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#ROARING Incumbents Beware By Joe Harrison #RABBIT nMOR - The White Rabbit!

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"Incumbents Beware
By Joe Harrison

Currently all of the Republicans in Congress are slapping each other on the back and celebrating the fact they're all a shoe in because of the dismal failure of the Affordable Care Act. I think we need to clear a few things up before they get too carried away. As much as we're unhappy with the left, it doesn't stop there. We're really unhappy with politics as usual in Washington and that includes the traditional long standing office holders of the Republican party. We're sick and tired of the back room deals, the you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours mentality and the caving in to the opposition. SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!!

Many in the party have been criticizing the conservative groups, most especially the TEA party. Let me just say this, two years ago I really didn't know anything about the TEA party at all, and really didn't care to know. All that changed with the filibuster by Cruz. This is what I and many others took away from that: Cruz ran on the platform that he would fight Obamacare all the way to the end and he was elected because of it. He did something that has become unheard of in Congress, he kept his word to his constituents, he listened to them and followed through. There are many others who joined him in the fight, some of my favorites are Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, and Mike Lee.

Because of the events of this last year, we're more awake than ever, we're watching every move. That is why you are seeing so many people leaving the Republican party and going independent. We're looking for new blood, for fighters who will actually listen to us and protect our interests.

To all of you Republicans who are holding office but running for re-election this year, I will say this; it will probably not be a Dem who will pose a threat to you, but a conservative unknown who you do not perceive as a threat at all. It doesn't matter how much more money you have to spend on your campaign, we're not falling for that one any more. We're doing our own research, we have the internet, we're talking to each other, you can't buy your way into office any more.

As for the Speaker Of The may want to wise up and figure out what's going on or you may be in for some surprises. You can no longer stay isolated in your cocoon, wake up already, you're burning bridges you will not be able to rebuild.

We're already hearing a lot of hype about Chris Christie running for President because the party thinks he's the most electable choice. I don't know about the rest of the Country but I can say with confidence that he'll never, ever win in the South. I mean really, this guy ordered the flags in New Jersey be flown at half mast for the death of Whitney Houston...really, he did that. He just does not have what it takes for us.

If the election was this year, and he was running, my candidate of choice would be Mike Huckabee, He has the experience. He has a connection with the people and he has common sense, something that there is far too little of in Washington.

As for Rand Paul, the plan you came up with for Detroit was a great thing, you're one of the few who has actually been proactive and is trying to do something positive there, my compliments on that. Now for the bad news...I have a lot of readers from Kentucky and I hear from them on a regular basis. Most of them are out of work coal workers. From what I gather, things aren't going too well there. You do remember the people of Kentucky don't you? Many of them are thinking that you don't. If you expect to get my vote, you may want to get your own house in order before you start on someone else's.

We're most certainly in for a very interesting year, we're going to see a drastic change in politics as usual. I only hope we can hold things together long enough to get to the next election.

For you Republicans I say this, start fighting or get out of the way for someone who will, it's that simple."





Did You Know?

Did You Know?
By Joe Harrison

I hope that every American knows the story of the battle of Baltimore and where the Star Spangled Banner came from however; there is more to the story than the all night bombardment of Fort McHenry on that fateful night back in 1814.
At the same time the soldiers and sailors at the fort were surviving a vicious artillery barrage, the armed citizens of Baltimore, men, women and teenagers, were fighting side by side with the few troops stationed there against an attack from British infantry. The battle lasted all night and the citizens refused to relent. They had also spent the previous few days leading up to the battle building fortifications in preparation. I wonder if the citizens of today would do the same. Not to take anything away from these people but, this was NOT the turning point in the war, what it did do however, was to send a clear message to the rest of the world that the United States could never be conquered because every citizen was armed and ready to fight. It would be a much bigger process than simply defeating the military forces.
The real turning point in the war came a few days earlier. The city of Washington had been captured by the British and every single government building had been set afire. President Madison was riding the countryside on horseback trying desperately to form some sort of force to mount a counter attack. Even the Presidential Mansion was in flames. The British had succeeded in cutting the head off of the snake and, had they been able to hold the city, the United States would have been without any leadership at all and would have surely eventually fallen.
So why couldn’t the British hold Washington? What was it that saved our country? Surprisingly enough, it was a hurricane. It came out of nowhere; it devastated the British troops and extinguished all of the fires in the city.  As the storm beaten British forces limped out of Washington, our leaders were quickly moving back in. The only undamaged government building was a post office where congress quickly met and restored some semblance of control.
Now you may or may not be a religious person and neither myself nor anyone else can speak for God, but this certainly gives me pause for thought. Did God have a hand in saving our country? If so, is the United States we are living in now what He had in mind for us? Are we living up to His expectations? 1.2 million Abortions last year. Taking the guns away from the citizens? After all, this was one of the things that kept us safe. Our freedom of speech is taken away from us because a prayer may offend someone? We are not even supposed to wish a friend a Merry Christmas any more. Muslims holding government offices?
Like I said, I cannot speak for God, but I can't help but wonder how long He will allow us to continue down this path. How long before He takes back the freedoms He had given us?
Just something for all of us to ponder." 

Wild one!

U Bet U Bet!


Chemtrails Brainwashing MK-USA 666


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MEET ADEYA MARCEL ... our lastest bravest GUEST RIPPED HUMAN rites WRITER HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"GEO-ENGINEERING - TERRA-FORMING: Destroying a World That Was Absolutely PERFECT for billions of years.

These may be some of the most important videos you watch in a long time!  I swear, they need our permission, and our silence is exactly that!  WAKE UP - SPEAK OUT - END THIS OR IT WILL END US!  Please, go do research now and educate yourself as to WHO and WHAT industries are responsible for "global warming, AND Global Dimming". Scroll through pictures for more info and videos.

Below are a few photographs I took while living in Santa Cruz; I have hundreds.  Every day, they were lay down above my head in the sky, every day we lost our sun.  My tomatoes got black mold by early July, my flowers never grew plush....and the metallic taste in my mouth was after day, after day.

The Silence of Engineered Genocide:

Atmospheric Geo-engineering with aluminum aerosols; conference with Geo-engineer David Keith:

Geo-engineering exposed:  Whistle-blower from the Air Force:
"What in the World Are They Spraying:

Why in the World Are They Spraying:

Geo-engineering: the Real Global Threat.

Global dimming from pollution and particles in the atmosphere:

 Geo-Engineering Scientist Murdered After Going on National Radio

Chem-Planes almost cause mid air collusion:

Geo-Engineering - Aerosol Research

 Death Dumps: 

- See more at:

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