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"Explosion (Unit 4) or Unit 3 is a nuclear explosion, it was due to nuclear warheads that were in the storage pool"

I've had our TOP Japanese #OTB team member screaming at me in the background, and now, I get it; I get why, I needed to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS:  copied IN FULL, due to the inability to otherwise RETAIN the JAPANESE highlightiing of this article; LAP IT UP **TRUTH WILL OUT**

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And along that vein, as the ONLY SITE ON PLANET EARTH covering BLACK SPACE in DEPTH, we have a bit of INSERT, before the EXPOSURE, AFTER, the FUKUSHIMA intel

Must SEE- Defense Minister of Canada Tells RT Of Proof of ET's & UFOs RT News 12-30-2013

MACHINE TRANSLATED (original Japanese)

"This is a report of the impact caused by the freelance journalist Yoichi Shimazu. It is a strong content giddily. I do not know how I have to digest this article. I think I think that's article is not verified authenticity, but would like to keep in mind as one possibility."

Nuclear weapons movement by the US-Israel confidential caused the explosion at the Fukushima
Yoichi Shimatsu A Rense World Exclusive

10-2-11 I used to catastrophe by nuclear and nuclear material is 16 tons, was in the hands of you. As compared to the hydrogen explosion that says TEPCO, explosions rocked the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, was something more powerful.

According to sources in Washington, in the fission of nuclear warheads that were brought illegally from nuclear weapons production facility in the United States, the cause of the explosion of actual weapons evaporation of the cooling water in the spent fuel cooling pool, had been stored there I was led to the initiation of uranium and plutonium class. In fact the United States and Israel, that support the nuclear-armed Japan in secret, is a public hiding the largest in recent history. 

