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#OBAMA Wer sind Sie #Vossa & #Webre:Vorbereitung für #Teleportation #Zeitreise #DEUTSCH

Obama - Who Are You (better sound)

"This is a re-edit of my original video with better sound and slight video quality. Again, We the People of the United States of America truly do NOT know who this man is and where he comes from and what his agenda is, besides trying to destroy this nation from within. He must be stopped, arrested, charged and convicted of numerous crimes, including: fraud, identity theft, illegal alien, treason, tampering with federal documents, illegal gun sales to drug cartel, collusion, abuse of power, manipulating causes for political and financial gain."

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Vossa & Webre: Vorbereitung für Teleportation und Zeitreise


Elite Insider Predicted Massive Crash in 2012: “Very Large Probability… Around March 4, 2014″

wall streetWe understand that Doomsday predictions are aplenty these days, but given what’s going onaround the world right now it may be time to revisit the eerily prescient forecast of an elite insider.
Grady Means is a former advisor to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, a former economist at the U.S. Department of HealthEducation and Welfare, and has managed multi-billion dollar firms over his career. Back in October of 2012 Means penned a commentary and analysis for the Washington Times in which he noted that “America’s fall will take global economies with it.”
But he didn’t stop there. Means gave us a target date.
There is a very large probability that the real end of the world will occur around March 4, 2014.
The doomsday clock will ring then because the U.S. economy may fully crash around that date, which will, in turn, bring down all world economies and all hope of any recovery for the foreseeable future — certainly over the course of most of our lifetimes. Interest rates will skyrocket, businesses will fail, unemployment will go to record levels, material and food shortages will be rampant, and there could be major social unrest.
Any wishful thinking that America is in a “recovery” and that “things are getting better” is an illusion.
The central issue is confidence in America, and the world is losing confidence quickly. At a certain point, soon, the United States will reach a level of deficit spending and debt at which the countries of the world will lose faith in America and begin to withdraw their investments. Many leading economists and bankers think another trillion dollars or so may do it. A run on the bank will start suddenly, build quickly and snowball.
At that point, we will need to finance our own deficit, and we will not be able to do so. We will raise bond rates to re-attract foreign investment, interest rates will go up, and businesses will fail. Unemployment will skyrocket.
The rest of the world will fully crash along with us.
There’s a sentiment among those on Main Street, and as of today on Wall Street, that there is a major disconnect between company stock valuations and economic activity in the real world.
Despite their best efforts to convince us that we’re in a recovery, the establishment is running into a problem… reality." Continues.

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