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UPDATED - 22.45hrs 2nd December - Bristol Harbour (UK) Alien Video - see bottom

Regular readers of ... The White Rabbit! ... They know the REAL REALITY has already been covered IN DETAIL and IN-DEPTH on this blog; but now we have NASA/JPL **CONFIRMATION** of this 'anomaly' as they're calling it ... First the pic, then, the FULL RE-POST, of our earlier post, including the FULL LATEST INTERVIEW, with the man, who FIRST identified this (these?!) ALIEN MINING SHIPS, CREATING THE RINGS AROUND SATURN.  You know, those rings, which are APPEARING, around planets, as these ALIEN MINING SHIPS, move ever closer, to EARTH ... ;)   Onwards, first, the bullshit for public mass consumption, then ONWARDS, to the REAL REALITY as written for ALL HUMAN (rather than Ewe Human!) by ... The White Rabbit!

"A member of the Cassini spacecraft’s imaging team spied a mysterious object at edge of Saturn’s A ring and named it Peggy.
"Peggy" via NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
A mysterious object  A SPACECRAFT – which astronomers are calling Peggy – turned up last April as a kink in Saturn’s A ring. Image via NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute.
Peggy is only known to astronomers by the interference it causes. This object is thought to be about a kilometer in diameter, which is too small to be seen by Cassini’s cameras. What astronomers see instead is a “disturbance” in Saturn’s rings.

That’s why they’re calling the object a moon or even a moonlet. They reserve those terms for objects at least 10 times bigger than Peggy is thought to be.

No one knows what Peggy is, exactly. " Continues.

Except regular readers of .... The White Rabbit! ... Who of course, read the post re-posted below, well now, WAY back on 25th of July, 2012 ;) But first, as always ...


God Is an Astronaut - Spiral Code by The Orchard



"Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Dark Cabal moves ... hear it from someone who really wrote a book .... that's become very, very relevant to our society of human (and The White Rabbit!) on Earth.  This Intel may save everyone's life.  We support EVERY OLD PERSON WHO KNOWS ANYTHING TO STEP FORWARD DIRECT TO CAMERA RIGHT NOW AND TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU KNOW ... Just like this man. (And our sister @censorednewsnow first youtube upload if you didn't know).
  • electro-magnetic/Saturn is the CENTER OF ALL OF THIS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!
  • Uranus Suddenly has RINGS - CONFIRMATION
  • Polaris Submarine/Nuclear/Nukes
  • 2012 before you see the PICTURE (see next reference under video! :))
  • ET - very tall; black skinned - at least 7 feet tall! heh!  Big huh!

we think that may be reference to THIS HUBBLE PHOTO (just look a the BODY LANGUAGE at the START from the PHYSICIST (as he lies through his teeth on this point ... before moving onto NOT lying, where he looks up and continues to do so; the message (To The White Rabbit! ...) is CLEAR - X-OBJECT HUBBLE PHOTO CONFIRMATION  Heh ... Are you starting to understand the truth, really is out there? ...  If only PEOPLE TALK NOW; before it's too late; dump EVERYTHING ONTO THE NET NOW!  Mor: (We've been covering this DEADLY SERIOUS FINANCIAL SUBJECT, since well now, day one! :)



U can't handle it Human!"

Penultimately, of course, if you were unaware, regular readers, certainly were not, of the HEXAGON STORM:

FUK It, hassle on the line, going to post this and tidy laters ... perhaps tomorrow or the day after, I need a BEER <g>

Onwards; into HOW we can KNOW what's being going on in the MULTIVERSE, by VISITING it, even if it's in the PAST (or much less loosely, and and area in which I might need a few paragraphs which I don't have the time to write right now, to explain), IN THE G

Major Morehouse - Remote Viewing. pt.1/11

Bristol Harbour Alien - The Video!

The White Rabbit!

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