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As the Editor(s) over at Foreign Policy seem to have had the courage to leave our last comment up, we thought we'd send some traffic back there way; it's at least semi-serious news, and it's certainly extremely funny, and for those reasons, we thought we'd give them a bit of a break: their FOIA request on the SECRET SERVICE SEX SCANDAL, has DEA Evidence Deletion elements (and of course, no charges preferred) ... Do we need to state it; if DEA agents delete eveidence of sleeping with prostitutes; WHO TRUSTS THEM AN INCH WITH MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COCAINE CARTEL EVIDENCE ...

Not me!  Only Ewe! LOL

Our comment left on this article, we reprint below; just in case the evidence deletion trix dept pay a visit to (with or without the editors knowledge)...

TOP TUNE!  Yes yes! It;s just got to Bee .. 



Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks (Classic Album) by ClassicAlbums


THE COMMENT WE JUST LEFT ... preserved here for posterity (or until Google {aka NSA}) can't take us any more either ...

"Of course, during the time the rest of the world learns of the Mossad mass murder in New York City, and the Mossad mass murder, in Bali (no, I can't be bothered to tell you where), we get tittle-tattle, from Foreign Policy.  Interesting, and bemusing, indeed.  Especially after this:

I'm sure at one time, it was tabloids that did sex; and at one time, Foreign Policy, did serious news.  Clearly, though this is better than the last 'news' I came up here and pretty much wasted my time reading, at least you get brownie points this time, for comedy laughs.

Whilst the rest of the world, continued to do the dying, and the bloggers, continued, to do the serious journalism, like how the USA, thinks frying peoples' heads, pretty much on a worlwide basis, to 'win' freedom and democracy', by installing it's dictators

Oh ... Really, I SHOULD just stop wasting my time.

But there again, everyone likes a good laugh at the pants around the ankles stuff.

Ed; I do note, the last comment stayed up; maybe all is not quite lost, not quite, yet.

But can't you at least say it's OUTRAGEOUS there were NO CHARGES brought for LYING, as these TOE-RAGS, obviously were?

Can't you at least say it's CORRUPT, CLEARLY, that the DELETION OF EVIDENCE by DEA AGENTS was NOT PROSECUTED, is TOTALLY inexcusable, even if you're just too damned stupid to work out what's really going on with DEA

I mean, it's not like half the world (perhaps more now), hasn't worked out GITMO is open for ONE REASON ONLY; to keep the coke flowing out of Latin America (and into the rest of the world, including your kids noses, right there in the USA), and of course, that lovely TAX FREE ILLICIT MASSIVE HEROIN PROFIT, flowing right into the GENOCIDE AGENDA, now panning out, right there (how nice, for a change), in 'Good Ol' USA'.



You know (but do you, or are you just TOO SCARED to TELL USA the TRUTH), this one:

This one, RIGHT HERE:

I guess the CIA domestic assassination programme, FBI confirming 22,500 murdered to take over the GLOBAL NARCOTICS TRADE, including the SLAUGHTER of 2,500 Americans, just isn't relevant to 'Foreign Policy', as far as 'Foreign Policy' is concerned.

Ed:  I do appreciate you kept the last comment up (AFAIK), but please, do try some real journalism every once in a while.

Surely, this is getting as embarrassing for Ewe, as for me?

Won't Foreign Policy Hears ... The White Rabbit!?

It's TIME!

The White Rabbit!"

The White Rabbit!  
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