Friday, 28 February 2014


"Anonymous prove that Vitaly Klichko is a puppet of the West and is being financed through intermediaries in Lithuania."

Operation Ukraine - 2014


Anonymous Ukraine:
Anonymous Legion: "

And if that wasn't enough, we cover HILLARY HEROIN nMOR! ... Below ... But first, a CHEERY TUNE for BANKSTER WEARY WARRIORS WORLDWIDE ...


Onto the only women absolutely barred from ever holding any sort of office whatsoever, and which, in consequence, you can guarantee, the American electorate will elect.  After all, Kennedy died to tell them about the VAST COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY our to ENSLAVE every MAN WOMAN and CHILD, and yet, they accepted an election between two of it's members, John Kerry (aka FORBES, of the AFGHANISTAN HEROIN FORTURE in association with ROTHSCHILD, strictly speaking about HISTORICAL FACTS (cough).  Nothing at all to do with anything at all to do with blowing up NEW YORK in order to get the HEROIN TRADE back up and VERY PROFITABLY RUNNING for the CRIMINALS in OFFICE almost worldwide.

HILLARY The Movie Unix Edition

Hell no; I mean for that, you'd need something like HARD EVIDENCE of an EXPLOSION in HEROIN PRODUCTION, and the real cabal give-away, PROMOTION for FAILURE.

"The UK has said a quiet goodbye to its political ambitions in Helmand, the corner of Afghanistan it once dreamt of remaking, handing over its former headquarters in the provincial capital." ...

"Although it is now at the heart of the drugs trade"
And there's just NO EVIDENCE of that.

"Sir Nick Carter appointed as chief of army  - Former commander of British forces in Afghanistan to take over from General Sir Peter Wall in September"


Friday, 28 February 2014

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