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Each day we will give you more on the big picture as it unfolds worldwide. Its becoming open season on some of them now.

Pentagon Generals Ready to Arrest Obama After CIA Columbia Obama Trial

Wednesday   January 1, 2014


by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

9/11 FALSE FLAG 'black op' attacks on New York City and the Pentagon

UNITED States of America  -   It can now be reported that a major contingent of U.S. Senators and Congressmen are demanding that the Obama Administration, along with U.S. Senate and U.S. House Intelligence Chairmen, Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, and Congressman Mike Rogers, R-MI, immediately declassify evidence linking Saudi and Israeli intelligence to the 9/11 FALSE FLAG black op attack on the United States.

The evidence gathered by former U.S. CIA assets Viktor Bout and Dimitri Khalezov, totally fingers year 2000 illegal occupant, Nazi "Skull and Bones" traitor George W. BushFRAUD, Nazi alleged Vice pResident Richard Cheney, Saudi intelligence official Fahad al Thumairy and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in directly planning and executing 9/11.

Note: Fahad al Thumairy's role in the 9/11 TREASON was to script U.S. CIA asset and U.S. government employee Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman as the 9/11-Lee Harvey Oswald patsy.

Reference: Bin Laden aka Tim Osman consistently denied any role in 9/11 up to his death in December of 2001 and consistently stated that 9/11 was a result of both Saudi and Israeli Intelligence penetration of the U.S. government.

P.S. It is important to note the HIGH TREASON crimes of George W. BushFRAUD are immense.

Note: Bush was assisted by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry 'Hank' Paulson, who himself was assisted by former Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.


P.P.S. At this hour, elements of the world financial settlements continue the illegal use by worldwide criminal banks (Deutsche Bank and Bank of America) in a massive foreign currency Bitcoin Ponzi scheme designed to inflate the value of the euro currency and deflate the value of the Japanese yen as to support the worthless euro-based derivatives of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase.

Note: This Ponzi Scheme is driving South Korea and China into a depression.

The word for the day is that "end of the year amortization leads to financial derivative decapitation".

P.P.P.S. We can now divulge that Bush Crime Family partner, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been bribing top major U.S. journalists to cover up the treasonous crimes in Benghazi that Hillary is totally guilty of committing.

Hillary is using former Clinton now Obama Chief of Staff John Podesta as a blackmailer and a bagman to coordinate pay offs to the U.S. media.

Reference: CNN, FOX News, Washington Post and the New York Times.

Item: This is the same John Podesta that coordinated the Hillary Clinton-Israeli Mossad anti-Catholic, anti-Caroline Kennedy U.S. media smear when Caroline Kenned sought to be New York U.S. Senator after Hillary had become Secretary of State in 2009.

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, which will include more updates on 9/11, including the role of a secret NSA outpost located in South Africa known as Executive Action.

In closing I want to report that I recently had a friendly conversation with Ambassador Leo Wanta concerning Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol implementation process and his correspondence with U.S. Senators.

It is important to remember that Wanta has been blackmailed and physically threatened for years with the most grievious crime being the murder of his grandson by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

Wanta and I wished each other a Happy New Year with eternal faith that there is a God who will pass judgment on those that are good against those that are evil.




