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Norway in deep, deep, deep OCCUPIED HOLYWOOD TROUBLE

Solutions  - Now as given the go-ahead, sorta ...

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Grand Theft Piracy - The Property Pirates - Anthony J Hilder

"Published on 13 Feb 2014

A rcoones video. Grand Theft Piracy is the first in the series. The Property Pirates is about the attempted theft of private land by Government and individuals with a Collectivist Agenda. Like the Pirates of old .. just stealing the property from the owners. Only now the use of bullying with Red Tags and exorbitant permit costs that can cost more than a building itself has been an effective club to keep property owners in fear and drive them off their land. The concept and reality of PRIVATE PROPERTY is something that the USA was founded upon. We don't want to lose this right! The Property Pirates is a film that should be made and Played in local releases in Theaters all over the country to combat these dire forces and gather people together to fight back. To help make this film email: anthonyjhilder@hotmail.com"

Chill ..

"A 37-year-old JPMorgan Chase & Co executive director who died from unknown causes Feb. 3 appears to be the latest in a series of untimely deaths among finance workers and business leaders around the world in the past three weeks.
Ryan Crane, a JPMorgan Chase & Co. employee who in a 14-year career at the New York-based bank rose to executive director of a unit that trades blocks of stocks for clients, died in his Stamford, Connecticut, home, according to the website of Leo P. Gallagher & Son Funeral Home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The cause of death will be determined when a toxicology report is completed in about six weeks, a spokeswoman for the state’s chief medical examiner told Bloomberg."

Problems, gets solved ... ;)

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"Posted 14 February 2014 - 02:06 PM

Banker Source On Latest JPM Death:
Crane Worked Closely With JPM London Banker- Pair "Had Uncovered Something"

February 13, 2014 - By The Doc

Wednesday we reported that another JP Morgan banker has been found dead, as the latest banker to meet a sudden and untimely demise is Ryan Henry Crane, the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group.
Today, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted that a wave of banker hits was imminent when the very first bankers began dropping last week, has dropped a bombshell regarding the death of Ryan Henry Crane.

V states that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and worked closely with Gabriel Magee of JPM’s London desk (who fell 32 stories off the JPM London roof moments after texting his g/f he would be home shortly), and that the pair had access to the exact same info.

V concludes Crane & Magee: “Knew each other and had uncovered something“.
V’s update on the latest JPMorgan banker to turn up dead is below:

One other thing he was the head at the program trading desk. Meaning he over saw all of the trades and was familiar with all of the software (trade platforms) that these trades were done in. This job works closely with guess what? That’s right , the London desk and who died last week in London? That’s right Gabriel Magee the one who jumped off the 33rd floor. What was his post? Head of IT and trade platforms, meaning he had access to info that Ryan Henry Crane would have.

They knew each other and uncovered something they were about the same age and these hits happen when two big announcements by JPM.
1. They are out of commodities, and
2. The wholesale selling of their HQ downtown to the Chinese.

“V” The Guerrilla Economist" 

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