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Mt. Gox Resigns From Bitcoin Foundation by WSJ Live

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"Update - Statement Regarding BTC Withdrawal Delays

Dear MtGox Customers and Bitcoiners,

As you are aware, the MtGox team has been working hard to address an issue with the way that bitcoin withdrawals are processed. By "bitcoin withdrawal" we are referring to transactions from a MtGox bitcoin wallet to an external bitcoin address. Bitcoin transactions to any MtGox bitcoin address, and currency withdrawals (Yen, Euro, etc) are not affected by this issue.

The problem we have identified is not limited to MtGox, and affects all transactions where Bitcoins are being sent to a third party. We believe that the changes required for addressing this issue will be positive over the long term for the whole community. As a result we took the necessary action of suspending bitcoin withdrawals until this technical issue has been resolved.

Addressing Transaction Malleability

MtGox has detected unusual activity on its Bitcoin wallets and performed investigations during the past weeks. This confirmed the presence of transactions which need to be examined more closely.

Non-technical Explanation:

A bug in the bitcoin software makes it possible for someone to use the Bitcoin network to alter transaction details to make it seem like a sending of bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet did not occur when in fact it did occur. Since the transaction appears as if it has not proceeded correctly, the bitcoins may be resent. MtGox is working with the Bitcoin core development team and others to mitigate this issue.

Technical Explanation:

Bitcoin transactions are subject to a design issue that has been largely ignored, while known to at least a part of the Bitcoin core developers and mentioned on the BitcoinTalk forums. This defect, known as "transaction malleability" makes it possible for a third party to alter the hash of any freshly issued transaction without invalidating the signature, hence resulting in a similar transaction under a different hash. Of course only one of the two transactions can be validated. However, if the party who altered the transaction is fast enough, for example with a direct connection to different mining pools, or has even a small amount of mining power, it can easily cause the transaction hash alteration to be committed to the blockchain.

The bitcoin api "sendtoaddress" broadly used to send bitcoins to a given bitcoin address will return a transaction hash as a way to track the transaction's insertion in the blockchain.

Most wallet and exchange services will keep a record of this said hash in order to be able to respond to users should they inquire about their transaction. It is likely that these services will assume the transaction was not sent if it doesn't appear in the blockchain with the original hash and have currently no means to recognize the alternative transactions as theirs in an efficient way.

This means that an individual could request bitcoins from an exchange or wallet service, alter the resulting transaction's hash before inclusion in the blockchain, then contact the issuing service while claiming the transaction did not proceed. If the alteration fails, the user can simply send the bitcoins back and try again until successful.

We believe this can be addressed by using a different hash for transaction tracking purposes. While the network will continue to use the current hash for the purpose of inclusion in each block's Merkle Tree, the new hash's purpose will be to track a given transaction and can be computed and indexed by hashing the exact signed string via SHA256 (in the same way transactions are currently hashed).

This new transaction hash will allow signing parties to keep track of any transaction they have signed and can easily be computed, even for past transactions.

We have discussed this solution with the Bitcoin core developers and will allow Bitcoin withdrawals again once it has been approved and standardized.

In the meantime, exchanges and wallet services - and any service sending coins directly to third parties - should be extremely careful with anyone claiming their transaction did not go through.

Note that this will also affect any other crypto-currency using the same transaction scheme as Bitcoin.


To put things in perspective, it's important to remember that Bitcoin is a very new technology and still very much in its early stages. What MtGox and the Bitcoin community have experienced in the past year has been an incredible and exciting challenge, and there is still much to do to further improve.

MtGox will resume bitcoin withdrawals to outside wallets once the issue outlined above has been properly addressed in a manner that will best serve our customers.

More information on the status of this issue will be released as soon as possible.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and especially for your patience.

Best Regards,

MtGox Team"


"Namecoin (sign: ; code: NMC) is a cryptocurrency which also acts as an alternative, decentralized DNS, which would avoid domain name censorship by making a new top level domain outside of ICANN control, and in turn, make internet censorship much more difficult, as well as reduce outages.[3][4][1][2][5][6][7][8]
Namecoin uses modified Bitcoin software,[4] thus there is a limit of 21 million Namecoins. Each Namecoin is divisible down to 8 decimal places.[1] Namecoin currently uses the .bit domain. As of January 2014, 123616 .bit domains have been registered.[1][2][6][9][10] bit domains are not currently awarded, hence to resolve domain names, one must have either a copy of the Namecoin "blockchain" (a decentralized ledger storing all transactions and domains), or access to a public DNS server that participates in the Namecoin system.[1][11]


A Namecoin like system was first described in 2010, with ideas such as BitDNS by Appamato, and then by internet activist Aaron Swartz, as a counterexample toZooko's triangle.[8][12][13] A few months later on April 18, 2011, it was implemented as Namecoin (which at the time had no GUI).[14][15][16] In June 2011, Wikileakspublicly endorsed Namecoin.[14][17] In September 2011, Namecoin switched to merged mining (see the mining section). In 2013, GUIs, such as Namecoin Qt began to appear; as of November 5, the latest version of Namecoin Qt is version 0.3.72.[18] February 5th, 2014, a Windows/Linux plug-in called FreeSpeechMe was released that allows automated resolution of .bit addresses by downloading the Namecoin blockchain and running it in the background.