"Recent revelations published on the Press TV website, the New York Post and Veterans Today have changed history.
The story was simple, two American congressional representatives were allowed to read the Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, this time including the areas President Bush had ordered removed. Both congressmen clearly state that the redacted pages of the report place full responsibility for the planning and execution of 9/11 on one or more foreign intelligence agencies, not “terrorists.”
What is also clear is that President Bush’s personal role in covering this up protected the real perpetrators of 9/11 and pushed the US into, not just two insane wars but draconian moves against America’s government.
The NSA and the Bush 9/11 coup
Nine eleven was a coup against the constitution. Additional reports released this week make clear some of the reasons Bush lied to the American people, to congress, our military and our allies, “Obama’s Director for National Intelligence, James Clapper, has declassified new documents that reveal how the NSA was first given the green light to start collecting bulk communication data in the hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorists after 9/11.
President Barack Obama’s administration has for the first time publicly confirmed ‘the existence of collection activities authorized by President George W. Bush,’ such as bulk amounts of Internet and phone metadata, as part of the ‘Terrorist Surveillance Program’ (TSP). The disclosures are part of Washington’s campaign to justify the NSA’s surveillance activities, following massive leaks to the media about the classified programs by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
Clapper explained on Saturday that President George W. Bush first authorized the spying in October 2001, just weeks after the September 11 attacks.”
We can prove Bush was fully criminally culpable in covering the tracks of those responsible for 9/11.
AIPAC through Bandar and bush “under a bus”
More frighteningly, the articles published this week in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Daily News, written by Hoover Institute fellow and AIPAC member, Paul Sperry, now not only blame Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia as the 9/11 mastermind but tie Bush (43) in as well.
In fact, the entire AIPAC apparatus, the largest lobbying organization in Washington, is currently engaged in a “full court press,” to stop congress from pushing for the release of the real report. Is this because the real report accuses Israel, not Saudi Arabia, and AIPAC wants the Murdoch/Sperry story to stand?
Bin Laden myth “crashes down”
The real report, called “shocking” by the legislators, who have called for President Obama to declassify the entire report, proves that there was no al-Qaeda involvement, no reason to invade Afghanistan or Iraq and no reason to hunt CIA operative, Colonel Tim Osman, also known as “Osama bin Laden.”
In fact, Ambassador Lee Wanta, a former White House Intelligence Chief and Inspector General of the Department of Defense under Reagan, has cited meetings between key government officials and “bin Laden” that he attended, meetings held in both Los Angeles and Washington DC while the US was supposedly hunting him.
From Wanta, who was present during these meetings,
“In early 1990, bin Laden, suffering from advanced kidney disease, was flown to an American facility in the Persian Gulf. From there, bin Laden flew to Los Angeles, landing in the Ontario airport, met by Albert Hakim, representing President Bush (41), Ollie North (free on appeal bond), Admiral William Dickie, attorney Glenn Peglau and General Jack Singlaub, one of the founders of the CIA. Hakim was the personal representative of President Bush and in overall charge of the project. ‘Bud’ McFarlane, an Iran-Contra figure pardoned by President Bush in 1992, was also a part of the group.
Bin Laden then left Los Angeles for Washington DC. There he stayed in the Mayflower Hotel. Meetings were held at the Metropolitan Club in Washington. Attorney Glenn Peglau stayed at the Metropolitan. While there, Peglau’s room was broken into and “items” removed. At no point is there record, classified or public, that this ‘working group’ was ever dissolved nor is there any record that Osama bin Laden’s status as a security operative working for the US government ever ended. In 2001, Osama bin Laden’s last public statement denied any involvement in the 9/11 attacks. There are no classified documents tying bin Laden to 9/11 or citing him to be a ‘rogue CIA operative.’”
Which 9/11 is real?
In 2007, the FBI flew a team to Bangkok to interview former Soviet nuclear intelligence specialist Dimitri Khalezov. Khalezov told the FBI that, in the morning of September 12, 2001, he attended a breakfast gathering with Mossad Operations Chief Mike Harari and his son along with other Israeli operatives.
Khalezov reported to the FBI that this gathering was to celebrate the 9/11 attacks, not as Netanyahu had said, as a “fortunate happenstance for Israel” but as a Mossad attack on the United States. At that meeting, Harari also claimed credit for a role in the Oklahoma City bombing. According to Khalezov, Harari was courting him to join their group for an upcoming operation, a bombing attack on Bali, scheduled for 2002.
On October 12, 2002, a huge explosive device devastated nearly a square mile killing 202 people. An Islamic group was blamed, just as with not just 9/11 but, initially, Oklahoma City as well.
Khalezov told FBI agents that Harari claimed nuclear weapons were used to bring down the twin towers on 9/11. Harari also said he got a “cruise type” missile, a Soviet “Granit” for the Pentagon attack, purchased through Victor Bout, the “Lord of War” played by Nicholas Cage in the film of the same name.
Bout, residing in Bangkok with Harari and Khalezov, was extradited to the United States based on a highly classified indictment accusing him of supplying the guided missile used to attack the Pentagon on 9/11. Bout was arrested in Bangkok in 2008, not long after the FBI visit. He was officially convicted of supplying arms to rebels in Colombia, an activity Bout had long been engaged in on behalf of the CIA, his arms dealing partners for many years.
Thus far, the initial report to congress on the Bush falsification does not qualify as a leak. Only Bush stands accused, the 9/11 perpetrators are still safe, their identities still protected by security protocols maintained by President Obama, despite congressional demands.
“Claimed” leaks reported by Sperry in the Washington Post blame Bandar and Saudi Intelligence for 9/11. Sperry cites the CIA as a source but, quite suspiciously, seems to be attempting to deflect the possible fallout against Israel when or if then real report is made public. The Sperry story, coordinated with AIPAC’s moves to quell congress’s demand to declassify the report may well be an indication that Israeli intelligence, as Khalezov indicates, worked with Bush to plan and execute 9/11.
From the Press TV article:
“This week, Congressional representatives Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) have officially requested a congressional resolution demanding President Obama declassify the heavily redacted Congressional Investigative Report on 9/11. The two representatives had just been given authority under penalty of ‘national security secrecy’ to read the censored 28 pages of the 800-page report that had not been seen. What has been made clear is that President Bush was fully aware that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq were involved in 9/11 and that military action against those two nations was done to cover involvement of his administration in 9/11, involvement that included support from foreign intelligence agencies.
 The representatives, while reviewing the report, came to the portion titled ‘Specific Sources of Foreign Support.’
A 28-page section here had been ‘butchered’ by the White House on the personal orders of President Bush. On the original report given to Congress, an estimated 5-10,000 words were omitted from this section with page after page of dotted lines replacing text.”
This is only the most recent of revelations that AIPAC has managed to suppress through pressuring congress and its powerful assets in the press. What is increasingly clear is that many of AIPAC’s allies in Washington had access to the non-redacted report. An entire administration, leaders in congress and the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA and a dozen other organizations, all knew what was in the congressional report. They all lied to the 9/11 Commission. They all ordered measures to suppress freedom at home and to butcher hundreds of thousands around the world, kidnap and torture thousand more, all based on lies.
Countries were virtually wiped off the map on a whim. Often we hear it asked, “How could thousands be involved in a conspiracy so heinous?” We now stand ready to answer. The time has come to ask."
Gordon forgive us; but this one, just HAS to be read ALL the way through, and they do so like to be lazy ...



All 9/11 Airports Serviced by
One Israeli Owned Company

It's one of those times when an innocuous comment in an unrelated news report triggers a revelation.In the article at there is the following paragraph:
"To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston's Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid."
The point of the article was that ICTS knew shoe bomber Richard Reid was dangerous, but allowed him on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. But the idea that an Israeli owned company had inside access to the airport used to launch an abortive terror attack brought to mind the strange message Odigo Systems, another Israeli owned company with offices near the World Trade Towers, received that warned of the impending attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground.
So, I went back to another story that had surfaced briefly, reported about how at least one hijacker had smuggled a GUN aboard one of the hijacked planes. Even prior to 9-11, getting a gun on board a passenger plane represented a serious lapse of security. I wondered why this story of a gun was being concealed behind talk of box cutters and screwdrivers.
Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had departed.
Sure enough, a visit to ICTS' own web site at confirms that ICTS is in fact an Israeli owned company, and that it sells services to every airport from which the hijacked planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidiaries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.
It has been suggested that the incredible feat of hijacking four aircraft without a single arrest at the gate would require the resources of a nation-state. This is even more true with the revelation that at least one gun had managed to be aboard a hijacked plane. One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with without the management knowing who they were or what their purpose really was.
But one thing is clear. By virtue of the Odigo warning, someone knew enough about the planned attacks to warn Odigo before the planes had even departed the airport gates, yet they did not call the Israeli security company at the airports which could have stopped the flights from leaving.
Think about that one for a while.
Hours before the House version of the first Patriot Act went to a vote, "technical corrections" were inserted into the body of the legislation whereby foreign security companies such as ICTS-International would be immune from lawsuits related to the events of 9/11. Talk about not being available for deposition! This "Patriot" act legislative sleight of hand occurred before the inception of the 9/11 Commission when Fearless Leader George W. Bush was still resisting the very IDEA of an investigation into 9/11. Hence, in the face of an institutional cover-up, citizens were denied the possibility of a discovery process which is normally afforded to litigants. Without such discovery process, ICTS-International would never be compelled by a court of law to give testimony and show evidence related to the missing airport video surveillance tapes of 9/11 or any other aspect of security measures in place on 9/11. []
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.
"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale
"While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk."Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel"



