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"Justice Minister drawing up paedophile Blacklist
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Portugal’s Minister for Justice, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, is drawing up a register referencing paedophiles in Portugal, which is expected to be implemented this year but it has not yet been decided exactly who will have access to this ‘Blacklist’, or how.
Should the Justice Minister’s intention be fulfilled the log will be up and running by the end of this year.

What is not clear, as yet, is the mould within which the controversial measure, aimed at protecting potential victims, will sit.

Minister Teixeira da Cruz’s goal is to create a data base of sex offenders with a view to defending the “rights, freedoms and guarantees of children.”
The diploma will establish the creation of a system that lists sex predators, but will also establish the ways and conditions in which that register can be accessed, to make sure that those who have already been convicted of such crimes are already referenced by police."

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Serbia’s Srdja Popovic is known by many as a leading architect of regime changes in Eastern Europe and elsewhere since the late-1990s, and as one of the co-founders of Otpor!, the U.S.-funded Serbian activist group which overthrew Slobodan Milošević in 2000.
Lesser known, an exclusive investigation reveals that Popovic and the Otpor! offshoot CANVAS (Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies) have also maintained close ties with a Goldman Sachs executive and the private intelligence firm Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.), as well as the U.S. government. Popovic’s wife also worked at Stratfor for a year.
These revelations come in the aftermath of thousands of new emails released by Wikileaks' “Global Intelligence Files.” The emails reveal Popovic worked closely with Stratfor, an Austin, Texas-based private firm that gathers intelligence on geopolitical events and activists for clients ranging from the American Petroleum Institute and Archer Daniels Midland to Dow Chemical, Duke Energy, Northrop Grumman, Intel and Coca-Cola.
Referred to in emails under the moniker “SR501,” Popovic was first approached by Stratfor in 2007 to give a lecture in the firm's office about events transpiring in Eastern Europe, according to a Stratfor source who asked to remain confidential for this story.
In one of the emails, Popovic forwarded information about activists harmed or killed by the U.S.-armed Bahraini government, obtained from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights during the regime’s crackdown on pro-democracy activists in fall 2011. Popovic also penned a blueprint for Stratfor on how to unseat the now-deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in September 2010.
Stratfor’s Global Activist Connector
Using his celebrated activist status, Popovic opened many doors for Stratfor to meet with activists globally. In turn, the information Stratfor intended to gain from Popovic’s contacts would serve as “actionable intelligence” — the firm billed itself as a “Shadow CIA” — for its corporate clients.
Popovic passed information to Stratfor about on-the-ground activist events in countries around the world, ranging from the PhilippinesLibyaTunisiaVietnamIranAzerbaijanEgyptTibetZimbabwePoland and BelarusGeorgiaBahrainVenezuela and Malaysia. Often, the emails reveal, Popovic passed on the information to Stratfor without the consent of the activists and likely without the activists ever knowing that their emails were being shuttled to the private security firm.
In the U.S., this investigation's co-author, Carl Gibson (representing US Uncut), and the Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum had a meeting with Popovic shortly after their two respective groups used a media hoax to play a prank on General Electric, ridiculing the company over its non-payment of U.S. taxes.
The pair gave Popovic information about both groups’ plans for the coming year and news later came out that Stratfor closely monitored the Yes Men’s activities. (The below photograph taken by Bichlbaum in April 2011 shows Popovic (L) and US Uncut’s Carl Gibson.) Continues.

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"Joris Demmink and Marc Dutrouxcomment

