Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Breaking news! And this is, starting to get very, very interesting, indeed.  Especially if you feel that you missed out on the Bitcon 'gold' rush, and are feeling miffed about that .. READ ON! But ACT TODAY, because the PRICE is going UP by FOUR TIMES, very, VERY SOON! ;)

Introducing..... First LiteCoin Trading Robot

Litecon Logo - keep an eye out for it around your daily web ;) 

Send iti SLAVE!

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Litecoin is the Silver of Cryptocurrencies; and the first Litecoin Trading robot is finally here!  Be first to jump on the Litecoin gold rush before the rest of the world!  Why?  Litecoin is more affordable, easier to buy, easier to mine and easier to trade! A perfect choice to diversify your Bitcoin trading portfolio by adding another powerful instrument.


Created by 2011 by Charles Lee, the brother of BTC China (biggest Bitcoin China exchange), Litecoin is currently the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of around 736 million USD! That gives us a unique opportunity to double the profits from cryptocurrency trading by exanding into the new untapped market of alternative cryptocurrencies. The litecoin is just the beginning

During the last conference we had a chance to personally meet the Litecoin founding father Charlie Lee and discuss the robot and the future of alternative cryptocurrencies!   Click here to watch the video, learn more about it, and then GET GOING before the rest of the world.


Of course, to those regular readers of .. The White Rabbit! ... who listened to us, early on and ACTED on our world-class information , and are already platinum users, of the BITCOIN TRADING BOT, well now, as you already likely by now know, you've just been GIVEN this AMAZING new LITECOIIN Algorithm bot, as a thanks for your early adoption and thus promotion of the BITCOIN TRADING BOT ... Smart mov, to get in EARLY acting on our advice, wasn't it? ;) 

If you're reading this, and you're NOT already using the BITCOIN TRADING BOT, now, is your chance, to not just keep MISSING OUT, and MISSING OUT, and MISSING OUT, either due to lack of funds, or of course, an inability to get yourself to take ACTION.  Those that will do well WILL take ACTION; if that's you; click here to get going RIGHT NOW with the BTCBOT; there hasn't been a BETTER time to get going with the GOLD STANDARD of crypto-currencies; the BTCBOT, for many, many months; click here, to learn why over on open-transactions.com.

To continued AUTOMATED WEALTH CREATION success. 

As Platinum users of the BITCOIN BOT are already discovering - reading The White Rabbit regularly, really does NOT pay dividends, but BITCOIN! ;)  And now we proudly announce, LITECOIN, too!

If you're totally new to all of this, and don't know where to start, the answer, is right here:

325D #QauntumLEAP 002

Just click and grab your first bitcoin wallet, entirely free; giving you the ability to buy, and sell, Bitcoin for fiat, and of course, RECEIVE your PROFITS, from your personal AUTOMATED WEALTH SYSTEMS, easy!  You can even - in just one or two clicks, PRINT to PAPER, you BITCOIN wealth using our recommended wallet; and keep it nice, in a safe, the drawer, etc; nicely out of the way, of ANY hacker, WORLDWIDE, because it's OFFLINE, totally. ;)  Neat, huh! ;)


Once you're getting seriously minted, consider donating either FIAT or BITCOIN; we have given away this information, almost 8,000 posts now, entirely free to the world; we do deserve it. ;)

Here's just a tiny reminder, of WHY:


MAX KEISER: Digital Apartheid

But at some point, you dear The Pet Goat! ... You need to BECOME HERO HUMAN AGAIN, and lose that LOOOOOOOSER mind control, that says, it can't be done, it's too risky, I'll be stupid and lose more than I can afford, etc, etc, etc, You dear The Pet Goat! ... You MUST learn to TAKE ACTION and Become HERO HUMAN AGAIN(tm): The Pet Goat ... Those that JUST STARE.... Well the Pet Goat:

I did warn at frighteningly huge personal cost (we are suspended again, meaning no promo of the site, meaning NO INCOME, again; whist NONE of you donate, AGAIN). 

Monday, 10 February 2014


Reality of cannabis, as a MEDICINE; we understand, this video, is censored in the UK. Truth will out.

If you JUST STARED; you will ONLY have YOURSELF to BLAME.

The BEST Working INNOVATIVE products and services, on Interwebz <g>
  1. Bitcoin Trading Bot
  2. Litecoin Trading Bot
We even provide for an utterly ridiculously low fee, FREE TESLA ENERGY.  And you wonder, why some people, just don't like this site ONE BIT.  Really, are you that unable to work it out?  If so, I'll be explicit:  I know what I'm talking about, unlike 99% of the 'Bitcoin Experts', who weren't writing things like this, over a decade ago.  As regulars know, writing Rabbit, frankly it's BRUTAL

No need to take it from us though; try your trusty mind-controller; take it from them. ;)

Five reasons why Bitcoin is the world's most dangerous currency by telegraphvideo

Why not tell everybody you know ... 

#CRYPTOCURRENCY WORLD FIRST >> #LITECOIN TRADING ALGORITHM #ROBOT http://www.occupythebanks.com/2014/02/litecoin-first-litecoin-trading-robot.html  Let's Roll!:

The White Rabbit!  
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