One World of Nations
13 December 2013

This is the collective work of a number of Compassionate and Brave Men. Where is the GUTLESS, Immoral and Cowardly Media? So, let’s unleash hell. TRUTH! Have we got any Thinking Americans left to Mail It to the World? Why not hammer the Senators and Congressmen for answers? Who will unleash it all over Wall Street? Who will mail it to the Media? These are a collective series of key issues YOU need to understand to live free in YOUR Land!

When Lord James gave his historic speech in the House of Lords on February 16, 2012, the first stone was cast. Having investigated the alleged Department of Homeland Security Pureheart Investment’s Attorney, Marlon McCall’s offer of a Too Good to be True solicitation, using his own money and time, he both visited McCall in Bangkok to gain further insight, and was given a full range of supporting documents. These involved clearly colluding multi Bank SWIFT transfer copies and receiving Bank SWIFT confirmation or receipts. McCall, as the then Whistleblowing Attorney for Pureheart, called for Global support to get to the bottom of this grand fraud. With the attorney providing a corrosive insight into the machinations of this complex web of Fraud, it was serious. While exposing the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent transfer of $15 trillion (in three separate $5 trillion tranches) utilizing JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Scotland, what was lost in the shuffle was the fact that some obscure foreign corporation was the recipient of an amount that just so happened to match the US Government’s debt total at the time. In addition, the foreign corporation, Pureheart Investments, Ltd was also using Homeland Security’s bank clearance codes. These facts can be verified through the S.W.I.F.T. copies. 

Questions abound from this small bit of information, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Why was the Federal Reserve committing fraud on such a large scale and for whom?

  • What was so important about this particular transfer that the Federal Reserve, acting and conspiring with Filipino criminal Wilfredo Saurin, fraudulently made up the 750,000 metric tons of gold as HSB / RBS/ JPM Compliance records that Yohanne Riyadi didn’t own in the first place to “legitimatize” the transaction? In fact, 3 separate spaced transfers took place, $5T each to "create" money to avoid a US market crash. All covered up and studiously ignored by gutless Regulators and Political Leaders who need to Man Up! They Defrauded and laundered 15 Trillion dollars and hid their crime. Badly!

  • Systematic cross firing of those SWIFTS DID take place with Banks colluding to clear down terminals afterwards for a Double Dealing Fed Book keeping entry. Banks COLLUDED and Regulators were hoodwinked. What they saw, not did not see. It can still, ALL be traced!

  • A full head on Ponzi scam. 3 Transfers, each days apart. All fully recorded. No major bank re issues failed $5T transfers if the first fails. Full transfer records were copied. Banks denials are BS! There were all up to the neck in it. Cabal Conspiracy. That money is needed NOW for America and the UK!

  • Who were Pureheart Investments, Ltd., a Swiss money front as they closed it down once exposed, and why were they the fortunate recipient of 15 trillion dollars of fraudulent money?

  • Why haven’t the House of Lords investigated this fully with the real smoking guns so evident? A Treasury denial missed key points. A one eyed man is King in the Kingdom of the blind! So, they didn’t see it? It was a BOGUS Book Keeping entry meant only for the US books. 3 TIMES!!!! No one has picked up on this. Repeated 3 times? Wake up.

  • Why haven’t British intelligence, Interpol and banking regulators investigated this? A Bankers rebuttal? A Political rebuttal ignoring hard FACTS! Why go to so much trouble? For what possible purpose if not to scam the money to cover the Feds gaping black hole. Why did Saurin approach Riyardi to help save the US dollar? But, by Fraud? Riyardi confirmed this to Lord James in writing. Truly, nations are led by stupid and inept Leaders.

  • Why hasn’t Speaker Boehner started a Congressional inquiry into this? Bought men!

  • Why hasn’t the FBI investigated this?

  • Why hasn’t the SEC investigated this?

  • Why hasn’t the mainstream media investigated this? Sure, we need to ask? The MSM CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! AND GOD FORBID TELLING YOU - THE PEOPLE, SUCH FACTS.

Global parties, being the curious group that we are, started our own investigation. The deeper we went, the more questions arose. Questions that need to be posed to law enforcement all over the world. Questions that need to be posed by people all over the world to their elected leaders and politicians. Perhaps we can supply the background research and intelligence for a more in depth investigation by the various authorities who are given this responsibility by the very people that pay their salaries, benefits and pensions.

A Known Entity

We were deluged with correspondence from individuals and entities that are familiar with Pureheart Investments, Ltd. Consequently, we have conducted numerous interviews, reviewed volumes of documents and taken our research to the ends of the earth. The Pureheart story is rich with history, intrigue, deception, fraud, and conspiracy and its disturbing criminal associations.

Origins of the Shadow Government

We will provide information that we’ve received with the caveat that we have not had time to confirm everything we’ve been given, however, we will try to comment on certain issues and subjects where appropriate. We have also included articles and work done be other researchers that we know to be accurate as the story, if written completely, would contain several volumes that would rival the Encyclopedia Britannica in both length and information.

The Bush crime families’ involvement with the Nazis goes back to WWII and Prescott Bush’s financing of the Hitler war machine. In October, 1942, Union Banking Corporation, of which Prescott Bush was a Director, was seized under the “Trading with the Enemy Act”. After the war was over, Operation Paperclip was established to bring in Nazi scientists and intelligence assets to the United States to work for the government in various capacities. 

