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We have been telling Ewe:
Dutch Politician's response to new alligations in Pedo Demmink case.

"VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY USES *RUTHLESS* MEANS - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/08/vast-global-covert-criminal-conspiracy.html7E.dpuf

"Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”.

The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society.

Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists. However, Operation Tiberius is the second secret police report revealed by The Independent in the last six months to highlight the possible issue."

Were we RITE?

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Monday, 26 August 2013
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Were we RITE?

"US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': ReportBy ANI | ANI – Wed 30 Jan, 2013
- See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=VAST+COVERT#sthash.FSM77w7E.dpuf"
"care.data is going to begin very soon, and it will affect every man, woman and child in England and their confidential medical records.

All households in England will shortly receive a junk mail leaflet through their letterbox about this programme, entitled

"Better information means better care" .

This leaflet is not about sharing your medical information with doctors, nurses and other health professionals outside of your GP surgery.

It's not about the ways in which your GP shares information about you as part of providing essential medical care.

It's not about ensuring that hospital specialists have the information that they need when you are referred to see them.

And it's not about submitting information so that GP surgeries and hospitals are paid appropriately for the care that they provide.

This leaflet is about care.data .

Not that you'd know, since "care.data" is never mentioned in the leaflet."


Slave: Open your Mouth and show teeth for Masta - BIG PHARAMA; BIG BIZ; and the MILITTARY JUNTA NAZI NSA SLAVE CAMP SYSTEM Magik People (and their supporters, the NAZI) just can't wait to get YOU 'freely' BEGGING for ENTRY into: CAMP FEMA.

They're for SLAVES.

Corporate Whores to be SOLD as MEAT - your KIDS; highest Global Elitist; and if they're lucky, not for snuff and slaughter; just for a good REGULAR RAPING; by the Big Man on SKY.


If but only if, they're lucky to get the 'love'.
"One World of Nations
20 January 2014

America faces a reality check of Global Leadership. Empires cost. They hemorrhage money.

So, unless you can wring ever more money from conquered, or deceived territories, maintaining them will lead to insolvency - Yours!
All Empires End - Badly!

Chinese Dynasty funds were sequestered as false loans and redemption undertakings have been ruthlessly reneged on. Chinese Gold has disappeared into the labyrinths of the bogus Shyster Cabal operation encircling America and the world. A self-interest, inwardly focused Military Industrial hierarchy has developed over half a century accustomed to taking at will, as the pampered Brats they are, and throwing Wobblers at the mere hint of budget constraints. 

This ever burgeoning Military Complex and its Contractor Empire, is draining America’s finances, creating needless Global wars, and unleashing hoards of uncontrolled, low IQ Contractors with weapons, effecting genocide, and crippling domestic US industries. A total Lose / Lose for America. That is also deeply impacting on current Global Private Placements, RV dialog and trust. America is a Bust Flush. All spent out. But with its hand out again. No one will play, or pay. Truth is buried under propaganda lies. 

We do understand how sensitive this Dinar issue is for many genuine, well-meaning parties, who mainly invested innocently in good faith for fabulous projected returns. But truth is key to help you plan in reality, not naïve Guru empty promises. Many Dinarians both want to stabilize their families, and contribute towards society as a magnanimous gesture, but funded by who? Grandiose gestures can’t be based on hype. America alone cannot do it from On Balance Sheet funds. The Treasury has no money and they have only just driven through deal for c$1T to save Americas own Budget shortfall. 

It’s not Won’t do, it’s Can’t do. No money exists without a major reset. Even then - Who pays?

The sheer scale of deeply flawed wrong reporting by Guru site’s and Bible belt Bloggers, is building many desperate peoples hopes and false feeding cruel delusions, which become more shattered dreams when they keep on failing to materialize. Why repeat read so many false dawns and even worse quote them? It’s dysfunctional thinking. 

The key problem deeply affecting this is the sheer scale of colossal Dinar overprinting which took place. $60T plus printed when $5T is sufficient. What a mess. Fools dream and fantasize. How do the Military explain such vast Counterfeit holdings apart from Bribery rewards as War Loot from their disgusting, Illegal War, which destroyed a nation and has murdered over a million + Souls now for their shameless and immoral complicity? A million + dead, more hate! But don’t tell it this way in the brainwashed Disneyland Republic. We are “Special”. Dumbing down created this. The world looks on and in, part amused at the antics of the 21 st century versions of Beverly Hillbillies, and part concerned at the dereliction of duty of joint community citizens of planet earth.

In the sprawling mass of communities, beyond the well-meaning Dinar speculators, are a radical community of Guru or Tribute following groups, delusional Vulture packs who undertook small time or zero research as non-diligent investors, many weaned on Welfare hand-outs, and Ponzi economy money, who are so deluded many think it’s their right to cash in and go on Dinars. The “We are Special” headbanger primate species. Fixated on their fast Buck which for many is now c15 years in the making. And still they don’t get it. We need this money we constantly hear. Well so do 6 Billion other humans on this planet in even greater need. Who pays? What for?