Theft of strategic arms of the United States,

shows the course of the series of events, under the three relationships that Ehud Olmert of the Bush / Cheney-Chimu Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the Israeli government, that it has been approved at the highest level . Strange Love of Tokyo in the first half of 2007, Vice President Dick Cheney flew to Tokyo and the closest his entourage. Newspaper editorial, wrote visits he is shrouded in secret. The shut out from the secret talks bear Akio Minister of State for Defense, Cheney was treated coldly. Of that criticized President Bush had claimed Iraq owns the weapons of mass destruction was the excuse, but was compelling more, Defense Secretary, the Pentagon Japan clandestine nuclear program It was a concern that it may reveal. To the nuclear program of Japan to seek the approval of the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff is to opposite It was a certainty. The reason for the visit to Japan of Cheney that has not been announced, was to advance the four countries in the Asia-Pacific Ocean Alliance region. It was that the United States, Japan, Australia, India, seek enclosure, so as to face Russia and North Korea and its allies and China - the cornerstone of four. Was the view this large alliance that lacks balance Japan: three countries on the other hand to the enemy and nuclear, was the only one in the four countries in the United States *.(Meaning? That holds the nucleus *) for the nuclear ambitions of his own, Abe had been exploring the card from Russia. As stated in (9/22) U.S. Embassy cable, Yomiuri Shimbun was the lobbying of the challenge to the White House : "Yesterday, the power companies in Japan and the government, to Atomprom it is a nuclear monopoly of Russian state-owned ,. "it was found that has entered in order to transfer the uranium enrichment of nuclear facilities use, in meeting the final with Russia Washington if reject nuclear capability acceptance of Japan, Tokyo is a divert to Moscow wax. Liberal Democratic Party chooses as prime minister Abe in September 2006, Abe hawkish asked repeatedly that they would get over the post-war policy of non-nuclear principles and strict system of defense. Support for the nuclear capability of Japan, something that was born from his family. It brought up the project of the atomic bomb during the war, as prime minister, Kishi is his grandfather, enacted a nuclear program in general after the war. In a deal with Russia in the 1980s, Shintaro Abe his father (Motogaisho) and Russia - is sponsoring the Japan College, but it is operated in (front of foreign intelligence agencies) Aum Shinrikyo, here collapsed I was hired military scientists from Russia. Failure of most of the United States when accepting the nuclear capability of Japan in the Pentagon, it remains a symbol of Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima to justify the superiority of U.S. forces there. The route likely concessions to and from the United States, it was to pass through the Department of Energy of private management to oversee the production of nuclear weapons (DoE). Forward in the Camp David this transaction that took place following the visit to Washington of Abe is sealed. Bush is careful to eavesdropping that led to the fall of Nixon, I preferred the privacy at Camp David. April 27, in this rustic lodge, Abe and Bush consultation over a period of 45 minutes, but was never to be revealed even in outline vague. From card of Russia Abe showed, he had bought enriched uranium is suggested. Plutonium and uranium in the United States made ​​in nuclear material purest in the world, I have a purity of 99.9%.Lack of impure material of mineral is that it not be tracked down the source. Materials laboratory Russia and China, can identify the source by impurities incorporated during the concentration process in contrast. The Abe, the knowledge and wide for esoteric technology. The first task of the 1980s he was the manager of Kobe Steel. One of its researchers, an astrophysicist Hideo Murai, he was adapted to "cold forming" an electromagnetic steel technology of the Soviet. Murai became the chief scientist of the Aum Shinrikyo cult, but later, under the program, which was started by the father of Abe, Aum Shinrikyo was hired weapons technician Soviet. When you start the activities of the government, Abe was assigned to the United States branch of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization). The New York office, he served for stealing advanced technology of the main defense system development contractor and the Pentagon, the host of the computer to decrypt the database. The hacker team led by the best gamers of the University of Tokyo, he entered the parrot. Tokyo subway sarin gas attack after 1995, for the campaign of public relations, Abe would be to put a distance and parrot. And in that after 12 years, was in Camp David Abe. After meeting with Bush, Abe will be flying to India, Delhi skeptical about a new Cold War, it is trying to get accepted by the four countries alliance of Cheney, Cheney is probably to complete this transaction.Hurricane Katrina hit the United States right after this, Abe visit was Nuguisara from the storage of general. Crime in Texas (nuclear warhead facility of the United States) BWXT Pantex was an extension of 16,000 acres or more in the Texas Panhandle in Amarillo suburbs. This site is managed by Babcock and Wilson DoE, it is used as the location of nuclear warheads finished the expiration date. It was decided that along with Rocky Flats in 1989 to (nuclear weapons manufacturing facility) closure, possession nucleus is transferred to Pantex, but that the private handling permit is now required, to steal the nucleus become a clear target were. June 2004, Albuquerque office of the National Nuclear Security System is hacked, the subscribers of 177 people and federal employees 11 people of Pantex, secret handling permit data and personal information has been stolen. NNSA did not know the Deputy Minister Clay Sel and Energy Minister Samuel Samuel Bodman · W · that up to three months after the security intrusion, there is a suspicion of inside job. While Bush and Abe are met at Camp David, a security guard, which is the organization of 500 people Pantex is, began a 45-day strike.According to the inspectors office of the DoE, strike-breaking was hired, but was not able to get into a lot. In addition it has been reported as follows by citing remarks of witness: "guards of the replacement even though fails the exam in fact, BWXT authorities had given a passing grade." Situation, was about to be funny almost as robbery of the movie "Ocean's Eleven", a nuclear Armageddon occurs compromised.Track to sew the interval of strike over two months, carrying the warhead core came out from the gate. Warhead about 16 tons packed in the container was driven to put into a container refrigerated for fission prevention. This dangerous cargo was on board the ship of state-owned shipping company owned by Israel in the Port of Houston. Under the federal program to ban weapons of mass destruction, radioactive material, had been monitored by the port inspector Roland Carnaby private contract. Information machine officials, are still clamoring for the shooting death of Carnaby. On April 29, 2008, I shot and killed Houston police to track him in the highway. Contract for the port monitor his, given to, based in Israel, security company NICE of ownership of Wehrmacht officers before Israel (Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering).(Lawyer Amarillo native, before aide of Panhandle Congressman Mac Thornberry) Deputy Director Clay Sell of DoE through illegal act of Pantex leading to smuggling from the theft of data, point man of the nuclear issue of Bush and Cheney, in some. Bush Sell - may be a work in Cheney political transition preparation team, became the highest adviser to the President on the nuclear issue. In addition, he was responsible for direct U.S. nuclear weapons complex in the DoE, but it contains the Pantex facility and laboratories across the country 17. Betrayal of Israel for the legal right of veto by the White House, nuclear cargo to Japan, required the mediation of a third party. According to sources, when requesting to Tokyo additional payment, Israel acted as broker rather than an agent. The Kasumetori a new nuclear warhead for weapons of their own, Israel was delivered the old ones. Because it requires a concentrated, Japan has requested repayment by enraged poor warhead, but Israel rejected it. Autumn 2008, from the time when the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigned, Tokyo stop to ask for assistance, Bush is no longer useful. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is the developer of the nucleus of Japan, there was no way other than to concentrate the uranium warheads in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. GE and Hitachi have developed a laser extraction method for plutonium, but (in the far enough place to avoid discovery of nuclear proliferation prevention inspector Fukushima first) require the power of a huge amount in it. With One machine reactors that have to run the unplanned, when the earthquake March struck, which was actually performed it. By supporting the rights of the Palestinian United Nations, Japan showered slap against Tel Aviv, but it againstIsrael secret intelligence agencies were challenged with Stuxnet virus nuclear facilities in Japan . Until the earthquake in the Tohoku did not repel Stuxnet is a firewall, but to collapse the transmission tower that was behind the nuclear power plant of 6 aircraft, power outage disrupts control system, earthquake was stopped between firewall a little.Computer comes online again, Stuxnet is entering in order to shut down the spare generator, for 20 minutes between the earthquake and tsunami, valve and pump of Fukushima first stopped working, turbine chamber were exposed to flood damage.Flow of cooling water to the storage pool stops and evaporation is accelerated by the, division of nuclear warheads that overheated, led to the explosion and mushroom cloud. Residents from the village of Idate summit overlooking the primary In the seaside, witnessed a column of smoke, taste of metal that was in my throat. Sin imposed earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku, was strong enough to cause damage to the Fukushima Dai-1, but this natural disaster became be greatly expanded by external factors: Two 20 critical of the tsunami before The presence of weapons-grade nuclear material contaminated the area of all to destroy its nuclear facilities and; diffusion of Stuxnet virus that shut down the control system in minutes . In the power of the three involved, Who is the most innocent? These three, we have committed a sin mass murder at the regional scale, injury, and destruction of assets, there are a criminal prosecution in the jurisdiction of each based on international law, the obligation of the damages payment associated with it. Collusion perpetrators of DoE White House, and Cheney, and Bush in particular, is responsible for that you have transport Hakobidashi nuclear warheads illegally without a safety device. Steals strategic equipment in the United States, State of Israel, was subjected to extortion and fraud against the Japanese government. And it was decided that is related to computer attack on critical infrastructure equal to acts of war, leading to fatal results. Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Prime Minister Abe, was carried out to supply the weapons-grade nuclear material contrary to the Constitution, ignoring the risk, keep a chaotic reckless, concentration and extraction. Abe is, if you did not ask the enrichment of uranium and plutonium in the first, would never force involving other. Japan's created a complicity to the crime. International Criminal Court, the health of millions of people - have a well-founded Japan, Canada, United States, Russia, North and South Korea, Mongolia, China, the only address the litigation related to the entire Northern Hemisphere, perhaps. Fukushima disaster is the sin of human rights violations by the more despicable dictatorship, to the extent comparable to the complaint of Tokyo and court Nuremberg, it's a crime against humanity. That it does not the prosecution's kind of complicity.