We have been informed that during the 60’s, the “Group of Five” was created to form the shadow Government that exists and thrives today. The names are as follows:   
  • George Bush, Sr.
  • Major General Edward Lansdale
  • William Colby
  • Roberto Ferrera
  • Richard Armitage
The common thread for all of them is the CIA (formerly the OSS) and hence the origins of the Fourth Reich in the United States. Funding for this endeavor is believed to have been provided by two Saudi Kings, King Faisal and King Fahd. Additionally, mobster Lucky Luciano’s name has been mentioned as a funding source for the shadow Government.

Roberto L. Ferrera

Roberto Ferrera was one of the founding members of the Group of Five and admittedly part of the CIA. Ferrera is involved in various activities and schemes while pursuing and carrying out the agenda of the Nazi NWO. We will now unveil the dirty secrets of the transition of convicted criminal Ferrera to become Lorin William Rosier (a dead boys identity) and the creation of Pureheart Investments, LTD. He heads up this operation. 

On November 22, 1993, Roberto Ferrera was arrested by the FBI in New York and brought before a Federal judge in the Southern District of New York, case number 1:93-mj-02506-UA-1, United States v. Ferrera. On November 23, 1993, Ferrera appeared before a Federal Judge and waived his removal hearing and consented to be transferred to the Federal Court, Northern District of Illinois. The complaint filed by the US Attorney against Ferrera was 18 U.S.C. 371; Conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit foreign securities. Per the docket, on November 29, 1993, Ferrera was transferred to the custody of the Northern District of Illinois for prosecution of securities fraud. 

The original complaint, case number 1:93-cr-00842-1, USA v. Ferrera, et al was filed and an arrest warrant was issued on November 19, 1993 in Federal court, Northern District of Illinois, Cook County, City of Chicago. The complaint listed 8 counts of conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit securities. Among the eight (8) counts were six (6) counts for postal, interstate wire and radio fraud in addition to two (2) counts of forgery. Ferrera appeared for the first time in the Illinois Federal court on December 9, 1993 after his transfer from New York. On April 28, 1994, seven (7) counts of fraud were filed against co-defendants John Binnett and Paul W. Graffia and eight (8) counts filed against co-defendant Lion Bernard.

On May 5, 1994, all four defendants plead not guilty to all counts. The US Attorney asked for and was granted dismissal of the original complaint on May 11, 1994 and then refilled superseding indictments on June 30, 1994 against all defendants: Roberto Ferrera 8 counts, John Binette 8 counts, Paul W. Graffia 16 counts and Lion Bernard 8 counts. On July 14, 1994, all defendants entered not guilty pleas to all counts. Trial was originally scheduled for November 7, 1994 but later rescheduled for July 10, 1995. On May 17, 1995, motion for bond modification filed by Ferrera was denied by the court and Ferrera ordered to remain in custody until trial. On June 22, 1995, Ferrera withdrew not guilty pleas to Counts 1-8 of the superseding indictment issued on June 30, 1994 for the following counts:

18:371 Conspiring to commit offenses against the United States, namely wire fraud involving counterfeit foreign currencies.

Count 1s – 18:371 - Larceny and theft

Count 4s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Count 5s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Count 6s – 18:478 and 2 Counterfeiting aid and abet

Count 7s – 18:478 and 2 Counterfeiting

Count 8s – 18:1343 - Postal, interstate wire and radio fraud

Sentencing was originally set for November 6, 1995 and subsequently reset four (4) times, before Ferrera was sentenced to seventy-one (71) months on January 24, 1996. He was to be given credit for time served (26 months), a term of 3 years supervised release and fined $300. One week later on February 1, 1996, Ferrera filed an appeal of the sentencing order. On February 24, 1997, the decision of the 7th District Court was affirmed by the 7th Circuit court and filed in the docket on March 19, 1997. On September 3, 1998, Ferrera submitted and was granted a motion to be transferred to a halfway house in Los Angeles, California. The Federal Bureau of Prisons indicates that Ferrera was released from custody on January 15, 1999. The court docket also states that on two occasions, August 8, 1995 and January 13, 1996, the court issued minute orders to allow Ferrera’s wife, Raquel Aguirre special visits while Ferrera was in custody. One of the minute orders indicates that Aguirre was granted the special visit “to accommodate Mrs. Aguirre who is visiting from Mexico”. The docket also refers to medical attention requested by Ferrera on several occasions but isn’t specific as to the condition to be addressed or any further details. 

Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen exposed some details of the court proceedings in his article entitled “Votergate – More Details Emerge” written December 1, 2004. Madsen reports that Ferrera claimed in court documents that he was a Mexican Army General and an official of the PRI political party in Mexico. As reported by Madsen, the fraud involved $11 billion in Mexican promissory notes.

Lorin William Rosier

At some point after his release from prison, Roberto L. Ferrera became Lorin William Rosier. It has been reported that Ferrera “Officially” either died in prison or sometime shortly thereafter and Lorin W. Rosier emerged. We have been told that even a grave marker exists for Ferrera in, of all places, Houston, Texas. This too, has not been confirmed. What we DO know is that Ferrera is Rosier and has created quite a background for his alter ego. This persona includes being a Marine Five Start General (unconfirmed), the one-time head of the West Coast CIA, holding a PHD in two areas of discipline, possessing cosmic clearance with the UN and being a good friend of the mobster, Lucky Luciano and his illegitimate son. 

Lorin William Rosier was the purported Chairman of Pureheart Investments, a corporate entity possessing both United Nations and Department of Homeland Security bank clearance codes. Given that Rosier is a fictitious name, it’s not surprising the Rosier’s name appears on Pureheart contracts but he does not sign any documents as Rosier, instead, assigning that responsibility to others, chief among them, former Pureheart general counsel, Marlon McCall.

McCall's statements:
The comments I wish to address do not in any way reflect upon the outstanding bravery and commitment of the good Defense Agency work of our combined countries, in their vital and highly commendable efforts to maintain the safety of our nations. Just instead on a few possible rogue operations risking the UK and EU interests.

