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Mar 1


Swe tel-com inc Comviq used an10figure puk-code earlier but now only eight after i converted my puk till an8figure one. After only911and112.


So i geuss i registerd in theUS. It tok some days to arrange a new sim-card whit same nr(registerd)and nowdays also uses8figures puk-codes..


So,now since December ive blocked out2of mine sim-cards registerd on me... But they cant let go. All sorts of agencys+journalists florish...


In Sweden the Censour now is hard and the ruling political parties had hit the panic buttons hard whit all cinds of propaganda through the




Still public service nor'bought'media hasent mentiond nothing abot Venezuela nor Ierland. Everything happendstin the Ukrane or at the para


lympics and they also got'large'focus on the national kvalification-series to the european song contest. Shlager it is...


And in a way to try to avoid the subjekt they mentiont Hungary on public-serv-tv the outher day,diffucing something about the romes who are


hear Begging. The GOV have teard down a tent-camp were eu-migs were incourted twice recently in short time. Blaming Romes being'bothering'


But nothing about the red Barreys defending/watches the corpses in Hungary. Almoast nothing about the worldwide droneattacks but that europe


ean incorpeded ltd's invests in the devellopment of drones for the'world market'. There are youst two independent newspapers in Swe.


Nobody says nothing but connect even harder to the european confederation now after the swiss'folksvotion'against free migration,and they


isnt even a memberstate of the EU. The word Strasbourgh is tabu,insted they say Bryssells-Paris-nagndtiations now after'Geneve2's'failure .


They try to lower down the'problem-aera-states-problem to youst a few'cores'whitout any overgripping insights. And an unisone rapporting.




Ill guess that the annual riots in Sweden comes a momdth early this year,even if the wintergrids on and on"

Riots, what RIOTS?

Riots in Sweden Bring Immigration Issues to Forefront by tvnportal -


15 Year Old Swedish Girl Sings Rihanna by videobash

UPDATE 26th Feb - we're OFF **PROOF** >>> 


"House Cleaning
By Joe Harrison

With this one, I'm either about to make a lot of new friends, or tick a lot of people off, I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.
Let me start by saying that I am Christian, not only that but I am an adamant defender of our rights as Christian Americans. I am, however, a little concerned with how we're approaching some of the issues we're now being faced with. When I say WE, I mean just that, I'm guilty of some of the things I'm going to talk about here. I am of the opinion that before we start throwing too many rocks at other people, we may need to do a little house cleaning of our own. I'll address some of these issues one by one. Being a historian, I know one thing for sure, you have to pick your battles and you have to pick ones you can win, in order to win, you have to control the best ground.

The first issue is the whole gay marriage thing. I don't approve of the lifestyle, don't have gay friends and probably won't, but that's pretty much my right. On the other hand, they aren't a threat to me, I don't really care what they do as long as it doesn't infringe on my rights. I know all about the argument that allowing them to marry takes away from the meaning of marriage. Well, this is my feeling, there are only two people in the world who can take anything away from my marriage and that's my wife and I. We're in complete control of that. If we allow anything or anyone to interfere with it, that's on us.
Now here's where the house cleaning comes in as well as where I'm one of the guilty parties. Think about it, how many Christian people do you know who have been married and divorced numerous times? We seem to accept that. We don't seem to think that diminishes the meaning of marriage at all. How many of our fellow Christians do we know who are having relationships outside of their marriage? Not only do we accept that, but we tend to refrain from acknowledging it's even happening. Shouldn't we start there first? Hey, I'm not preaching, I'm far from being that guy, I am truly asking what you think?

The next issue is with our children. We're outraged at the things they're being taught in school and exposed to in society in general. Well, lets face it, these are OUR kids. They don't belong to the school, the government or the movie and TV industries. What are we teaching them at home to combat these influences? Are we just letting them blindly sit in front of the computer? Video games? Texting and doing whatever on their cell phones? Hey I grew up without a cell phone and turned out just fine. The fact is, I don't even have one now...weird I know. Are we setting a good example for them to follow? Are we teaching them right from wrong or are we depending on someone else to do it for us? What kind of time are we spending with them?

Now this one's coming from a guy who raised a son on his I recently saw a figure of how much money in back child support is owed in this country and I was completely shocked. Men, what are you thinking?? If you think you can't afford to pay it, let me make sure you understand this, I would have been much better off financially to pay child support than what it cost to raise a kid. What you have to pay is a mere drop in the bucket. Before you go out with your buddies and have a few beers, before you go to that football game, before you go out to eat, you need to make sure your child support is paid. Another thing on that subject, if you think you're being a good dad because you see your kids every other weekend and a little in the summer, think again, they need more than that...they're kids.
Moms, are you letting these men have access to their kids? I know, sometimes it's best they don't, but in a lot of cases, these kids need their dads. Are you bringing one man after another to fill that gap as you move from relationship to relationship? Do you think this is good for them? I remained single for 21 years for that reason, I gave up my personal life to raise my kid and take care of my aging's not so bad, you can do it.

As I said before, I can't speak down or preach to anyone as I'm very far from being perfect and I'm certainly not without sin, I'm just raising questions and trying to provoke some thought and I'll leave you with this one..."Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone"."

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