This is in danger of becoming another South Sea Bubble scam. Parties with the mental IQ of a vegetable sit counting on “Their blessings” as their God given right to become Multimillionaires for a few Bucks. There is not enough On Balance Sheet money in the world to cash them out. Nor can Iraq underpin it. Yet somewhere, in the understandable and desperate circumstances of many, is their blinkered belief that they are Special, having been fed this Slave stupefying propaganda for 50 years, and it’s their right. Oh what a tangled web. And ever more Guru or Tribute / Auxiliary sites regurgitate meaningless excreta weekly. All diatribe with no substance. Head bangers."

"VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY USES *RUTHLESS* MEANS - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/08/vast-global-covert-criminal-conspiracy.html7E.dpuf

Oh, rumour ...

"Lord McAlpine, the former UK Conservative Party deputy chairman has died, his family has announced.

The 71-year-old, who was an aide to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, died last night in Italy, his family said.

Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted his thoughts were with his family, adding he was a "dedicated supporter of Margaret Thatcher and the Tory party".

As well as a politician, the peer was an art collector, property developer, author and fundraiser.

He was also part of the McAlpine construction dynasty.

Founded by his grandfather, Sir Robert, the firm is one of the biggest builders in the UK, responsible for the London 2012 Olympic stadium among many other projects.

He was made a director of the family firm at 21, five years after dropping out of top public school Stowe with three O-levels.

In a colourful career, Lord McAlpine was at times a property developer, antiques expert, ornithologist, and bed and breakfast proprietor.

But his most significant role was as Margaret Thatcher's political soulmate. ...

He became one of her closest advisers and Conservative Party treasurer throughout her period in office, from 1979 to 1990."

It's TRUE!

"VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY USES *RUTHLESS* MEANS - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/08/vast-global-covert-criminal-conspiracy.html7E.dpuf

Maybe maybe: MOR PAEDOWOR?  C EYE A - SNUFF STUFF ?  You'd never know ...

"VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY USES *RUTHLESS* MEANS - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/08/vast-global-covert-criminal-conspiracy.html7E.dpuf



"VAST GLOBAL COVERT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY USES *RUTHLESS* MEANS - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/08/vast-global-covert-criminal-conspiracy.html7E.dpuf 

:) ;) ;) BETTER COME FORWARDS **SAFETLY** to the AUTHORITIES RIGHT NOW if you're a VICTIM RITE!  Don't be a DUMBO and DIE on us!


"Tiberius (/tˈbɪəriəs/; Latin: Tiberius Caesar Divi Augusti filius Augustus;[1][2] 16 November 42 BC – 16 March 37 AD) was Roman Emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD. BornTiberius Claudius Nero, a Claudian, Tiberius was the son of Tiberius Claudius Nero andLivia Drusilla. His mother divorced Nero and married Augustus in 39 BC, making him astep-son of Octavian.

Tiberius would later marry Augustus' daughter Julia the Elder (from his marriage toScribonia) and even later be adopted by Augustus, by which act he officially became aJulian, bearing the name Tiberius Julius Caesar. The subsequent emperors after Tiberius would continue this blended dynasty of both families for the next forty years; historians have named it the Julio-Claudian dynasty. In relations to the other emperors of this dynasty, Tiberius was the stepson of Augustus, grand-uncle of Caligula, paternal uncle of Claudius, and great-grand uncle of Nero.

Tiberius was one of Rome's greatest generals, conquering Pannonia, Dalmatia, Raetia, and temporarily Germania; laying the foundations for the northern frontier. But he came to be remembered as a dark, reclusive, and sombre ruler who never really desired to be emperor; Pliny the Elder called him tristissimus hominum, "the gloomiest of men."[3]

After the death of Tiberius’ son Drusus Julius Caesar in 23, he became more reclusive and aloof. In 26, against better judgement, Tiberius exiled himself from Rome and left administration largely in the hands of his unscrupulous Praetorian Prefects Lucius Aelius Sejanus and Quintus Naevius Sutorius Macro. Caligula, Tiberius' grand-nephew and adopted grandson, succeeded the emperor upon his death.[4]"

"100-250 corrupt Scotland Yard 'Untouchables


Not a fantastical figure. An accurate one. Given by Sir Paul Condon ten years ago. So how much further has the rot set in now?

Peter Power's flying squad eh?


Untouchables: dirty cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard

Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn Cutting Edge, 544pp, £18.99

ISBN 1903813042

In December 1997, Sir Paul Condon, then commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, addressed a House of Commons committee on the scale of corruption in his force. "If you want a percentage figure on it," Condon said, "I would hope and believe it is contained somewhere between 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent. There is a spurious precision to that, but I would say somewhere between 100 officers and 250 officers would be the range in which we are operating."

At roughly the same time, an internal report on police corruption across the country was leaked to the press and it put the matter in even starker terms, saying that the problem was so "pervasive", it could have reached what was called Level Two, defined as "the situation which occurs in some third world countries".................


http://utangente.free.fr/2003/media2003.pdf "


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