Saturday, 8 February 2014


moving a little fast ... lol

Confidence in US economy ‘crumbling’ after Snowden leaks by RT News Channel

go look my timeline now; tell me, is it the SAME as this; taken moments ago; by COMMENT to this page ... AND on twitter, if you have an account; screenshot PERFECT,if it's DIFFERENT to what you see here ... as PROOF of QUANTUM FLUX TRIX TEAM nefarious MIND MANAGEMENT of your ENTIRE REALITIES ...





You either get that MOR PROTOCOL means MOR FASTER SUCCESS, or ...

SEND AND USE THEM DUMBO! #SMTP!topic/occupythebanks/fr1n6Kmk8b0 … …!topic/occupythebanks/LK_n_yC-_vg … …!topic/occupythebanks/qxPsWO56CUM … …!topic/occupythebanks/PJfBPpzEbek … @Cynthia_418 @AllAboutHelp - See more at:

And you need to CHARGE at ALL of the SOLUTION to YOU regaining CONTROL:

Or you don't.

UPDATE seconds after posting .. it went FOR US, back to CORRECT ... @endarken NOTE :)

(about the only one that will understand .. haviing pulled a camera out of her MONITOR ;)

The White Rabbit!  
PS Send friends Hero Humans! That's how we grow!  Send:
TWEET/FACEBOOK(1): #OccupyTheBanks Operation #OTB

Notable Human Sauces used in cooking of this particular Quantum News by ... The White Rabbit! 

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