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Read on down for the MI6 Kidnap attempt on SNOWDEN ... underneath the main juice!

Now then, people like to SCREAM conspiracy THEORY, in which case, WHY WAS THIS PAGE BLANKED BY NSA (do note the COMMENT I made to it, VERY, VERY, VERY CAREFULLY:

#DarkCabal IT #TrixDept
UK MK-DETECT-001 Evidence Deletion
RU MK-DETECT-002 911 Time RT-Order
EU RAD TERROR Swiss Asylum OBAMA  <<<<<<<<< RITE THERE :)

Assuming you want to LIVE. ;) 
Once you're up to speed with the SCHERF plan to NUKE AMERICA (North Carolina attempt here; long-time TRIED, but SO FAR, not successfully .. Onwards:

Sochi Olympics and Superbowl Illuminati symbolism and Security detail

SEND: Sochi Olympics and Superbowl Illuminati symbolism and Security detail by Freedomfighters2127

"US to blame Syria for possible Super Bowl attack: Expert

Press TV has interviewed James Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, from Madison, to discuss James Clapper’s remarks regarding the potential threats of militants in Syria to Western nations.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Wasn’t it clear from the beginning that these terrorists would be making a comeback to their respective homelands and cause the fear Clapper was warning about?
Fetzer: It’s very strange on multiple grounds. Now remember, Clapper is the same man who told the Congress that the NSA was not conducting a massive surveillance on the American people. The question is not whether he’s telling the truth. The question is why is he telling us this kind of lie?
I mean, look, there are no domestic terrorists in the United States. We know that from a survey, a study done by the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security a couple of years ago. They did a survey of fusion centers all over the country. They found no domestic terrorists. So what’s going on here?
There’s a move in Congress to allow Israelis to enter the country without visas. That means that there’s no control on bringing Israelis into the United States, if they want to create chaos in the United States.
I’m particularly troubled by multiple reports we have that the Super Bowl on Sunday might be a target to create a justification for a military crackdown in the United States, allowing in anyone from any country, especially Israel when they have a history of false-flag attacks is the worst possible idea.
I’m terribly troubled too by this parallel, 9/11, which was a fabricated attack which was used by Rudy Giuliani, the outgoing mayor of New York – in fact, the election in New York was supposed to take place on the very day, 9/11, and Rudy proposed the idea he should stay in office because they needed somebody experienced.
I’m very troubled that we have a situation in New Jersey where this game is going to be played, where you have the governor of New Jersey who’s in deep political trouble and if there were a terrorist attack on the Meadowlands, on the stadium where the Super Bowl is being played, he might try to catapult it into making himself a national hero just as Rudy Giuliani sought to capitalize on 9/11 by making himself a national hero.
I’m telling you, none of this can be taken at face value. The situation is very treacherous and the idea of talking now about this threat is disturbing in the extreme.
Press TV: In general, why is it that these terrorists bite the hand that literally feeds them?
Fetzer: Well, that’s a great point. ... Continues.

TOP TUNE! Toxic Holocaust - Nuke the Cross 

Toxic Holocaust - Nuke the Cross by Relapse Records



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"Press TV has conducted an interview with Wayne Madsen, former NSA officer, about the statement made by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden saying that US government agencies want to assassinate him.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.
Press TV: I’d like to get your thoughts on these recent comments made by Edward Snowden. And in addition to that, should these assassination threats be taken seriously?
Madson: They should absolutely be taken seriously.

In early December 2013 I reported on Russia’s Channel One  news network that Snowden was the target of a possible kidnapping attempt back then by MI6 officers - British intelligence officers with the British embassy in Moscow.

And this included the head of MI6 at the embassy Mr. Dennis Keith (Deputy Chief of Mission) who is widely known in Russia as not only a provocateur amongst the Russian opposition to President Vladimir Putin, but also somebody who has had a long history with MI6.

This particular individual (Dennis Keith) was in charge of an operation to hire an American former NSA employee who also lives in Moscow and works in Moscow to try to entrap Edward Snowden in a trap.

So we have two former NSA people: Ed Snowden and another American who obviously being used as a lure, a honey trap, to try to ensnare Ed Snowden. So I reported that. The operation was obviously called off, it was a failure.

And now what will they do now? America is going to try to maybe kill Snowden. They couldn’t kidnap him and bring him back to the United States either directly or through the United Kingdom. And now they’ve gone to the other scenario where they’d like to just put him out, make him go away by assassinating him.

Snowden’s revelations are no surprise to me because I caught on to the plan early on to try to rendition him out of Russia.

Press TV: What is to become of Edward Snowden? How do you see this whole Snowden saga coming to an end?

Madson: He’s been granted now permanent political asylum in Russia. I feel that Russia is the safest country for him right now.

Anywhere else he goes especially if he were to be given asylum in a country like Bolivia or Brazil or Ecuador, these countries are totally in the US-controlled western hemisphere. And although they are independent countries they are subjected to a lot of CIA and US government intrigue with all kinds of military, Special Forces, CIA, defense intelligence agencies.
I think he’d be very unsafe in those countries, but I think the Russian government is more than able to provide security for him.

I know one of the things as a result of my revelations about the attempt to kidnap Snowden in December was that his security was increased according to a high ranking official of the Federal Security Bureau of Russia.

WARHEAD by co oudhoff

Quantum Correction 911 COUP!


U.S. Stingers for the Terrorists - A Short History

Monday, 6 January 2014


"Press TV has interviewed Ken O'Keefe, a peace activist and former US marine, from London, about James Clapper saying militants in Syria are preparing to attack Western countries.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Talk to us about these comments. Would you consider this to be blowback for some Western countries that have either directly or indirectly aided these groups in Syria?
O'Keefe: This is really one of the greatest manipulations of all when we talk about blowback. It is not accidental. It is not unintentional. The good thing about terrorism from the point of view of the powers that be is that it justifies furthering the police state and ultimately carrying on this farcical war on terror.
Actually, much of the so-called terrorism we see in the world, with 9/11 being the perfect example, is not terrorism by...fanatics or people that we might have trained in Afghanistan many years ago.
In truth, it is the CIA, it is the FBI, it is Mossad and MI-6, agencies like this which carries out false-flag operations. Israeli fingerprints, Mossad fingerprints are all over 9/11.
The vast majority of so-called terrorism is not from religious fanatics who are doing it independently and organically on their own free will. Even when those people are using terrorism tactics, more often than not they’re being supplied with explosives and what-not from our own authorities.
I don’t see any accidents in these psychopaths in Syria being armed and trained. It’s very much welcomed by the powers that be that they’ll come back to Europe and the United States and carry out acts of terrorism."  Continues....

We just thought we'd better include a STATEMENT OF THE OBVIOUS, for those DUMBOS, unable to work out that AFGHAN GOAT HERDERS don't HAVE NUKES :) 

"Wednesday, 22 January 2014

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