Friday, 31 January 2014


To our knowledge, the first info graphic, explaining how OT might look, very, very soon:
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A discussion Feb 5th 2014:

  1. we need a radio station to broadcast our 'news'

    Reply to  
    Image will appear as a link
  2. Think something that looks a bit like a LARGE PLUG (no lead) plug it into the socket in your home, one nation wired sans NSA
  3. As long as the DESIGN is and it can be easily BOUGHT from a trusted source or even better MADE so you REALLY know;)
  4. Slap on crypto ... off we go .. hopping to destination just like now; but not on THEIR CONtrolled hardware ;) xx
  5. hardware is sorta out there had the suppliers all open in tabs when they totalled me for 6-12 hours (about 4.30 FT to hack
  6. back up the line ... BT engineer having quit tor got me bootstrapped via distributed hash ... enuf to get here, and shout
  8. And what I hammering I took (possibly destroyed two motherboard components ... almost down to nothing again here <g>) :(
  9. contre ;) Seems pretty clear what ever the firebombs are falling for; as far as the peeps throwing them; DEUTSCH BANK again
  10. And so my old theory may be back in play the 15 T is now; trashing UKRAINE
  11. Or of course, it's the ILLUMINATI <g> But do I repeat myself ? EYE 5 STAR 5 STAR TRUST
  12. the good news, is your current router pretty much may well already contain the required hardware ;) More complicated thn that
  13. etc but right now if half the nation switched their WIFI settings to 'ad hoc network' you would get some coverage ;)
  14. City wide find a freeman nites until covered ? <g>9pm every Sun night for 30 min everyone tries connect 2 "freeUK" usernames(?)
  15. that sorta thing ;) look in any wifi now and it's likely ALREADY overlapping with ANOTHER seven or eight WIFI in OTHER homes:)
  16. The MESH NETWORK Kai is ALREADY built it's just 1) connecting it together (permissions) and 2 ROUTING OVER IT2b *done*:)
  17. Hence peeps went the cheap hardware plugin route all done;) Obviously the point in buying or building one is FOR that purpose;)
  18. over Mesh network of e.g. ad hoc wifi all giving & thus also getting routing (& data); there is a mutalisation of use inhernet
  19. People throw out the idea at that point; get them to understand they're dumbfucks they're NOT on a METER anymore r they ;) ;)
  20. If u want a really high level discussion of solving these sorta probs
  21. And so advance your thinkng put on each of those plugs checking and checking, and checking, the systems integrity ;) eg
  22. with crpto between plugs alone data streams sending encrypted data 3-4 levels deep all local 2 local P 2 P data streams
  23. If you just to start to LOSE that COMPLEXITY u see in the BACKEND (which you were {as user} never meant to see and think mor
  24. wot 50-100 ONCE (every 5-10 years .. hardware) + free libre OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE ... just buy and PLUG IN ... and new ..
  25. get these lemons to stop consenting to data extration and bandwidth use by companies SPYING INSIDE their LANS ;)
  26. Scrub US Traitor Companies off the European network ... almost job done ;) lol

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