Although Namecoin can be used as a currency, it is mainly intended to be used as a decentralized DNS.[1][2][6] Domain names are registered by paying a small fee (to stop spam and leave domains for future users) of 0.01 NMC, they are then updated for the first time, after this the person owns the domain, which can only be removed from them if they choose to transfer it.[1][6][19] Domain names must be updated every 250 days, or they will expire.[1]
There are also other possible Namecoin uses including:



Namecoin production and transfer is handled by a peer-to-peer network similar to that of Bitcoin.[6] A proof-of-work system is used, where nodes search for a small enough hash (SHA-256) value in a process called mining.[6] When a small enough value is found, the node which found the hash is credited with a set number of Namecoins (50 NMC as of Nov 2013), and the hash, along with any transactions or domain name registrations, is added to a decentralized ledger called the blockchain.[1] After several subsequent hashes have been added onto the blockchain, transactions and registrations are considered to be irreversible, as an attacker would have to find a new set of hashes to replace all the preceding ones (this would require an infeasible amount of computing power).
Namecoin is merge mined with Bitcoin, which means that a node can mine for both Namecoin and Bitcoin simultaneously at the same rate that they would mine just one.[11][19][30][31]


Payments in Namecoin are made to addresses (based on digital signatures). Addresses are human readable strings of 33 numbers beginning with the letters N or M (they used to start with 1, like Bitcoin, but this was changed to avoid confusion).[32] This makes Namecoinpseudonymous, but not anonymous.[33][34]

Major markets[edit]

Namecoin can be traded for other currencies through various online exchanges. Some exchanges are: VircurexLilion TransferKraken,cryptonitbter.comBTC-E, and 24change.


Since domains are extremely cheap to obtain with Namecoin, and registered domains cannot be seized (they can only be transferred by their owner), Namecoin has had problems with cybersquatters buying up domains, hoping to resell them later for a profit.[2]
On October 15, 2013, a major flaw in the namecoin protocol was revealed by the Kraken exchange COO, Michael Grønager. The exploit allowed any user to freely steal any domain from any other user.[35] A temporary fix was deployed which prevents fraudulent name transactions from affecting the name database without requiring miner intervention, and a long-term fix which rejects blocks containing such transactions is scheduled for block 150,000 if a majority of miners upgrade.[36]

See also[edit]

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"Dogecoin (/ˈdkɔɪn/ dohjkoyn,[2] code: DOGE, symbol: Ð[1] and D), is a Litecoin-derived[3]cryptocurrency that features the Shiba Inu from the "Doge" Internet meme on its logo.[4][5][6][7]It was introduced on December 8, 2013.[8] Dogecoin has a fast initial coin production schedule compared to other cryptocurrencies. There will be approximately 100 billion coins in circulation by the end of 2014. Thereafter, 5.2 billion coins will be produced per year. As of 13 February 2014, nearly 50 billion Dogecoins have been mined.[9] While there are currently few commercial applications for Dogecoin, the currency is gaining traction as an Internet tipping system, in which social media users grant Dogecoin tips to other users for providing interesting or noteworthy content.[10] Many members of the Dogecoin community (as well as members of other cryptocurrency communities) use the phrase "To the moon!" to describe the overall sentiment of the coin's rising value.[11][12][13]

Overview and history[edit]

A Dogecoin paper wallet
Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus of Portland, Oregon. He hoped to make a fun cryptocurrency that could reach a broader demographic than the investors who made up Bitcoin's economy and something that wouldn't be involved with the controversial history behind Bitcoin, mainly its association with the Silk Road.[14]
At the same time, Jackson Palmer, a worker for a marketing department in Sydney, Australia, forAdobe Systems, and the original individual who first conceived of the idea for Dogecoin, was encouraged by a student at Front Range Community College on Twitter to make the idea a reality.[15]
After receiving several mentions on Twitter, Palmer purchased the domain dogecoin.com and added a splash screen with the coin logo and scattered comic sans text of "doge-speak". Markus saw the site linked in from an IRC Chat room, thought it was funny, quickly edited the parameters and created the Dogecoin wallet, and reached out to Palmer. A few days later, the coin was launched and made a reality.[16]Markus based Dogecoin on the existing cryptocurrency Luckycoin,[17] from which it derives its randomized reward received for mining a block. In turn, Luckycoin is based on Litecoin,[3] which also uses scrypt technology in its proof-of-work algorithm, meaning that miners cannot take advantage of SHA-256 Bitcoin-mining equipment to mine at higher speeds. The Dogecoin network was originally intended to produce 100 billion Dogecoins.[18][19][20]
On December 19, 2013, Dogecoin jumped more than 300 percent in value in 72 hours, rising from USD$0.00026 to $0.0095,[21] with a volume of hundreds of Bitcoins per day[22] during a time when Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies were reeling from China's decision to forbid Chinese banks from investing Chinese Yuan into the Bitcoin economy.[3] On December 22, 2013, Dogecoin experienced its first major crash by dropping by 80% due to large mining pools seizing opportunity in exploiting the very little computing power required at the time to mine the coin.[23]
On December 24, 2013, The Reserve Bank of India cautioned users of Dogecoin and other virtual currencies on the risks associated with them.[24] On December 25, 2013, the first major theft attempt of Dogecoin occurred when millions of coins were stolen during a hacking attempt on the online wallet platform Dogewallet.[25] The hacker gained access to the platform's filesystem and modified its send/receive page to send any and all coins to a static address.[26][27] This incident spiked Tweets about Dogecoin making it the most mentioned altcoin on Twitter.[28] By January 2014, the trading volume of Dogecoin surpassed that of Bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies combined.[29]
On January 19, 2014, a fundraiser was established by the Dogecoin community to raise $50,000 for the Jamaican Bobsled Team, which had qualified for, but could not afford to go to, the Sochi Winter Olympics; $30,000 was donated by the second day,[30] and the Dogecoin to Bitcoin exchange rate rose by 50%.[31][32][33][34][35] As of 13 February 2014, Dogecoin has a market capitalization of USD$81 million.[36] The Dogecoin community has raised funds for a second Sochi athlete Shiva Keshavan.[37]