Marlon McCall Attorney for LWR/GOT.S.A/ Pureheart Investments Ltd

Wilfredo Saurin, a Filipino national who’s name in extensively listed on a lot of Diligence warning lists, especially that of the US Federal Reserve Board itself, but a man who McCall advised me is a now Managed Agent protected by FRB NY which would explain a lot and creates the need to raise key issues.

On the 20th April 2009, the first tranche of $5Trillion dollars was sent, SWIFT transfer number 400930153 to RBS, via JP Morgan Chase directed by FRB NY.

The onward transfer from RBS Plc was to RBS Group, SWIFT Transfer No 8163708748 with confirmatory tracking registered and secured by each issuing and receiving terminal.

This SWIFT issued at the request of FRB NY, was on behalf of Wilfredo Saurin, and transferred to the further credit of LWR/ GOT S.A. / Pureheart Investments Ltd under United Nations Permit No 04050 Homeland. Their Attorney McCall, stated to me, that they are a subsidiary of the US Homeland Security Agency. His words, not mine. If so, why are they operating such Intelligence Agency fronts inside our borders using the Pureheart front and for what purpose? What supervision is applied if any?

If, in fact, as I have established in other similar cases, we may be tacitly funding unregulated US Agency and Black Operations activities, outside of Congressional knowledge or approval, we have both a Duty of Care obligation and a problem. I hold extensive information on a labyrinth of false front Trusts and Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion operations being used by so many associated parties affecting both UK and EU Revenue interests.

This entire first transaction was confirmed by FRB NY SWIFT on the 23rd April 2009l to be genuine. Their words. All the codes and tracking numbers I have.

On the 27th April 2009 a second $5 Trillion dollar tranche was released following the success of the first by the same route.

On the 4th. May a third $5 Trillion dollars was again released again following the same route. I hold the Transfer numbers and tracking codes of each.

On the 20th May 2009, Bank of Indonesia Jakarta (BI) ( coordinated by FRB NY and Saurin) issued a SWIFT to JP Morgan Chase for the benefit of RBS Global Plc, for further credit to Pureheart yet again, and under the same United Nations Permit Code No 04050 Homeland. This “ Allegedly” transferred 750,000 metric tons of Gold AU to RBS. All the codes and tracking numbers I have.

On 25th May 2009, BI then issued a further SWIFT to JP Morgan Chase and RBS confirming it to be genuine.

750,000 metric tons gives the cosmetic paper support to $15 Trillion dollars, underpinning this series of 3 x $5Trillion US dollar transactions to raise the money. It is not coincidental.

Such Gold holdings do not exist. The True Global record is c170,000 tons. This is what has confused the thinking of all parties and caused judgment errors. The fraud was the bogus asset. So, what if the transfers did actually take place as claimed by McCall, and later Bank codes were switched. Also this is as stressed by McCall. They can be traced by IBAN tracking. This account support I traced to the original BI Special US Treasury FRB NY Sovereign Sub account held in BI for the benefit of Yohannes Riyadi, against which I have both a copy of his Confidential FRB contract and a BI letter authenticating this account from the now Deputy President of Indonesia. Riyadi may be the innocent victim in this.

I also have a copy of the original BI Safekeeping Receipt showing a true Gold holding of only 700 metric tons, which Mr Riyadi confirms to be correct. This profiles as a sophisticated FRB NY capital creation operation using UK and EU Banks at the time President Obama was $15 Trillion dollars short in their economy, a Black Hole which conveniently disappeared. We need to consider optional realities here if this transacted as claimed.

2 years ago Saurin approached Riyadi for permission to use the US Treasury Cheque balances accrued, allegedly he was told to support the US dollar.

Riyadi tacitly agreed in principal, but with no permission for $15T to be used or for false declarations. I also hold Mr Riyadis letter to me stating this. This was a combined FRB NY - Saurin managed operation. If not, how does Saurin Banking paper appear all over the markets yet again from a man on so many warning lists? Why have banks not acted against this man as their names are used constantly. Under any normal circumstances, abusing US Dollar credibility by Counterfeit money would unleash a storm of US Secret Service retribution. Why is nothing done with Saurin who is issuing Trillions of Dollars of US paper?

A further 50 Billion Euros appears in an extra transfer to Pureheart via HSBC to an RBS account on 11th May 2009. An interesting pay off. For what?

$15 Trillion dollars, according to McCall, a Principal Pureheart Executive, appears to be now controlled via RBS and 4 other UK and EU banks, possibly hidden Off Balance Sheet or beyond normal reporting sight, as is done daily with the FRB NY Grey Screens. The capital I am told by McCall is now split between 5 EU Banks accruing substantial margins.

Between 1% and up to 2.5% a day can be made cross trading MTN’s. These are substantial assets to help and benefit the EU. But where is this money now if this is true? It needs to be traced if so and secured for combined US and EU use. What are our collective tax losses? If untrue, we return to Saurin and these allegations by McCall. Where does the Truth - Lie? What does it benefit McCall to lie? This is the dichotomy. It makes no sense.

It is impossible to transfer and traffic these amounts without a complicit Senior Bank Management providing supporting cover. If true- who knew? How has Saurin, who fails all KYC diligence approvals, got accounts in RBS and HSBC? Also with major US and European Banks. This is not possible without complicit bankers. Why is he apparently untouchable when he is already so exposed? He is on the Official Federal Reserve Scam Warning lists, yet he runs freely with FRB NY?

What is the UK and EU risk now with these bogus funds if they are actually in real circulation? Bogus capital is then earning genuine profits.

The First public FRB NY audit and the $16 Trillion black hole. I hold them! Key banks named from the Official FRB NY 2011 audit: 

  • $541 Billion dollars was loaned to RBS according to FRB NY’s own General Audit Office 2011 report, loaned at virtually zero interest!!!!
  • $868 Billion dollars loaned to Barclays.
  • $354 Billion loaned to Deutsch bank.
  • $287 Billion loaned to UBS.
  • $187 Billion loaned to Bank of Scotland.
  • $262 Billion loaned to Credit Suisse.

This UK and EU list goes on. A $16 Trillion dollar FRB Black hole is exposed.

