Sunday, 5 January 2014


Yes, yesterday is 5 years since bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satosi Nakamoto!  bitcoin is a next Gold?   While gold price keeps dropping, bitcoin finally exceeded the price of gold:

 According to Coindesk Survey, 56% of Bitcoiners Believe the bitcoin Price Will Reach $10,000 in 2014! the bitcoin community largely thinks it will soar way higher than this over the next 12 months.

A whopping 56% of the 5,500 people polled so far said they believe the price will reach $10,000 this year. 

Back in early December, a report from Wall Street analysts Gil Luria and Aron Turner predicted that the price of bitcoin could increase to almost $100,000. 

Where we are now: 

We are in the beginning of the stage called Exponential Growth. The more people use the new bitcoin technology the more useful it gets for everyone involved. This effect accelerates the adoption. With crypto currencies we're at the beginning of this stage.

The benefits of crypto currencies increase as more people have wallets and more merchants accept it! You could be among the first pioneers who take advantage and reap all the benefits and profits!

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Secure your spot for 2014! This is going to be a great year for Bitcoin, many people project 10 fold price increase or more!"

C2CSI · Abel Danger 12-23-2013 Bullingdon Hotel Triage

#1797: Marine Links MI-3 Innholders to Bullingdon Hotel Triage, Brilliant Helicopter Crash

Plum City -- ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linkedthe MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to a hotel-triage honeypot protection racket apparently structured for Bullingdon Club alumnus Sir Ewen Fergusson by Serco and its Base One Technologies protégé and the helicopter crash which killed the head of the Brilliant Hotel Group Kok Lam after his wife Lau Sheung-wan, declined to join the flight at the last minute.

McConnell claims MI-3 Innholders and Bullingdon Club alumni use Serco (formerly RCA GB 1928) and Base One Technologies (1994) honeypot patent-pool devices to entrap hotel guests and staff, extort support for phony triage services at nearby crime scenes and kill independents such as Lok Lam who threaten the MI-3 global monopoly over 4 or 5 star hotel supply chains.

McConnell notes that the women-owned Base One (Arabic al-Qaeda!) provides internal and external penetration testing of mission-critical systems to Serco's MI-3 Innholders clients and alleges Base One is selling honey-pot backdoors into the Bullingdon hotel-triage protection racket.

Cases in Serco (formerly RCA GB) honeypot point:

Royal Hawaiian Hotel and the triage of Pearl Harbor
Lawrence Hotel and the triage of JFK
Hôtel Ritz Paris and the triage of Princess Di
Sheraton Hotel and the 9/11/2001 triage on the Pentagon Lawn
Edgeware Road Hilton Hotel and the 7/7 triage of Mohammad Sidique Khan
Hotel Inter-Continental Kabul and the triage of Seal Team 6
Charlesmark Hotel and the triage at the Boston Marathon
Tibesti Hotel and the 9/11/2012 triage of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi
Residence Inn (Marriott) and the triage of Aaron Alexis in the Navy Yard
Holiday Inn Glasgow and the triage of police helicopter crash on Clutha pub
Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux and the triage of Kok Lam's Brilliant helicopter

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