Use and exchanges[edit]

Several online exchanges offer DOGE/BTC [38] and DOGE/LTC [39] trading. A single exchange, Bter, offers DOGE/CNY [40] trading. On January 8, 2014, AltQuick.co was the first exchange to launch DOGE/USD exchange.[41] On January 30, 2014, Canada-based exchange Vault of Satoshi also announced DOGE/USD and DOGE/CAD trading.[42][43] On February 2014, Hong Kong-based exchange Asia Nexgenannounced that they would support the trading of Dogecoins in all major currencies. China-based exchange BTC38 also added their support on the Dogecoin exchange, boosting the market capitalization over 24 hours. [44][45] In the first day of trading, Dogecoin was the second-most traded currency on the platform, after BTC.[46]
On January 31, 2014, trading volume across the major exchanges was valued at $1.05 million USD. The market cap was USD$60 million. Three exchanges accounted for the majority of volume: Bter (60%). Cryptsy (23%), and Vircurex (10%). The most traded currency pairs were DOGE/BTC (50%), DOGE/CNY (44%) and DOGE/LTC (6%).[47]
Trading physical, tangible items in exchange for DOGE takes place on online communities such as Reddit and Twitter.[48][49]
On December 23, 2013, Tristan Winters of the online journal Bitcoin Magazine discussed what was needed for Dogecoin to replace Bitcoin.[50]


Dogecoin functions using public-key cryptography, in which a user generates a pair of cryptographic keys: one public and one private. Only the private key can decode information encrypted with the public key; therefore the keys' owner can distribute the public key openly without fear that anyone will be able to use it to gain access to the encrypted information. All Dogecoin addresses are public key hashes; they are a string of 34 numbers and letters starting with the letter D. An example address (public key) is DJ7zB7c5BsB9UJLy1rKQtY7c6CQfGiaRLM, that belongs to Dogecoin Foundation[51] The public key is the Dogecoin address to which other users can send Dogecoins. The private key, however, allows full access to the Dogecoin wallet; it must be kept secret and secure.

Mining parameters[edit]

Dogecoin's implementation differs from Litecoin by several parameters. Dogecoin's block time is 1 minute, and the difficulty retarget time is 4 hours. Each block rewards miners with a random number of coins between 0 and a defined maximum, given in the block schedule listed below. From block 600,001 onwards, there will be a fixed reward of 10,000.[8] Reward is calculated using Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.[52]

Block schedule[edit]

Block NumbersPer-Block RewardFirst BlockExpected Coins Produced (approx)Expected Total Circulation (approx)
1-100,0000-1,000,000 (random)8 December 2013 [53]50,000,000,00050,000,000,000
100,001-200,0000-500,000 (random)14 February 2014 [54]25,000,000,00075,000,000,000
200,001-300,0000-250,000 (random)25 April 2014 (estimated)12,500,000,00087,500,000,000
300,001-400,0000-125,000 (random)3 July 2014 (estimated)6,250,000,00093,750,000,000
400,001-500,0000-62,500 (random)10 September 2014 (estimated)3,125,000,00096,875,000,000
500,001-600,0000-31,250 (random)19 November 2014 (estimated)1,562,000,00098,437,500,000
600,001+10,000 (fixed)27 January 2015 (estimated)5,256,000,000 per yearNo limit

Currency supply[edit]

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, there is no limit to how many Dogecoins can be produced. According to the schedule, approximately 98 billion coins will have been released by January 2015, when block 600,000 is mined. Thereafter, approximately 5.2 billion more coins will be produced per year, in perpetuity. During December 2013 and January 2014, Dogecoin's developers discussed in public forums whether this should be changed.[19][55] On February 2, 2014, Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer announced that the supply of coins would remain uncapped.[56]


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