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Having just spent the monring exlaining rather a lot about NSA, NSA whistleblowers, and REAL NSA WHISTLEBLOWER (TICE, BINNEY; and of course, the REALLY REAL one, the one they - the MSM - will NEVER, EVER TELL YOU ABOUT; William PAWELEC ;)  Note, this page includes:

Clinton Named As Longtime CIA Spook

But first ...

Snowden’s secret

"Fifty years before NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden captured the world’s attention, the phrase “Snowden’s secret” was already becoming a talisman of American literature and popular culture.
Yet today, as a real-life Snowden leaks secrets right and left, the media has failed to notice that we’ve heard the phrase “Snowden’s secret” before. Incredible as it seems, “Snowden’s secret” is the culminating revelation of one of the masterpieces of American literature: Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22, first published in 1961.

Catch22It’s almost as if the deep background to “Snowden’s secret” is being kept secret.
Catch-22 was the greatest antiwar novel of the 1960s – a darkly hilarious marriage of the sensibilities of Mark Twain and Louis-Ferdinand Céline. The story follows the adventures of Yossarian, an American bombardier nearly driven mad by the horrors of World War II and the military-industrial-intelligence bureaucracy.

The themes and events of the novel are tied together by oblique references to “Snowden’s secret.” The brooding, half-crazy Yossarian carries Snowden’s awful secret around in his breast, but it isn’t until the end of the novel that the reader learns what it is. It turns out that Snowden was a member of Yossarian’s bomber crew who was killed in action by shrapnel. Snowden died a terrible death in Yossarian’s arms, his entrails spilling horribly out of his belly.

At the book’s climax, Yossarian, deeply traumatized by Snowden’s awful death, finally explains Snowden’s secret to the reader: “Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret. Drop him out a window, and he’ll fall. Set fire to him and he’ll burn. Bury him and he’ll rot, like other kinds of garbage. The spirit gone, man is garbage. That was Snowden’s secret. Ripeness was all.”
Pondering “Snowden’s secret” inspires Yossarian to act heroically – by deserting from the US military and thereby refusing to betray his friends to an insane, out-of-control bureaucracy. Yossarian’s courageous act of desertion, inspired by the spilled guts of Snowden, ends the novel on an upbeat note of endless possibility.

Half a century after the publication of Catch-22, a real-life Snowden heroically deserts from the US military (NSA branch), refuses to betray his fellow citizens to an insane, out-of-control bureaucracy, and “spills his guts” to the media. Only this time, there isn’t just one “Snowden’s secret” – there are thousands!

Is this merely a case of life imitating art?

Jimmy Walter, the visionary philanthropist who was driven out of the United States for supporting the 9/11 truth movement, doesn’t believe in coincidences. Like Naomi Wolf, Kevin Ryan, and Webster Tarpley, Walter suspects that “Operation Snowden” may be some sort of inside job.
Here is Jimmy Walter’s interpretation of the uncanny parallels between “Snowden’s secret” in Catch-22, and Snowden’s secrets today: .."  Continues.

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Over to HERO STEW WEBB, for the LOWTIME, on the POND-SCUM ;)

"Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Stew Webb
Clinton Named As Longtime CIA Spook
Began Spying in College

By Stew Webb

A private researcher claims to have found “the smoking gun” linking President Bill Clinton to the CIA as a long-term operative.
The ties were obvious in the 1980′s when the agency used an airstrip in western Arkansas as part of a money laundering- drugs for money scam and continue today through Clinton appointments.



New information adduced by investigator Stew Webb points to the likelihood that Bill Clinton has been a deep cover CIA agent since his days at Georgetown University.
Ivy League schools are well known as a recruiting ground for the CIA.

The man Clinton defeated for the president, George H.W. Bush, an alumnus of Yale, is widely believed to have been recruited as an undergraduate.

CIA agents are sworn to place their loyalty to the agency above anything else.
They are also expected to lie about their association with “the Company” as it is called, whenever asked-including under oath.

Of course, the CIA has its unique ways to enforce discipline.
With a budget secret from the taxpayers and its unknown (legal and illegal) businesses around the world, its total income is estimated at $35 billion per year.

One of the businesses attributed to the CIA by many researchers is drug and gun smuggling. The small airport at Mena, Arkansas, has long been known as a transshipment pint used by the CIA.
Webb estimates that some 36 billion in drugs have gone through the Mena airport during the years 1981 to 1988. (Iran/Contra) Clinton was governor of Arkansas during the years 1979-81 and 1983-92.
The controlled press barely batted an eye when investigators revealed Bill Clinton organized protests against the Vietnam War in Europe and traveled behind the Iron Curtain as a Rhodes scholar in the 1960′s.

The SPOTLIGHT has learned Clinton’s trips were more than youthful adventure. Clinton was working for the CIA, according to Webb. According to sources within the CIA, Clinton was used by the agency to infiltrate protest groups and report on their activities. In addition, Clinton used his cover as a Rhodes scholar to view the Khrushchev memoirs, then he stole documents for “the Company”, Webb said.


According to sources, Clinton was answering to London bureau chief Cord Meyer when he took the Khrushchev documents. Contacted in Washington recently, Meyer denied Clinton was working for the agency (CIA).

Webb said his sources indicate former Time editor and Council on Foreign Relations mouthpiece Strobe Talbott, international business tycoon Ira Magaziner and a third Ivy League grad. at Oxford all started careers with the CIA as they were schooled in England.

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