By Patrick Savalle (Patman) , published on 02-03-2011 21:26, 27 comments, sections: New World Order , Societies and Religions , Politics , Netherlands
Area Developer Jan Poot (Chipshol) recently launched a website about Demmink case. According Poot is high time for a parliamentary and judicial investigation into the practices of pedo-accused Secretary General Demmink of the Ministry of Justice. Now Include the Volkskrant, Telegraaf and NRC Handelsblad recently been Demmink ads (that previously posted) refuse Leg decided website http://www.dedemminkdoofpot.nlstart. For Zapruder intimates, this case is very well known, but people who do not hang out here every day, catching probably only extremely vague snatches of this case. Not least because Micha Kat (who is investigating this case for a long time and has built an outstanding record) connection is lost. Already long ago with the normal public Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised with this bright JeroenG article posted on our ZapLog. We take the integral over.
By JeroenG
In 2004, the German newspaper Die Welt writes on her website that Marc Dutroux , the Belgian kidnapper, rapist and murderer of several girls, "is part of an international pedophile ring." A research report commissioned by Michel Bourlet, the prosecutor of Dutroux's written "only allows the following conclusion: Dutroux has collaborated with pederastennetwerk that was active throughout Europe. The center of the ring was on the Amsterdam Red Light District where Dutroux is seen as more witnesses. "
"The summary of the report," says Die Welt: "Dutroux and his aides kidnapped girls, ring the other little boys." Central figure in this last ring, according to Die Welt one Robby van der Plancken, "which in 1993, witnesses the kidnapping of Berlin's 12-year-old Manuel Schadwald in the Netherlands. "Four years later, have Dutch journalists about various testimonies that seem to indicate that Manuel was put in one of the brothels Rotterdam that were run by the German Lothar at work Glandorf.
In Glandorfs clubs would, writes in December 2003 , also in high places make their appearance. "For example, a senior official of the Ministry of Justice who always arrived in a taxi and made his entrance with a bag over his head. Oops. Who could that have been? "Well it seems to go Joris Demmink, here today Secretary of Justice , who had come through a two months earlier discredited joint report by Panorama and Gaykrant (p148) in which he was accused of abuse of underage boys.
This is somewhat fragile link between Dutroux - by Robby van der Plancken, Manuel Schadwald and Lothar Glandorf - and Joris Demmink laid. But there is more. Spends April 1998, the news program Netwerk attention to the trade-in-children-Team (HIK-team) , which was established to Manuel Schadwald detection by the police. Rotterdam in 1994
In the report, a voiced by actors tapverslag the HIK team as played back (6:28) . "The man you ask to hear in this interview children, is an officer who has a high position in the government," says the voiceover is displayed while the tapverslag of the conversation between "Loth." And "George". "Loth." Stands for Lothar Glandorf, but this "Joris" Joris Demmink?
In 2004, the show comes to the attention of that inquire at Networkeditor Roelf van Til. "However, Van Til says that these Joris works at his best memory at VWS and after his conviction has been given. No sanctions [...] In VWS know the press officer of the bare head to scoop, just Joris but according to her is not really a top official but only one department "might work" George "was already no longer VWS?. - whether he has ever worked?
Three years later, does the sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 Kurd Hüseyin Baybasindeclaration against Joris Demmink pedophilia, unlawful detention of himself, and participation in a criminal organization. EénVandaag pays attention to this and let the broadcast a conversation between Lothar and Joris hear ( 03:24) that was broadcasted nine years earlier in Network. This time, the voice-over, however, "a senior official of the judiciary."Then it is to Joris Demmink?
Journalist Micha Kat call three weeks later with Bas Haan , who between 2000 and 2006worked for Network . This assures him that? [T] he broadcast on the HIK team did have Joris Demmink prosecutor [was]. "Even publicist Stan de Jong talks about that time an(anonymous) journalist . "He told me that his network colleagues have assured him that the senior official George, which is analyzed in the Network broadcast of the Rotterdam study HIK (Trade In Children) 1994, indeed, George D. 's. A chilling mistaken with other senior Joris there would not be. "
Yet Joris Demmink so, or not? Five days later turns to Stan . The George in the Networkbroadcast's not Demmink, know his anonymous source, "a person close to the former HIK team (Trade In Children) of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police," to tell him. "Well," oreert Stan, "apparently has EénVandaag too quickly drawn conclusions that were Jorissen same and the memory of the creators of Network which left them at this point in the lurch." Maybe, but really trustworthy come Stan and his anonymous sources not.
Lidy Nicolasen also joins in the Times with this. "There is a (re-enacted) call, where a posh voice asks for boys available for that night," writes Lidy. "The suggestion lies thick on here speaks Demmink, the voice belongs to one George." What Lidy not mention, is that it "goes high court official." According EénVandaag a And the posh of the voice is naturally irrelevant."The posh voice is that of an unknown," continues Nicolasen, "so even the George who was sentenced to community service . That happened in 1998. That George was lower, meanwhile dismissed official WVC [former Health]. "EénVandaag so was wrong according Lidy, but we do not get to hear from her. And that EénVandaag was mistaken, is understandable, but why Network before Joris Demmink had fallen into disrepute speak of a"senior official?"
Nicolasen has more strings to its bow: "Demmink was on November 1, 2002 Secretary-General, after the screening of the AIVD. The Secret Service can not miss a judicial conviction, and can never be the chief executive of Justice. Convicted Conclusive evidence?No, because the whispering campaign says Demmink also the AIVD on a string. "According to Panorama (P154) , however, believe "senior officials" make sure that "[m] inister Donner" a negative report from the AIVD and the National Police aside [would] have shifted. "No condemnation so missed. And not the AIVD, but the Minister on a string.
The sequel to Donner, Minister Hirsch Ballin, has been on parliamentary questions , note bene including Fred Teeven , current staatsscecretaris justice and security, replied that the screening of the AIVD "led to an issue of no objection." He also denies that prevented the "top official of Justice" HIK-examination. However, Panorama right, and Hirsch Ballin thus lied about the screening, he might have. Obviously lied about HIK research
"It was actually told by Berlin detectives that she had received that would search for Schadwald lead nowhere, to hear their Dutch colleagues" writes Die Welt . "" I had to explain nothing to say. More about the case Let this matter rest, "advised the Amsterdam detective friendly. And then he added this striking sentence: ". Schadwald The case is under a bad star" "Had this detective silence, so others could lie undisturbed when needed? Lying about who the "George" from the HIK study was, for example?"

The International Banking Cartel - The MOVIE.

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UK Court Report BBC 911 Feb
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