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We did tell you:  Monday, 10 February 2014

Regular readers of ... The White Rabbit! ... They're already familiar with this post:

Genocide of the Activists

And also:

But the cowards mentioned on the top link (that's you, BTW, in case you're struggling); an update.  enjoy reading it in your nice warm home, over your nice hot meal, after your nice warm shower.

"On 27/02/14 13:58, Intelligence Briefings wrote:
> Apparently Nazi Paperclip NSA Adamus Group has been hacking emails and websites to prevent this VITAL intelligence briefing from being posted and informing the American People.
> Did you receive this?
> M...
> From: intelligence_briefings@DELETED
> To: intelligence_briefings@DELETED
> Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 23:28:18 -0500 "

Of course, if you are subscribed to the GOOGLE GROUP, you already received the full contents being censored; you are subscribed, aren't you? CLICK HERE IF NOT & Register Now! :)

My reply, sent minutes ago, here in full: grow up babies, and learn, TODAY, to start helping those people, who've been trying to save your lives.  I'm really listening this time.  And if you don't want to get off your knees, me, and a lot of people just like me, may well just disappear out of your lives, and leave you to your deserved fates.  Cowards, never end up on top; FIND YOUR COURAGE:



Yes, I did get it, got it live (on site) , and dumped it out through the

Google Group with a request people got it seen, but is it being seen

even by the usual people I would promote it to, hell no. I got

suspended on twitter (the main way I was promoting anything and

everything to 15,500 people at a time), and when requesting

re-activation, I received instead of the usual auto-response from

Twitter (which they have in the past stopped me receiving at all) which

one needs to receive to get the "yes please consider re-activation"

reply through to actually get the application to reactivate looked at by

a human , a truncated response from them, essentially blank, save one

line. Neat huh; I suppose it's there way of interfering with

communications less, but to the same outcome; my application for the

account back is not ATM, AFAICT, in front of a human.

To give you a guess at the effect; perhaps 5-50 people MAXIMUM have read

it Tom's missive below, instead of many multiples of that usually. As

people expect increasingly the content they need read sending to them,

guess who benefits, as people get lazier about actually even typing in

URL's into the address bar of their browsers. The move from pull to

push that was web v2.0 is a total disaster; and has handed all the

control, to the intermediary carriers; the cabal owned companies.

For your reference in case you get more replies iin like this one, here

is a copy of a usual twitter response (body only): the ticket is now

closed, and so, I send the entire body, note the first line:

"##- Please type your reply above this line -##

#16333026 Twitter Support: update on "Re-Activation Request (No Reply Received)"


We understand that you're contesting an account suspension. Please be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket for your account to be reviewed.

If your account was suspended for aggressive following behavior, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. Please reply to this message and confirm ALL of the following:

• You've removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior.

• You've reviewed our Best Practices page:

• You understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior.

If you received an email from saying "You're being suspended" or that we're going delete your account, you're safe; the email is fake. More information here:

If you're uncertain why your account was suspended, please respond to this message after reviewing the Twitter Rules:

While we strive to avoid mistakes, it's also possible that your account was suspended in error. If after reviewing the Rules, you have no idea why your account was suspended, just reply to this email and we'll review your case.


Twitter Support


This email is a service from Twitter Support.


Upon checking, actually the last (and only) email from them, contains absolutely NOTHING; the entire body contents, GONE.

I have received no response from Twitter, and thus ATM suggest, their new methodology is entirely working. But when looking just now, look also, what I just found. Yet again, they are ensuring, I quite literally, starve:


"Hi there It sounds like a fit but I can't view your site. If you apply

when it's live then I'll take a look then if you like.



