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BREAKING UPDATE (appears at bottom; STUART SYVERT now OUT of JAIL!


THE interview of the past year; ANDREA DAVISON (full written submission here); the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT CRIMINAL CRIME MAFIA *EXPOSED*; and this, is an ex-MI6 agent, who knows the WHO is WHO of the DARKEST ELEMENTS that STALK and RAPE their way around the BRITISH ISLES, and even further afield.   No crime TOO HENIOUS; the selling (backdoor) of Conventional Arms, BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, NERVE AGENTS, and it's inter-relationship with ILLEGAL NARCOTICS< and of course, PAEDOPHILIA.  I cannot recommend this interview highly enough for ANYONE that wants to understand HOW the CABAL operate, GLOBALLY! ;)

‘Sonia Poulton interviews ex British Intelligence Agent Andrea Davison. Andrea exposes drugs, paedophilia and arms deals with the British Establishment.’

Please follow Andrea Davison on twitter via @BeforeTheStars  And DO read her ENTIRE STATEMENT about the CHEMICAL WEAPONS, DRUGS and PAEDOPHILIA connections, including the DATES, TIMES and PLACES, right here, on Operation Occupy The Banks:

Monday, 15 July 2013

Onwards, Paedo-dog-hunt-rape-snuffers dealt with for a post or two, onto the BANKSTER that PROFIT and CREATE these situations, so THEY MAINTAIN themselves, at YOUR expense! ;)

Excellent interview, from a site we haven't come across before, but already, we're fans ...

EXTRACTED part only

"My Interview with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes January 3, 2014
Dear Karen,
I hope you had a restful and happy New Year. I thought out my questions to you. I done my best to proof read and think the questions through. I hope my questions are good and intelligent to you. I know you will give me good answers.
Here are my questions to you:

1. How will the Federal Reserve Bank End?
Will it be by the printing presses devaluing the dollar bailing out the foreign bank and their shareholders known as the zombie bankers to the point the dollar is worthless since the US economy has no productivity or hard assets to back it up the Federal Reserve Note?
Will it be when the Federal Reserve Bank is exposed as having no gold on deposit because many countries like Germany who have asked for their gold back are denied the request and no allowed access to even inspecting their own gold.
Will it be a combination of external and internal forces, will it be a cascade of events exposing the Fed.
karenhudesKaren Hudes: The Federal Reserve Notes are not going to maintain their value against gold.  Already the BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are no longer using dollars to finance the trade among themselves, using offsets and gold.  I have informed the member countries of the Bretton Woods institutions that the authorized signatory to the Global Collateral Account has agreed to the issuance of national currencies backed by the gold in the collateral account.  The Jesuits are trying to prevent this from happening, but a very accurate power transition model is predicting that the Jesuits will lose on this.  
2. I know you talk about the “Rule of Law” when the Federal Reserve is put out of business bringing back a coherent and sane monetary policy.  Will this “rule of law” extend to enforcing “Anti Trust laws” breaking up the other corporate monopolies that are a threat to the free market economy.  Obamacare, The Dodd Frank Banking Bill and many other laws violate Anti Trust laws. Do you think Anti Trust laws need to be enforced to bring necessary reforms starting with breaking up the monopoly called the Federal Reserve Bank?
Karen Hudes:I am recommending that the necessary reforms will be sequenced strategically so that corruption is not given a chance to come back.  This would mean first of all that information flows and that whistle blowers are rewarded and not punished.  For this to happen, the mainstream media cannot continue to be owned and controlled by a central, corrupt conglomerate.  The world needs to understand its real history so that the Jesuits and Catholic church are completely exposed and cleansed.  Only once this has happened will it be possible to get at the root of the problems in the anti trust laws, monetary laws, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Dodd Frank, etc.
3. Do you think we need Corporate Reforms starting by repealing laws passed back in the late 1800s and early 1900s where a Corporation can only have a charter when it serves the Public Interest? The Charter only last a period of time. When a Corporate Charter is about to expire. The charter was under review to be extended or denied. John D. Rockefeller lobbied State governments as well as the Federal Government to have the Corporate laws passed about how Corporations are to be Chartered. What kind of corporate reforms do you want implemented so the Robber Barons never become too powerful once again making them subject to the “ Rule of Law” instead of being above the law.
Karen Hudes: There are many other issues involved, such as the licensing of the legal and accounting professions.  The public needs to be in charge of these professions and discipline errant lawyers and accountants.  Without this, there can be no meaningful corporate law reforms.
4. I know you talked about the State Legislatures having a constitutional convention. I have concerns about this con-con because certain nefarious individuals might repeal the Bill of Rights and our Constitution trying to bring in another form of government. Some people have another constitution abolishing the 50 states replacing them with 10 regional governments.
Are you aware of this plan and the corrupt officials who will try to seize the opportunity to abolish our republican form of government the US constitution gives us?
What safeguards will be in place to block an effort?
Will the Con-Con be transparent with open feed on the internet, CSPAN and open to the public?
Will the Con-Con consist of not only ending the Federal Reserve Bank? Also dissolving the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and restoring the original republic of these united States of america government prior to 1871 when the District of Columbia was created?
Karen Hudes: The Bill of Rights and the First Constitution have been replaced by a second, bogus Constitution.  (See document about the Constitutional Crisis) The people in Iceland managed their Constitutional Convention properly, and so can the American people.  Under current circumstances, there is no other choice if we want our first Constitution back.  The safeguard is always an informed public.  As I mentioned, the mainstream media needs to be totally discredited for its role in the cover up of corruption.
5.  Pope Francis was a Jesuit. You talk about the Jesuits being responsible working behind the scenes causing havoc around the world. What would Pope Francis role be once these banking reforms are implemented?
Karen Hudes: You have not mentioned the real culprit behind the scenes, Adolfo Nicolas, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, also known as the “Black Pope.”  Continues. 
And is  a MUST READ!  ... Onwards ... We went digging, for a street level view ... 

With 435 views, and no comments, we thought, this guys, likely first out of the pack ;)


TOP TUNE! Jun Tzu - Fire In The Booth ;) V heh!!  


Jesuit Order & the Black Pope rule the world. Lars Rutger.


Jorge Mario Bergoglio Is the Last Pope! Jesuit Order of the Black Pope 2013 ( Full Movie )

Of course, we've been onto the JESUITS, all along:

#OpCLEANSWEEP IOR: Popey Pope! Stopping Agenda21 @ the ICC DEMAND IT HUMAN!

- See more at:

And for the DEEP HOLE Rabbit ... you need the DEEP BACKGROUNDER ...

History of the Catholic Jesuit Order



Quantum Correction 911 COUP!

Sounds like someone, MUST have been IN on THINGS ;) Dontchaknow ???
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