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Sunday, 10 February 2013

#911TRUTH 911 Hijackers & Saudi Arabian #INTELLIGENCE


NOTE; Wayne Madsen is clearly unaware of the TWO videos we have ON THIS SITE, showing NO PLANE HIT PENTAGON (that would be the FBI TAPE you ALL believe was NEVER RELEASED), along with the VIDEO of the PLANE you ALL think HIT the Pentagon, FLYING RIGHT OVER IT, at ONE MINUTE past the MISSILE HIT (for effect only, the EXPLOSIVES INSIDE THE BUILDING, took out the ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT; no chances, no chances AT ALL for error, when you have USD 2.2 TRILLION in THEFT to COVER UP! ;) (see below for ALL)

"A former pilot who had admitting to working for the CIA in the Iran Contra affair and had written several books investigating the events of 9-11, was found dead along with his children in what many are calling a Black Operations hit, including former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen. In an interview with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles Mr. Madsen says the author was working on his fourth book which he said would expose information that would be a bombshell and blow 9-11 wide open. The author had been told that the key to solving 9-11 was at the “Boneyard” (the Marana Air Field) in the US state of Arizona."

Wayne Madsen

The events of 9-11 continue to be the subject of intense investigation and Mr. Madsen reveals that he hadtalked to people who worked for the CIA, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and they had all pleaded to testify about what they knew to the 9-11 Commission, but they were not allowed to. Why?

This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mr. Wayne Madsen, he is the editor of the Wayne Madsen Report in Washington DC. This is part 4 of an interview in progress. You can find the previous and following parts of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

Madsen: What I was told is that two of his old colleges from the Iran Contra days had come to Phil Marshall and said you need to look down at the Marana Air Field. That is going to help you solve the case of 9-11. So he got this from people on the inside.

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- See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/11/911truth-missile-plane-flew-over.html

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