If there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, then the By earthquake and tsunami of the Tohoku region, stop the move toward World War III, it's that saved the world from further foolish undertaking. "




Ex-CIA: USMil IS With Us, EMP Failed, Obama Infiltrated


Published on Jan 10, 2014: 

Kim Dotcom an encrypted internet and crypto-currencies.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia

January 11, 2014
Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documentsobtained from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) by the American ex-patriot Edward Snowden states that this information is providing“incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.
Edward Snowden is a computer specialist, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former NSA/CSS contractor who disclosed these classified documents to several media outlets in late 2012 and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013 after his designation by the Obama regime as the “most wanted man on earth.”
This FSB report further states that Snowden, in December, 2012, contacted the highly respected American columnist, blogger, and author Glenn Greenwald by an email headed with the subject line stating, “I and others have things you would be interested in.?.?.?.”
In Snowden’s own words, this report continues, he outlined to Greenwald the reason for his highly secretive group obtaining and releasing these documents by warning that that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”
As to who is running this “secret regime” Snowden and his cohorts were warning about, FSB experts in this report say, was confirmed this past weekend by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.”
Even though Defense Minister Hellyer’s exact statements to the FSB in regards to Snowden’s documents remain classified, shortly after his “extensive electronic interview” by the FSB he was allowed to appear on Russia Today’s program SophieCo this past fortnight [see video HERE] where he shockingly admitted that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” and described several types of these extraterrestrials, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada.
Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” (further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.
In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.
Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established. 
Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.
Unbeknownst to the FSB, this report confirms, are those still in the US government backing Snowden, but whose presence Russian intelligence experts note is“unmistakable” and shows a cataclysmic power struggle is currently underway against this “secret regime” now headed by Obama by “forces unknown.”
Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this report concludes, is if those opposing the “Tall White” “secret regime” ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.
January 11, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]
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