But now again, of the $15T issue. Cover McCall's efforts to recover them? UK 51st State threat by McCall!

What is the scale of various US Agencies use of our UK and EU Capital markets? Why are our UK and EU Withholding Taxes not being paid? These Evaded Taxes, if recovered, would cover our well-publicised Defence Budget shortfalls.

What are these profits being used for?

Is it for Rendition Centres and Black operations projects? Are we monitoring what is going on right under our own nose? Congress does not fund them. So who does?

Are we funding the use of Freelance Military Contractors worldwide? Why?

What is Our Duty of Care responsibility to advise the US Congress of these enormous funds and Debt obligations if correct? American jobs, EU jobs. UK Jobs. Why not investigate? Is this a Truth too far?

We have a US Businessman here in London I have met with, who alleges his own funds have also been involved in the same games, without his full participation or sometimes knowledge. His funds he claims were placed for Bank Program Trading use in an account set up for Bank Program Trading via his alleged US Agency joint beneficial use program, using HSBC in Kensington High Street. He has provided substantial files and records, and has offered to both appear and testify. I have the account details and history. I also have his cross communications for payments with Josef Ackermann Chairman and CEO of Deutsch Bank. Supported also by a network of connected Offshore accounts identified. This American wishes to pay his UK multi Billion dollars taxes of profits he claims were accrued once his accounts are settled. I have been supplied with claims of highly leveraged Bank Trading Profits earned against these funds, involving hundreds of Billions of dollars. If true, a Revenue Goldmine exists for both our own and EU economies.

Another US Agency and named key US Political entities are alleged to have benefitted, without Billions due in taxes being paid if so. I have a large database of claimed Beneficiaries with disturbing exit transfers evidenced to the Isle of Man, San Marino, Caracas and the Caribbean. He claims to have been offered up to $24B by a well-known US Agency to settle off record, which is still unpaid. He has offered full supporting records to us if we will investigate it.

Extensive cross EU Bank trading is identified with a labyrinth of Tax evasion routes. He is willing to assist our Agencies and Regulatory entities trace all funds. I hold vast files and records to help HMG enable Recovery actions.

This case is synonymous of many. Again, yet more extensive US Agency and Bankers profiteering is documented with no UK or US Congressional oversight on Funds or Ethics.

The EU may possibly have a rogue $15T in use accruing real money profits. Who accrues the benefits on those profits if so? Who is responsible for final redemption? I repeat the words of McCall. 51st State. How can we redeem such money if generated by Fraud?

Look again at the FRB NY evidence of RBS loans from FRB NY at virtually zero interest rate. Why is that not put to use repaying our hard pressed Tax payers now instead of Bankers bonuses?

Extensive Information I hold can assist both US and EU Agencies recover substantial amounts of money behind an independent EU Inquiry as other key member states are also cross implicated.

Networks of planned Evasion have been identified with many parties now held on record.

In these new times, our Centuries old, hard earned Global Capital Markets our economies may be more at risk from Dirty People than a Dirty Bomb.

Is this 8 Gigabyte File I hold with vast records, a Weapon to combat Mass Corruption?

Summarizing, I fully and sensitively appreciate and support our countries valiant efforts and mean no slight on any valued Diplomatic relationships. But, these are serious issues meriting serious investigation.

The role of Rosier over many years, including his additional Legend identities permeates through much of the Agency and Bush / Cabal infrastructure. He is cross identified in operations ranging from Drug running and Money Laundering to enticing Sovereign Loans coerced from naïve, grasping Leaders, non-realizing that the Pureheart Investments front organization, was in fact reversing their own nation’s assets back into highly leveraged US Federal Reserve Bank Trading Programs, massively enriching them, with no benefit to the asset contributing nations. 

Rosier emerges, hiding in plain sight, as part of a group of American businessmen seeking to develop relationships (read Cabal Profiteering opportunities) between the US and Russia during the meetings of the 2 Presidents at Camp David. The cross support of KGB Generals on the board of Pureheart Investments, an operation run by Rosier until exposed, raises serious questions of American security being compromised for profit, and the lack again of Congressional oversight treated with disdain by members of the US Secret Military Industrial Cabals Shadow Government. Mr Vladimir F Afanasiev was present for these meetings coordinating for the KGB and coordinated with Rosier ways to create a profiteering base for Mutual Funds in Russia. 

Rosier fronts for a corporation which owns the controlling stake in 1156 financial companies, registered in 62 countries, yet shows nowhere on IRS Tax Records. Of course evading those helps explain such enormous wealth accrual, as only the little people, you, pay taxes. Exampled well by Romney until he was exposed recently, as he is now so heavily tracked following his theft of the Falcone funds in conjunction with Bush and Herzog.

Rosier was the front line coordinator for the Cabal operation representing the control of 64% of all assets of Asian countries, all predicated upon the original fraud and seizure of their Gold assets. 

The Cabal now allegedly control 75% of world transactions on oil, gold, and the precious stones market. A healthy business which stops you accessing alternative energies and ring fences you in for tax exploitation by an aggressive IRS owned by corporate interests, not the nation. 

Rosier created Russian –American Financial Investment Company LLC (RAFIC LLC). The intent was to allocate a base fund of 150 billion US dollars. Rosier and President Putin have yet to accomplish the trade contemplated. Why is the US Federal Reserve Trading Program facility being opened up to fund Russian expansion with KGB cross proliferation? When will Congress and the World Bank, IMF and World Court investigate the Oligopoly hiding behind Rosier facing no tax responsibilities and funding such colossal Military largesse? Rosier (an ex CIA conspirator imprisoned for Fraud) is a front Agent for Homeland Security. The US Government employs such criminals?

Who is Rosier really, and how do they explain his recent presence hidden in a guarded CIA Safe House in Oslo, Norway. Especially as the Lorin W Rosier identity, traces only to that of a dead boy, similar to Obama’s own Social Security number and known bogus and fraudulent Birth Certificate.

