into the full ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the ECJ & Dutch TRAITORS decision?


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"Cabinet: Netherlands has immediate download ban
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The Netherlands is immediately prohibited by copyright laws to download from illegal sources, for example via torrent sites and newsgroups. Protected material This enables the government in response to a ruling by the European Court.
Earlier on Thursday, the European Court of Justice ruled that the Netherlands should not allow. Downloading copyrighted material from illegal sources This is basically a download ban introduced that applies immediately, according to the government. "That means that downloading from illegal sources is immediately banned," said spokesman Wiebe Alkema of the Ministry of Security and Justice.
The law does not need to be modified to introduce a download. Ban There is currently no official law that downloading copyrighted material from illegal sources allows: the government and Dutch courts were just believe that copyright law can be interpreted that way. The European Court has now determined that it can not. The European Court is above the national courts, and so has the ruling Thursday more weight.
Downloaders do not run the risk of persecution: it is according to the government is not a criminal but a civil prohibition. This means that private organizations like Brein downloaders tackle. In a written response Brein states that his arrows, despite the download ban on 'illegal traders' focus remains; that policy remains unchanged. according to the organization
The Court ruled in a lawsuit filed by Sony, Philips and several other electronics manufacturers and stores were tightened. The case was about the height of the private copying levy. This is the question of whether downloading from illegal sources is justified, important because the amount of the charge therewith is based. The government is still looking at the implications of the case for the private copying levy has.
According to the EU court may allow "illegal downloading" promote copyright infringement and can not be tolerated. Netherlands suggested that the download of such material is the same as copying a CD or DVD, but that is the European Court does not it. Simultaneously, the EU court acknowledges that a ban is impossible to enforce.
Civil rights organization Bits of Freedom calls the download ban 'undesirable'. According to Tim Toornvliet organization ban opens the door for 'unwanted blockages, filters and restrictions on freedom of expression. " "Moreover, you will quickly turn to measures that a privacy breach," said Toornvliet.
In the past, the government has proposed a ban on downloading multiple times, but due to protests from citizens, it never came. The end of 2012 showed ruling party PvdA hinted not want to exclude a download ban, but later the party called a download ban was 'taboo'. The private copying levy also applies to hard drives, smartphones, tablets and PCs since last year."

-->> Quantum Correction 911

Don't come to Brazil for the World Cup/Não venha pra copa

Government massacrating the population to build structure for the World Cup while people are starving, no hospitals, no schools a real shame!!!! Only FIFA gonna make money with the world cup, brasilian people are not going to have any profit, only to enter in the maches it costs 200 real what is almost a half of salary in Brazil, most brasilians can't afford go for a mach!!

Don't think you should boycott football when it's killing children?

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Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors 9th April 2014

Published on 9 Apr 2014
Transcript: To be updated.


1. The Most Tense Moment in our Modern History (4:15)
2. Spring Equinox & Window of Opportunity (5:30)
3. Lunar Eclipse aka Blood Moon & Jewish Festival (7:10)
4. Purification of Cabal in Israel & Closed Embassies (7:50)
5. Energetic Pressure on our Physical Bodies (8:00)
6. No Guarantee for the Event Happening Now (10:10)
7. Disclosure Process Definition (10:40)
8. False Understanding of Source & Darkness (11:20)
9. Channelings & Ascended Masters (13:30)
10. Financial Changes & March 21 (14:30)
11. No Funds Realeased by BIS, No TRNs Either (15:20)
12. Instanteneous Change during the Reset (16:00)
13. New Financial System's Layers (16:30)
14. Major Victory of the Light on April 8th (17:20)
15. The Event is NOT Planned for April 15th (18:00)
16. Stop Counting on the Event - Financially Speaking (18:10)
17. Gold Backed Currency (19:20)
18. Collateral Accounts Negotiations Not Completed Yet (19:45)
19. IMF & FED Still Running (21:00)
20. The Reset Process (22:00)
21. Eastern Alliance & the Alternative Infrastructure (23:00)
22. Big Boom in Nigeria (25:00)
23. NESARA & More than $2000 fo Each Individual (25:50)
24. Payouts to Lightworkers from St. Germain Funds (27:30)
25. House Bill H.R. 2847 (28:00)
26. High Frequency Trading Cabal's Operations Backbone (28:50)
27. Flex Coin Fiasko, & NSA Good Guys Vs NSA Bad Guys (29:30)
28. Pepe Orsini, White Pope, Black Pope, Grey Pope (30:30)
29. Jesuits Exposure & April 27th Anouncement (30:31)
30. American Spring & Non Violent Mass Movements (32:45)
31. Muslim Brotherhood & 528 Members Being Condemned (34:00)
32. Obama Being Compromised due to Death Threads (35:50)
33. Galactics Contact with Different Presidents (37:40)
34. World's Political Changes & Purification (38:20)
35. Isreal Positive Vs Negative Factions & Embassies (38:40)
36. The Two Points of Pressure on the Cabal (39:50)
37. Anonymous & Information Leaks(40:40)
38. Ukraine, Europe, USA, Russia (42:30)
39. UFO Hovering above Ukraine Was an ET Ship (43:05)
40. Cabal Has NO Advanced UFO Technology Anymore (43:30)
41. TTIP (44:00)
42. Erdogan's Leaked Conversations Were True (44:30)
43. Privacy in Digital World, Joke of the Year (46:00)
44. Increase in Volcano Activity Is Not Drastic (48:00)
45. Excitement Will Rise as Things Start to Happen (50:00)
46. Fulfords Comments Cobra's Activity (50:30)
47. Malaysian Plane Distraction (52:00)
48. Channelers and Information Coming from Archons (52:30)
49. Information from "Ascended Masters" Not Really Valid (53:40)
50. Revaluation and CIA Disinformation Ordred by Jesuits (54:45)
51. Planet Cleansing Process Clasified until April 21st (55:40)
52. Sociopaths, Beings Who Lost Connection with Soul (57:00)
53. Dark Ones Will Have to Pay their Dues (57:50)
54. Concept of Karma is an Archon's Creation (58:00)
55. Jehovah Was an Entity Controlling Archon Technology (59:00)
56. Resistance Progress Cracking Negative Technology (59:30)
57. Chemtrails (59:50)
58. Project Blue Beam Being Neutralized For Good (1:00:00)
59. Eastern Countris of Europe & Eastern Alliance (1:00:30)
60. Healing in Light Chambers in Time of Egypt (1:01:50)
61. Every Human Will Restore his/her Lightbody (1:02:30)
62. Transformation of Consciousness & THE EVENT (1:03:00)
63. How Stratospheric Baloons Crack the Matrix (1:04:00)
64. Courtney Brown & Remote Viewing(1:05:50)
65. 37 Pyramids in Crimea Region (1:06:00)
66. Band of Peace, Pyramids & Ascension Process (1:06:30)
67. UFO Under Giza (1:07:00)
68. Bigfoot is For Real & His Relationship to Man (1:07:00)
69. Facebook & Deep Face Program (1:08:00)
70. GMO with Synthetic Biology (1:10:00)
71. Archons One and the Same with the Anunaki (1:10:30)
72. Sophia and her Gift to Humanity - Imagination (1:10:50)
73. Fulford's Link of Cooperation with Cobra (1:11:30)
74. Success of Recent Activations in Japan & Taiwan (1:11:50)
75. No Apparent Danger Due to Tsunamis (1.12:00)
76. Diego Garcia's Base Deep Secrets (1:12:30)
77. Fee Energy Overunity Generators Breakthrough (1:14:00)

Thanks Cobra & Alexandra once again for this great update.*

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