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Abel Danger 2-26-2014 With Karen Hudes; released, seconds ago! ;)

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Russia Combat Ready for the Ukraine?

"Advocates for the curtailment of bulk surveillance are pre-emptively opposing a reform proposal presented to the White House under which responsibility for the National Security Agency’s vast database of US phone records would be handed over to the FBI.

That proposal, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is one of several options under internal consideration for revamping the NSA’s mass collection of phone data, all of which are fiercely contested for varying reasons by spies, privacy groups, phone companies and legislators.

Privacy advocates took the four ideas that have been presented to the White House as an indication of how strongly the NSA and its allies are fighting to preserve their powers in the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about surveillance."  Continues.

Multi-Linguage Latest Breaking Global MSM Uploads on Ukraine Protests

Celente: America's overt actions destabilizing Ukraine 

BBC: Were British AVK Sniper Rifles Used To Kill Ukraine's Kiev Demonstrators? 

TOP TUNE! Ukraine Protests!  

"The Kremlin ordered major military exercises on Wednesday as concerns about unrest in Ukraine's Crimean peninsula continued to grow and scuffles in the region left one person dead.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ordered an urgent drill of his country's armed forces in western Russia, in what appeared to be a display of sabre-rattling aimed at the new government in Kiev.

The US reacted in a strongly worded message, with the secretary of state, John Kerry, saying that any military intervention in Ukraine would be a "grave mistake".

"For a country that has spoken out so frequently … against foreign intervention in Libya, in Syria, and elsewhere, it would be important for them to heed those warnings as they think about options in the sovereign nation of Ukraine," Kerry said last night.

Arctic Rivalry: Battle for North Pole oil sparks fears of '21st-century Cold War'

As the Arctic sea ice melts away at an alarming rate, access to vast oil reserves is opening up - and countries bordering the region are determined to defend their slice of the pie. The polar seabed may hold as much as 15 percent of the world's undiscovered oil - and 30 per cent of its gas. But as RT's Marina Portnaya found out, the battle for the region could take a dangerous turn. 


Nothing like a good war oversears, to distract, from what's REALLY GOING ON:

Radiation monitor snow Cleveland,Ohio USA 12-17-2013 

Nothing to worry about:  hell, the UN isn't predicting an EXPLOSION in CANCER, are they?

Do you even care? Or are you too busy watching the firebomb porn; as Europe burns?

Tom Clancy - OP Center (Full movie)

Get ready; coming to a town near you any second:

A Timeline into Disaster

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