Monday, 3 February 2014

00:48 Ukraine: action contre la Deutsche Bank à Kiev #Falkvinge: #PirateBay

Holding Gottfrid Svartholm Warg in solitary confinement in a Danish prison on opaque charges is being done deliberately to act as a deterrent to others not to challenge the status quo, Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party, tells RT.

Falkvinge: Jailed Pirate Bay co-founder's case instigated to scare others

"Beloved pop star 'abused 10-year-old boy'..." nMor!

Scènes de chaos lors de manifestations en Ukraine by Le

"Beloved pop star 'abused 10-year-old boy': Alleged victim and witness have spoken to Savile police officers

Accuser claims he was abused when he was just 10, it has been reported
A witness to the alleged attack has also spoken to police officers
The famous singer has not been identified for legal reasons


PUBLISHED: 17:14, 2 February 2014 | UPDATED: 01:55, 3 February 2014

One of the world’s most famous pop stars is being investigated by police over claims that he sexually abused a ten-year-old boy.
The music legend is said to be terrified of arrest after a witness came forward to report an alleged attack on a schoolboy said to have taken place decades ago.
Detectives from Operation Yewtree, the Scotland Yard investigation set up to examine historical sex abuse claims in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, are understood to have taken a statement from the victim last year.

TOP TUNE! Asian Dub Foundation - "Burning Fence" 

Asian Dub Foundation - "Burning Fence" by naive


"Monday, February 3, 2014
Cobra Beyond the Veil

After months of preparations, time has come for me to go beyond the Veil.
The easiest way to do this is a stratospheric flight in a military plane which can reach high altitudes of nearspace.

First we tried to do this through South Africa, but, predictably, the Cabal has interfered and the company which was involved in our project has lost its license just two months before my scheduled flight. Therefore we decided to go through Russia, which is now beyond the reach of the Cabal at least concerning such projects, and we were successful.

Although I had to go through three security checks to be allowed to enter a Russian military base to fly in a MiG-29, I could feel the Soul presence of people working there, the Soul presence that most people in other countries have lost. There were about 100 people present in the base on that day to make the flight possible, from the pilot (which is among 10 top Russian military aircraft pilots), to fire brigade personnel, medicine helicopter which was on standby in case of emergency, people in control tower… It was not a small endeavor.

When you cross the Veil boundary, 8.6 miles above the surface, you are suddenly embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate your energy field. Your physical body feels energized and you feel healthier than you have felt for a very long time.

There are absolutely no reptilians, no etheric scalar wave technology, no Archons, no negativity, nothing. No Matrix. Just absolute purity.

The altitude increases. Although you fly almost twice as fast as the speed of sound, you feel no movement. Everything is peaceful and still. "

The White Rabbit!  
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