Project Hammer, the Black Eagle Trust and Financial fraud 

Any party even attempting to make sense of the chaos and disorder in the American Government and Banking needs to understand the historical realities of where the Ships of State left the rails, and how such reckless and demonstrably criminal entities ever seized control of the United States Corporation and its State departments, extending right into the Oval Office itself. You need to understand the problem before you can fix it. Americans have been denied truth for decades. 

Is it really as bad as portrayed? No, it’s far worse. Allow us to provide you historical examples as realities to contemplate, because this scale of deceit is a practiced art. First, understand the mind set of your enemy. Have no doubt these low lives are your enemies, collective traitors to a man.


Project Hammer is one key Global reality example, encompassing phased manipulations, theft and concealment of assets going back almost a century. Once the Rothschilds and JP Morgan coerced the United States President and Congress into accepting the Jekyll Island Accord after initial 1910 meetings, we handed over all ethical and moral fiscal responsibility, to a scavenging Jackal Pack operating with zero remorse or accountability. Most of our present demise really accelerated from that point in time. We gave the Fox the keys to the Hen House and created the now infamous Federal Reserve which has Off Balance Sheet indebted America beyond infinity to a Cabal of ruthless Bankers with rapacious greed.

Project Hammer, is one issue we have selected for you to help explain the truth of the conspiratorial dirty little secrets of the Western based economy. It explains how they manufacture money” out of thin air”, based on nothing but hype and Ponzi money debt. It provides a more detailed overview of the Collateral Trading Programs, and Bank collusion in a vast multi trillion dollar market the public have no idea exists. The programs they publicly deny exist, and lie through their teeth.

London is the primary Snake Head of Capital Market Trading, overseen with no public awareness, by the City of London Corporation; a mystical Self-Governing, self-regulating Oligopoly which maintains their identities shrouded in secrecy, as an exclusive private Global Secret Society fiefdom. This is the most privileged and powerful Cabal of all. Zurich, with all its secrecy, is just an outstation for the major Money Launderette of London. It has developed unchecked this way. It is regulated, but only by the 2 key manipulative Cabals for ruthless self-gain with all external oversight denied by Self-Serving Oligarch’s. 

The key and core objective of Project Hammer, was to assist in hiding seized Gold and to boost cross Agency involvement in Asian Drugs trafficking, where multi Trillion dollar profits were accrued to underpin the US Military Industrial Cabal and its CIA activities, to continue their Global hegemony outside of and beyond Congressional oversight, and to create in effect, the ultimate Shadow Government which is the real US power today. This is a series of collective history examples of how criminal Agencies have manipulated the Government, placing their own corrupt men into the whole infrastructure of Government, controlling the network of power, usurping the trust of the people, and destroying the fabric of Global society from the inside. Those they cannot control, they destroy. 

Collective examples of how they have penetrated and infiltrated the power structure of America to bribe threaten or blackmail their way to control every key aspect of society. How your freedom and country has been stolen from you. Who and why? 

From that has spun a myriad of false Trust and Corporate fronts, and many thousands of high capital value accounts, all hiding in plain sight, though labyrinths of Tax Havens. All cross trading on a colossal scale in Bank Collateral Trading Programs officially denied to all but those privileged to participate, under a whole new Capitalistic Feudal Self Elected monarchy. They have dismantled the Constitution. 

The roles of the Masons, Vatican and many other Secret societies are questioned, as we expose the names of Money Laundering and Drug running Generals attempting to switch their identities and now hiding away in CIA Safe Houses, attempting to evade retribution and prosecution. 

It exposes the links to the Tri Lateral Commission, its Neo Nazi past and current members, and their New World Order Fourth Reich avowed intent. Their Germanic past and true CIA Foundation members built upon the Nazi ideologies and their ever corrupting Intelligence operations. It exposes the Anglo American cross relationships with SIS, the joint Corporate Fronts, and the true use of Gold seized or defrauded from Asian economies and deceived Rulers such as Marcos. We ask you to challenge why Marcos Gold, the true property of the distressed Filipino people, is part run in a major Federal Reserve Trading Program hidden within the Bank of England cross sharing vast profits between the 2 organizations, and their Cohorts behind, with no Public or Political awareness or accountability. Another dirty little Cabal secret hiding in plain sight. Lining whose pockets? 

Discerning readers, after reading such collective research information, will question, after such vast amounts as are now revealed, why are our Global economies so stressed as immediate reparations, such as redeeming what is owed for the Global Settlements, or releasing the RV’s for the Iraqi Dinar re float can arrest Global decline and restore battered economies. Logically and morally obligated redemptions will indeed affect many solutions. 

But, when does a Thief ever pay back? This is the case in its entirety. This is an ethical dichotomy of how to engender an action of moral remorse or redemption from an unscrupulous Wolf pack. To take back what is ours and rebuild our economies, not fill Cabal pockets. 

Project Hammer will help you gain an understanding of the history of their infrastructure, and explain how they co developed the Black Eagle Trust Fund and its involvement in the conspiratorial 9/11 attacks targeting Cantor Fitzgerald’s record base, and investigating Naval Intelligence teams zoning in on them, costing over 3,000 innocent lives, despite Bush having been pre warned on record on an imminent attack which he ignored. Or, was he in as part of it to justify the Homeland Security Agency explosion to come? It highlights the convenient disappearance of $240 Billion dollars pending imminent redemption calls, and helped them evade exposure and retribution from focused teams in the Office of Naval Intelligence who were rapidly closing in on a vast Securities Money Laundering operation, all due for exposure if records were not made to electronically disappear by a well-executed targeted attack on the Intel Team Unit itself. We are submitting for you extensive reading covering the Black Eagle Trust Fund, collated from Public Domain information, without breaching official secrecy. We hold so much more. 

Black Eagle will take you through yet more extensive files of US cross association and a vast series of Global asset seizing operations, the cross involvement of key Political / Intelligence and Military entities who have enriched themselves and their families accumulating vast Global fortunes from corruption, while dismantling the fabric and asset security of our nations. The CIA was primarily founded and funded by William “Wild Bill” Donovan using stolen wealth ranging from the Marcos Gold to the vast fortunes of Yamashita’s Gold. Its name was derived from the Nazi Black Eagle on the Third Reich bars they seized. 