Occupy The Banks said:

Dear Emily, thanks for the approach, but I think you would only fit into

our offerings (but might fit well on this site:

Let me know if you would approve that site; it's a bit messy at the

moment, but before it's seriously promoted (starting in the next week or

two in earnest), we could certainly cover the kit required to be on hand

for emergency survival etc, and that should sell over time. Let me know

your thoughts; and if positive, I will sign up subject to taking a peek

at your product range/prices, etc. Sincerely, Jason

Fishing Hut said: Hi there Please join the Fishing Hut .net program, a

sister company to Skate Hut, the site and all it's products are endorsed

by Matt Hayes the fishing legend. Offering 5% per sale, a product feed

and creative to add to your site. I'll be waiting to approve you on

LinkShare! Many thanks Emily"


And so there we have it; in addition to the total criminal harassment,

continuing, on occupythebanks communications; I now have clear evidence,

too, I am being prevented from earning any money whatsoever; the above

was in relation to, as you can see, a site with absolutely no political

content whatsoever. And I can assure you, the site is there, and is

served by the largest cloud AFAIK, on planet earth; Google (blogger).

If I am honest, the situation is becoming life-threatening at this end;

one can only live on nothing during winter, for so long. I only made it

through the summer, as I had planted a garden, and could eat from that

(which in the end I had to, for almost five months).

Welcome to the New World Order; where even website telling people how to

garden, are now entirely censored. To let you understand the

seriousness from this end; of the number of sites put out to try draw

revenue in, so that I could eat,and continue to publish, this was the

only site actually bringing in enough dollars, to make any difference

whatsoever to the finances; only then a few hundred dollars to date, but

it seems, lawyers in the EU, well now, even a few hundred dollars; we're

not allowed that.

I will confirm receipt of all communications inbound to me from now on,

so that you can try match your end to see if you have any pattern

emerging (please let me know if a geography on this appears).

I hate to even have to ask, but having just discovered that last bit of

information about, if you know any great and

good who can get a message out across the airwaves, or any method

whatsoever .... lol. Right now, my situation just went from highly

precarious, to critically problematic; I need ask you to ask anyone you

think who might help to ask their listeners to donate. I'm so out of

options here right now, I dare not even tell the partner about the

information in this email; us both just having decided, was the site working on the revenue side (or

more likely could be made to work with a lot more TLC put it's way ...

RIght now of course, even that idea, seems pointless progressing (though

I must, and will of course). Either way; not even sure of course, this

email will reach you.

It never rains, but it does ...



Quite where we go, save the obvious your end, with any of this, I'm

quite literally at a loss to suggest right now.


That's not a joke. Clearly, it's now necessary.

And of course, most printers, are deliberately not wrapped down security

wise, when first installed. A heads up there on that, you need to get

all Patriots thinking about the security of the ability to reproduce

paper publications, and perhaps even, acquiring some old printing

equipment, or skills. This is getting stone age, really fast.

I wish it were better news, but there it is; the genocide of the activists:


I will post this response directly to If in future,

you send similar requests to the one contained in this email, and do not

get a reply from me, peek through posts on #OTB; it seems to be the only

way of having any guarantee (and not much, then, having now seen the

above reply from Fishing Hut) .. that any of my words may ever be read

by anyone.

This IMNSHO opinion means but one thing:

Won't be long now, at this rate. The few of us prepared to write any

level of truth about the events unfolding, it seems, are pretty shut

down now, whilst far, far too many people, sit, on the sidelines,

foolishly thinking anything other than getting involved, will help them.

Almost forgot, the link/page to get anyone you know who might be willing

to try raise a few dollars:

It's the second from the top left, any page of about 8,000 on site.

How sad; but sub 30 people ever donated; yet all of them, now, are

losing everything, due to their own cowardice.

We can, but try.

Thank you once again, for everything you are personally sacrificing, to

try get this job done. No doubt it's an embarrassingly huge amount your

end too, but let me be clear, it's not without the heartfelt thanks, of

this lawyer. The cabal's Ukrainian adventure, has brought this all ever

so close to home; my partner's family, Ukrainian roots; living a few

generations, just over the border, in Poland. If there plan is to

spread this chaos; they will have a war on their hands, and not (just)

against Russia.



Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))


Cowards don't deserve a good time. All further nice stuff CANCELLED, until some people, find that hard long thing in your back, called SPINE.

Join me?

Try not to disgust me another second longer with your cowardice.

Urgent Help required!

Could it be said any clearer?

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Even cowards, are out of options, NOW.

First they came for the lawyers; and will you sit, whilst they get them?

If so, guess who's not going to be around, to help you, when YOUR HOUR OF NEED COMES. ;) 

And it will.


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