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#UFO CABAL ATTACK ? + #FILM: The Thing from Another World HELL! nMOR! #WOR

note; page a bit disorganised (it was a holding page, for content, but hey, we need this first vid out, and as their a CLASSIC SCI-FI on this page, we thought, 'Why not' ;) 

Our ORION the redoubtable Cynthia ( ) stated to us upon directly being asked, that this was their forces, with relatively equally matched weaponry, sorting out an infection of the NAZI  DARK CABAL high tech forces, for us: we report, you decide!


We jess you not ... this, is allegedly what's going on, for HOURS, iin this footage.  We'd simply love ANYONE who PERSONALLY WITNESSED this, or even better, FILMED IT, to drop a comment in the comments sectionn, as to where more footage of this certainly spectacular event, resides.

"This occurred on 5/21/2011 in Ft. Worth, TX. THIS WAS FOR OUR OWN PROTECTION AGAINST OUR SO CALLED LEADERS AND THEIR BOSSES! As usual, this was not covered on the mainstream media.
At 1:07 until 1:33 is footage of blown transformers in Portugal. You can see the difference. There's smoke, city lights go on and off, even sounds of explostions, and no ufos hovering."

The 24 Most Important Selfies Of 2013 by BuzzFeedVideo lol


Scientist at an Arctic research station discover a spacecraft buried in the ice. Upon closer examination, they discover the frozen pilot. All hell breaks loose when they take him back to their station and he is accidentally thawed out!

The Thing from Another World by Craze Digital Movies


Admit it YOU LOVE 'EM u KID!

Unforgettable Classic Cartoons Unforgettable Classic Cartoons booms onto your TV with this rare collection of some of the most treasured classic cartoons in history. Now your kids can enjoy the same classics you did as a kid.

Unforgettable Classic Cartoons by Craze Digital Movies

1. Mascarade Holiday,
2. The Headless Horseman,
3. Balloon Land,
5. Techno-Cracked,
6. Soda Squirt,
7. Spooks,
8. Laughing Gas,
9. Circus,
10. Stormy Seas,
11. Coo Coo The Magician,
12. School Days,
13. The Goal Rush,
14. Jack Frost.

Fun Little Movies - Popcorn Pranks

Fun Little Movies - Popcorn Pranks by Craze Digital Movies

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