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#LAW US #Courts Close in on #Saudi Side 911 Plot #911TRUTH

"Happy New Year from Reinvestigate 911.

1. US Courts Close in on Saudi side of the 911 plot.

2. New 911 Play to open in London.

3. Petition takes off for a permanent Truth Commission in the UK.

4. New TV Channel The People's Voice Screens Shows by Ken O'Keefe, RADTV.

5. BBC journalism: worst example to date.

6. Planning meeting for Reinvestigate 911 in 2014 London Mon Jan 20"

We were just telling you!

"Friday, 24 January 2014

#WHISTLEBLOWER '9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA' #SAUDI #MOSSAD #BTC

What, you didn't know the German Intel Agencies nailed GEORGE BUSH
as FULLY complicit
? And of course, the CIA issued the Hijackers with
in the full knowledge they were TERRORISTS; and then HID
that fact from FBI
? <<Named,  right there, by the HEAD of FBI Counter-Terrorism
before 911 - Richard Clarke; HERO (now he's OUTED them RITE there!).

Onwards, we forgot so few know some of the very best evidence, like

US Consulate Whistleblower: 
'9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA'


In Detail!


1. US Courts Close in on Saudi Side of the 911 Plot.US courts have revived a class action suit which accuses Saudi Arabia of helping to organise the 911 attacks. This view has been put publicly by ex-Senator Bob Graham who oversaw the original US Congressional 911 investigation. Multiple leaks confirm that the section of Graham's report that was redacted by the White House came to the conclusion that Saudi agents helped to organise the people named as 911 hijackers. After more than 10 years in the job the head of Saudi intelligence resigned days before the 911 attacks, while the Bush White House organised the evacuation of key Saudis from the US including Prince Bandar, known as Bander Bush for his close Washington links.

Led by Graham, US politicians, judges and sections of the media have broken ranks. The official story - that Al Qaeda carried out 911 with no help from any government - now looks increasingly unsupportable.

With the Obama White House and Saudis now at odds in the Middle East it seems more than a coincidence that US courts have restarted an action against the Saudis alleging complicity in the attacks. However most 911 sceptics think that the Saudis played a minor role, helping to create an evidence trail to support the official story.

911 sceptics feel confirmed by another new Middle East development: Israel and Saudi Arabia working together openly. Reports in Washington claim the powerful US Israel lobby AIPAC has been lobbying Congress NOT to reopen the 911 case. This is at odds with the official line that Saudi Arabia and Israel are enemies, but no surprise to 911 sceptics who point out that the main beneficiaries of 911 were not Al Qaeda or even Saudi Arabia but Israel, the Bush White House, the CIA and the US military.


2. New 911 Play to open in London.A play "We MacBeth" covers the JFK Assasination Watergate and 9/11. The play is written by a Washington insider under an assumed name and presents the theory that the US has in effect been ruled by a hidden junta at least since the assassination of President John Kennedy. Last year it was confirmed that Kennedy's brother Robert, himself assassinated a few years later, always thought that his brother died as the result of a conspiracy.

Theatro Technis, in Camden, North London, 26 Crowndale road, NW1 1TT

Performance Dates:
14th January to 2nd February. Evening shows at 7:30pm from Tuesday-Sunday. Matinee shows on Sunday at 5:00pm. No Monday show.

Tickets: Standard: £10.00; Concession: £8.00. Go Online for tickets or call 020 7387 6617

Email :


3. Petition takes off for a permanent Truth Commission in the UK.

This initiative follows the Hillsbrough cover-up which lasted over 20 years. The massive organised perjury by police was reportedly organised by a firm of solicitors and was finally exposed by an investigation that contained local people and no judges. The petition organisers are also concerned about child abduction by elite rings of child molesters, briefly exposed during the Jimmy Savile scandal last year.

The petition asking the Prime Minister to set up a truth commission is clearly inadequate to the scale of the problem, but at least it focuses attention on a massive weakness in the system. In the culture of the ruling elite truth is often a secondary consideration at best. The plan has the support of eminent lawyer Michael Mansfield.


4. New TV Channel The People's Voice Screens Shows by RADTV.www. thepeoplesvoice .tv

Fledgling TV channel The People's Voice has been broadcasting since November, but as an alternative network, funded by supporters, it is still a little disorganised. You can go to their website to see whatever is going out live, but the schedules are hard to find. This channel, led by the charismatic and maverick activist David Icke, is the real deal when it comes to independent reporting of issues like false falg terrorism and elite child abuse that the one percent wants to go away.

Middle East campaigner and ex-US Marine Ken O'Keefe, one of the few people to arrest an Israeli soldier (when his boat was attacked on the High seas by Isreali comandos), has a daily hard hitting news show.

RADTV the youtube programme makers are supplying a weekly half hour show of current affairs background called Take 2.


5. BBC 911 journalism: worst example to date."In the US, the truther movement has resisted numerous official, scientific and journalist accounts of what happened that morning."

"backed up by plenty of other experts, including those at Popular Mechanics who published a special report called Debunking the 9/11 Myths".

No-one who trusts the BBC to bring them relevant information would know just how misleading these statements are. But that's not the worst: in a clear breach of BBC editorial standards the writer fails to supply any references at all for the 911 Truthers she is attacking, not even a web site address, while asserting that the highly partisan journalism of the Hearst published Popular Mechanics is established science.

Typically the article fails to raise any specific scientific arguments either way, and instead spouts pseudo-psychology discussing why Canadians are sceptical of statements from Washington (and the BBC), with the implication that something should be done about this supposed problem.

When writing to complain to the BBC make sure to get a complaint reference number, or they will not even count it as a complaint.


6. Planning meeting for Reinvestigate 911 in 2014 London Mon Jan 20If you would like to contribute to the campaign please try to get to the next meeting. For details please contact Fran at or Noel at "

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