The financial institutions these Intelligence Agencies deposited their stolen assets with, went on to become the major financial banks in the world, along with the Swiss – German banks they also hid their Gold in. George Bush, despite all of President Reagan’s attempts to circumvent him out of key strategic information and asset loops as he simply did not trust this man, is a pyric figure constantly appearing in the chain of corruption and Agency Hegemony manipulation. These are the early days where Bush was coercing the assets to buy up Washington and his Global banking influence to underpin his strategy to subvert the Constitution and effect a Political Cabal coup on Washington. Influence and control was either bought or blackmailed, or “accidents” occurred. A ruthless, rapacious crime family was emerging cloaked in Political respectability. 

The extent of corruption and far reaching Trust Company operations have been selected in the attached essential research reading files for you. The scale of problem America now faces then becomes clear. Who will undertake the sanitization clean out necessary to restore values, freedom and wealth creation back to America? These are greater Public American enemies that Al Capone ever was. Organized crime which is now endemic in the very body politic of the entire Administrative and banking structure. Corruption permeates everything. Complete infestation. Romney is just a foot soldier for Bush, as are the Clintons. Owned and directed. Obama serves Soros, Bush and the Cabal. Integrity and Constitutional values were long since subverted. Who serves America while they serve themselves? Rome collapsed under the power of the Vandal hoards entrusted naively, encamped within its borders. History repeats itself. 

The selected formats enable you to grasp the scale of Cabal penetration of our national assets and the depth of Global security destabilized by their decades of Wanton fiscal abuse. Critical wealth needed to serve society was diverted to serve their greed and the aspirations of Mamon. The arrogance of their Vulcan Committee says it all. Out of control and out of their minds. The world now picks up their mess to unravel and rebuild shattered economies. This is what leads and controls America. This is what Global Political Leaders, the corrupt US Media and the naïve public sell their Souls for. As all Empires end, who will clean up this mess? 

Britain gave back Hong Kong to China and honored its Treaty. It DID the right and honorable thing with its head high. Britain now is perceived, by China, to be an honorable people whose word is trusted. 

The US Fed and Treasury, have reneged on the world for decades. Trust is Zero! They have besmirched and dishonored the nation, and don’t even care. They lied and looted and now have only Retirees, Widows and Orphans left to rob. So, game on. What is not locked down they will take. Truly, outside looking in, it’s a horror story of guttural abuse. Shysters rule. How did it ever get so bad? 

Unless a real, coordinated campaign is mounted to unseat all the old Cabal and cronies in power, change is not possible. The Clean Up has to start with the Public anger to name, shame and unseat them from Office. The US Voters need to Wise Up and Man Up and take the lot down at the Polls. Bikers, Truckers, America needs you. The old known cronies all need to go. None have vision or integrity. None deserve trust. New candidates need careful vetting and ONLY people with a Real World track record of success to show can be voted in. The US badly needs a Public Standards Committee to pre vet the lot before any can be allowed to stand for Public Office. That alone will clear half of both Houses out right away. Re Vet the Lot! NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, YOU DON’T GET THE TICKET TO RUN! Why Not?

America needs a rethink, to clean the stink

So, bad as these treacherous Mongrels have made it for America’s Global relationships, we need to prepare for the changing times and ride the backlash in process if it comes. The whole world is changing. Repositioning. The Zionist Mafia, in conjunction with the Texan Mafia, have looted the store for generations. Wanton war mongering has devastated perceptions of the country. Wanton profiteering by Cabal Industrial combines has bankrupted domestic industries putting the entire economy at risk. Political greed and chicanery has lost America’s moral authority. Poor Leadership has lost direction. 

It times of turmoil, as bad as they are, allow us to remind you of a truly great American hard earned quality. US MARINES DON’T QUIT! They WILL see it through, and so must you. 

Your forefathers left their countries to escape bondage, slavery, Feudal Monarchs and corruption. Not to be enslaved again by self-appointed elite families betraying all the ethos of The Constitution and the clear aspirations of the Founding Forefathers. They sacrificed all for YOU. To give you freedom, and opportunity to flourish as a free society, not enslaved by the Germanic Neocon families and Tri Laterals. Not to have the entire nation’s wealth, Treasury and Federal Reserve take over and monopolized by self-serving, rapacious and ruthless Kazakh Zionist parties who despise you as Goyims, fit only to live as wage slaves. Or Texan Nazi Fourth Reich families who have corrupted the nation and enslaved you from within. They have jointly stolen the nation. Take it back!

Re assess the integrity, courage and true good hearted nature of the American people, re assess what made the nation great, re build and re-emerge, sanitized from the corruption destroying the Soul of America. Assess what is good, and focus on the new America to restore the dream. It is not lost. You just lost your way with false Leaders whose only focus was greed, not the nation. Re plan, re - emerge. Take back America and the world will be with you. You have the quality of people within the country. It only needs to fund a group who can refocus with synergy to turn it all around, restoring wealth and pride to the nation again. Focus on what is needed. Focus on what is right. YES- WE CAN! 


Vladimir Putin has vowed to pursue terrorists to their “total annihilation”, in his first public comments since the Volgograd suicide bombings.
In his traditional New Year's Eve address, which was broadcast at midnight from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, (5pm in Moscow), he praised Russia’s unity in the face of both terrorism and natural disasters and promised to continue an unrelenting fight against the bombers.
“In the past year we have faced problems and serious challenges including the inhuman terror attacks in Volgograd and unprecedented disasters in the Far East,” he said.
“Dear friends, we bow our heads in memory of the victims of these terrible attacks. We will strongly and decisively continue the battle against terrorists until their total annihilation,” he said."
Are you listening BANDHAR BUSH; GEORGE BUSH; GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, HILLARY CLINTON, ROMNEY, RICE, CHENEY, RUMSFLED, NETANYAHU, ROTHSCHILD, ROCKEFELLER, ALEXANDER (compute THAT you fucking NAZI 911 Perp!) and every LAST genocidal NAZI who thinks there in CONtrol of this planet???????????? 



And, let me make this EVER SO CLEAR, you TERRORIST FUNDERS!




Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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