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78 Million Humans Dead - 67% Civilians ...

SEND: 10 Heroic Battles Of World War Two

And is the human race so stupid, is it just about to allow the BANKSTERS, to create this, BUT WORSE, but SO much WORSE, again?

World War II From above HD & 3D

WWII in HD - Episode 1 "Darkness Falls"

WWII in HD (known as World War II: Lost Films in the UK) is a 10-part American documentary television miniseries that originally aired from November 15 to November 19, 2009 on the History

WWII in HD: Episode #2 - "Hard Way Back"

The Allies take on the daunting forces of the Axis, with victory far from certain. Charles Scheffel battles Rommel's forces in Tunisia and Jack Werner faces bitter combat in the northern Pacific.

WWII in HD - Episode 3 "Bloody Resolve"

The Marines assault Tarawa in one of the bloodiest battles yet waged. MacArthur island-hops and Italy's front lines claim a casualty.

WWII in HD - Episode 4 "Battle Stations"

The Allies lay plans for the invasion of France; Bert Stiles and the 8th Air Force attempt to clear the skies over Normandy, while the Pacific remains unresolved.D day arrives.

WWII in HD - Episode 5 "Day of Days"

The episode follows Charles Scheffel in Normandy and Jack Yusen in his early weeks in the navy. The Allies are bogged down in Normandy's hedgerows in the aftermath of D-Day, while on Saipan, victory turns to horror. Robert Sherrod witnesses the Battle of Saipan and the infamous mass suicides committed by the local civilians.

WWII in HD - Episode 6 "Point of No Return"

The Allies race toward Germany as American Marines battle for ground on Peleliu and across the bloody Pacific.

WWII in HD: Episode #7 - "Striking Distance"

American forces storm the Philippines while Shelby Westbrook is shot down over Europe. Jack Yusen battles the dangers of the deep when his ship is sunk after a heroic duel.

WWII in HD: Episode #8 - "Glory and Guts"
The Marine assault on Iwo Jima brings horror and glory. Pilot Bert Stiles engages a German fighter with disastrous consequences. Reinforcements arrive in Europe to push the Allies toward victory.

WWII in HD: Episode #9 - "Edge of the Abyss"

The Battle of the Bulge pushes the Allies to the brink, and Rockie Blunt barely survives the fight. Okinawa erupts as the Japanese make their last stand. Hitler is handed a final ultimatum.

WWII in HD: Episode #10 - "End Game"

With the end in sight, Okinawa is a bloody obstacle to victory. The Third Reich ends with a single gunshot. America delivers the final blow to Japan and the world celebrates the fall of the Axis.

TOP TUNE! No Bravery - James Blunt  

A song about the pointlessness of war; from British ex-Soldier James Blunt, who saw the destruction of the Serbian/Bosnian/Kosovo campaign.

no bravery james blunt by typhaine


Documentary World War 2 in Colour 

World War II in HD Colour

Of course, the net consequence of the PACIFIC campaign, was an understanding, a CLEAR understading, WE ARE NOT ALONE; the FOO FIGHTERS ... DISCLOSURE Eisenhower & ET (in the 1950's!)

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