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#MAZACOIN National Currency of Lakota Nation #HOWTO



National Currency - Lakota Nation


MAZACOIN extracted


Name: MazaCoin - Version 0.8.1 BETA 1.2 Treaty Edition
Symbol: MZC
Two-Phase Pre-Mine
Based on latest Bitcoin/ZetaCoin 0.8.99 source
Using SHA-256 Proof-Of-Work Mining (ASIC's Welcome)
Block Target: 120 seconds
Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick Difficulty Readjustment)
Block reward: 5000 MZC, halving every 241920 blocks (about 12 month) - not dropping below
1 MZC (inflationary minimum)
Total coin mined: 2.4192 billion MZC + yearly inflation
2.4192 billion coins will be mined in approx. first 5 years
Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary).
Transaction Confirmations Needed: 5
Listen port: 12835

MazaCoin has a rich and unique set of features based upon the Development Team's careful choice of settings and algorythmic changes made in the codebase. MazaCoin is a standard Crypto-Currency using the same protocol as BitCoin/LiteCoin/PPCoin."

"Mining MazaCoin is exactly like mining BitCoin, in fact the two blockchains can be merged mined. MazaCoin is a proof-of-work coin using SHA-256 algorithms. The recommended config file is:

addnode= "

Please help us: send or email Facebook or tweet:

For an excellent beginners tutorial on how to mine BitCoin -

The recommended miner software is the excellent BFG Miner here -

List Of Approved MazaCoin Mining Pools:
RocketPool -
SuchPool -  "

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"WARNING: Complete noob to linux (somewhat noob - if something can be installed w/ a package manager, I'm ok, else completely lost). I loaded debian 7 on a VBox VM (took 2 days to get everything to run correctly, but cool now) and just want to put a BitCoin wallet on, so I went to the bitcoin site and downloaded the wallet. Unfortunately, there is no install package, just a bin and src directory. I figured the bin was the correct place to look and found a directory named "32" under that. In that directory, I see bitcoind and bitcoin-qt. Found out I needed PPA to install this, so I came up with (in a terminal):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
ran the command, seemed to work. then ran
sudo apt-get update
but discovered some files apparently are no longer on the site it's pulling stuff from:
Hit wheezy Release.gpg
Hit wheezy-updates Release.gpg
Hit wheezy Release
Hit wheezy-updates Release
Hit wheezy/main Sources
Hit wheezy/updates Release.gpg
Hit wheezy/main i386 Packages
Ign wheezy Release.gpg
Hit wheezy/main Translation-en
Hit wheezy/updates Release
Hit wheezy-updates/main Sources
Hit wheezy-updates/main i386 Packages/DiffIndex
Hit wheezy/updates/main Sources
Hit wheezy-updates/main Translation-en/DiffIndex
Ign wheezy Release
Hit wheezy/updates/main i386 Packages
Hit wheezy/updates/main Translation-en
Err wheezy/main Sources
404 Not Found
Err wheezy/main i386 Packages
404 Not Found
Ign wheezy/main Translation-en_US
Ign wheezy/main Translation-en
W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
Naturally, because of errors above, the installation fails.
 sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt
results in:
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package bitcoin-qt
Being a noob, I have no clue as to where it is looking for the bitcoin-qt file, so I tried the same command in the directory the file was in that I downloaded it to, same error. I know I'm doing something completely wrong here, but have no idea how to proceed. (sorry, spoiled by win/mac 2-click installations!)" 
"As a side note, take into account that the building of the bitcoin source code in debian 7 is currently broken. – galegosimpatico Jan 9 at 16:34

ok - Should I just blow away the Debian and go to Ubuntu? It's a VirtualBox VM, so it's not a big deal. – MC9000 Jan 9 at 16:42

Maybe you are running a Microsoft host and would be just OK running the wallet from the host. Maybe more trust should be put in Debian rather than in bitcoin. Who knows? – galegosimpatico Jan 9 at 16:50

Anyway bitcoin builds in Ubuntu far better than in Debian, by a surprisingly large distance. But this is just for today. – galegosimpatico Jan 9 at 16:54

@uprego - There are very specific security reasons having your wallet within a linux virtual machine is a valid decision. That really isn't a valid solution, if building is currently broken, and there simply not being a solution on debian ( except to fix the build process yourself ) is an entirely valid answer to this question. Using Windows instead not so much. – Ramhound Jan 9 at 16:57"
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Okay, for all the noobs out there pulling their hair out, here's how you do it. Turns out, after much experimenting, Mint Linux is the only distro I could find that seems to be relatively small, relatively fast & works great (for me, that it). Starting w/Mint & after all updates - open a terminal & type the following in order:$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt

Once complete, close your terminal & go to the menu: Office --> Bitcoin.

Very simple! Works like a charm!"


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"Here's how I see Bitcoin, Open Transactions, and Ripple:
  • Bitcoin (just like gold, the USD, Euro, Yen, etc.) acts as numeraire.
  • Ripple provides a method of moving the numeraire - any numeraire. Incidentally, Bitcoin also provides a transaction system, but exclusively for its own units; dollars and euros cannot be moved within the Bitcoin network.
  • Open Transactions is sort of an umbrella service that affords interaction between various different types of networks, both legacy and modern. By encompassing the contemporary as well as the new, it builds a bridge from the traditional financial system to that found with Bitcoin and Ripple.

For comparison:
System:Comparable To:Tier (primary in bold):
BitcoinGold, USD (Visa, MC)1,2
RippleVisa, MasterCard2,3
OTBasic & complex banking services2,3

With all three, adapted methods of gaming the system will eventually arise, just as the current ones have been abused. Still, the trio offer massive advancements over contemporary solutions and provide immense opportunities.

I am speculating to a large degree on Ripple's latest incarnation, and to a lesser extent with regard to Open Transactions; my information could be mistaken. "

Open-Transactions BOOMING across the web VIRALLY now; couldn't reach but in at apparently NUMBER TWO!  Open-Transactions! 
Others talk; we deliver ed>> Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Open-Transactions #1 opentxs CLI: Command Line Interface, the OT data folders and the OT script
Open-Transactions #2 opentxs CLI: Adding server contracts to the wallet

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