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Excerpted via Voice of Russia
"US gov't, British crown responsible for the Fukushima disaster?

Fukushima disaster has raised major environmental concerns and ever since the disaster took place, something seemed wrong about how it occurred and then has been dealt with. Lauren Monet, an independent scientist and a radiation expert from Berkeley, California, has shed some light on the plausible nature of the tragedy.

Ms Monet told the resource that since mid-September until present radiation levels in the San Francisco bay area "have been increasing and fluctuating higher than they have ever been before and then settling down again."
Ms Monet stated the fluctuations fell on the time when the America’s Cup race between New Zealand and Oracles boat yacht owned by Larry Allison, the CEO of America’s Cup, was to take place.
"We could tell by the weather changes every 24 hours during each day and night that cold dense air from Japan was piped in to San Francisco bay area to be able to manipulate the weather the next day, so that Larry Allison’s yacht and team could retain the Cup and not lose it to New Zealand. That is when the radiation levels started to go up," Ms Monet explained.
Ms Monet pointed out that in Berkeley, prior to March 11, 2011, the day of Fukushima tsunami and earthquake disaster, which turned into over 300 Chernobyls by April 2011, the radiation levels in the bay area were between 0.07 to about 0.13 Becquerel, while before the Christmas of 2013 it was as high as 1.5.

"We have a lot of symptoms, we have a lot of confirmations and affirmations that this has been very devastating, extremely dangerous. And it is really threatening the entire biosphere of this planet with every living thing included, what I would call a deliberately planned, executed and strategically carried out nuclear war against humanity," Ms Monet said.
"It is not an accident and I’ve made a list of the 4 shadowing events since the 1950s that support my contention that this is a man-made disaster," Ms Monet claimed.
"The British began setting up the Fukushima disaster in the 1950s, it may have even been in the 1940s. Bertrand Russell, who was a well-known Englishman but probably one of the most dangerous men in the 20th century, was lecturing at Oxford in the 1930s talking about the depopulation agenda that they had planned and the sterilization globally of 95% of the males and 60% of females. It is an incredible statement, but it is in his book, his lectures have been published in the book in the 1950s called "The Impact of Science on Society" by Bertrand Russell, they were simply his lectures from Oxford in the 1930s," Ms Monet said.
"He was always a part of the world order, he was always a part of Dope Incorporated, the global drug economy which is behind a lot of the wars, Vietnam, World War II. Many of the wars we are fighting are about supplying drugs to the illegal economy that is 5 times bigger than legitimate global economy," Ms Monet stated.
Ms Monet argued that the development of nuclear technologies began and were funded in the World War II when the US, England, Canada and other countries became involved in developing nuclear weapons. The Manhattan project was the name of the US nuclear initiative.
"What happened is England wanted a nuclear weapons program, too. So, they set up Magnox reactors in Cumbria which is a little bit north of Wales on the Irish Sea. They were making plutonium for their nuclear weapons program but it seemed like they were making an awful lot and deliberately dumping it in the Irish Sea. This has been for decades, they are still doing it. And I wrote an article "Global Implications in Sellafield" in about 2006 and I ended up getting my face slashed for writing that because I exposed Windscale, the name of that facility, until they had horrific fire and accident, and so it was changed to Sellafield to shield bad implications of the name Windscale. The British were producing all these fishing products and dumping them into the Irish Sea," Ms Monet told the resource.
"So, the British are behind this: they’ve used British petroleum because … the Queen of England is a sovereign queen, she owns all of the mineral wealth, all of the mineral rights, all of the people and all of the land in the Commonwealth, which is 27 countries and numerous territories and islands. And she gave president Obama, two years before he ran for president and won the first time, half a billion dollars for his election campaign – foreign donations are illegal in the US. She also gave the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory where the Manhattan project started and where Dr. Steven Chu who won the Nobel prize at Stanford for solar and alternative energy was a director," Ms Monet continued. - "He was made director and then, almost immediately, received half a billion dollars from Queen Elizabeth to transform Lawrence Berkeley Lab into an alternative energy research lab. They are privatizing it now, and the University. It will be her university, her state of California, her research park, and, of course, American people will pay for all of that. She just makes a downpayment to get things going in the right direction."
"The real cost is on to the government because they can afford to pay for nuclear power, for wars, for the development of exotic weapons. And the marching orders to TEPCO came from British Petroleum Headquarters in England, and they went through Steven Chu and Dr. Steven Koonin who is the head of the Jason Scientists, successors to the Manhattan Project scientists. And Dr. Koonin, a theoretical nuclear physicist, in his bio that was posted in the department of energy website, said that he was an expert on oceans environments. I think Steven Koonin was the architect and the strategist for Fukushima. You would have to have someone with the theoretical mathematical background because you have to cancel things out in mathematics before you go on implementing whatever the project is," Ms Monet said.
"TEPCO is taking their orders from BP. It is going through the department of energy and the Japanese government has almost nothing to say, they are in straight jackets since the World War II. Japan is an American colony like the Philippines, I am sorry to say. And I don’t think that is a good idea. But I think it is a wonderful way to pillar the whole world. It was the US government who ordered Japan, ordered TEPCO to remove those fuel rods. That is a guaranteed disaster coming our way, going to contaminate the whole planet before this is over. And it is going to be far worse than what Fukushima has released already," Ms Monet concluded.
Voice of Russia, "

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We did tell you at the time; yes, yes, we DID; and just a few days ago, we also told you this:
Tuesday, 18 February 2014
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Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands unsafe for humans
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

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Dave and Maggie’s Bogus Adventure

South Africa
It’s a little known fact that Davie Cameron and Maggie Thatcher went on holiday together in 1989.
The odd couple flew to apartheid - hit South Africa on an apparent “fact-finding” mission, but critics described it somewhat differently:
” David Cameron accepted an all-expenses paid trip to apartheid South Africa while Nelson Mandela was still in prison, an updated  biography of the Tory leader reveals today.  
The trip by Mr Cameron in 1989, when he was a rising star of the Conservative Research Department, was a chance for him to “see for himself” and was funded by a firm that lobbied against the imposition of sanctions on the apartheid regime.
Critics described it as a “sanctions-busting jolly” that raised questions about the character of the man who, after a week when the Government’s credibility on the economy hit a new low, is now on course to be prime minister in a little more than a year’s time.”
Were Davie and Maggie really on an innocent sojourn or was there something much more sinister taking place?
We haven’t got a clue.
However, rumours have circulated for years that the trip was in fact related to the clandestine purchase of nuclear weaponsand Tory party funding.
How very bizarre.
According to those in the know the key word relating to the purchases is Pelindaba.
” Dave and Maggie, sitting in a tree: N.U.K.E.I.N.G.”
The plot thickens."

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