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Due to the amount of inbound, we missed the significance of this (though we did publish it, we must have done so in such a hurry, we did not read all of it; that just changed <g.), and as always with Tom Heneghan (the only other non-Veterans Today writer I have ever been aware of other than myself to have written about Wanta, apart from Wanta's Biographer (how I instantly recognised Tom was on the RIGHT TEAM); YOUR TEAM :) Onwards; to the TRUTH about LANZA - and FACEBOOK plus BENGHAZI!  And do note the MASSIVE TRADING on the DAY of BENGHAZI, and who, ONCE AGAIN, was HEAVILY involved, in that MASSIVE MONEY LAUNDERING; RBS! :)

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"Sunday December 16, 2012
Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs
Part 1 of 3

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that Nancy Champion Lanza, the mother of the alleged Connecticut shooter, Adam Lanza, was a CIA P2 analyist working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DARPA specializes in the use of simulated video internet games for the purpose of mind control and staging psyops.

Reference: DARPA is also linked to the monitoring and illegal misuse of the internet website Facebook (social chat box) in sending out graphic and subliminal messaging, not only for mind control, but command and control in order to stage their black ops on U.S. soil.

DARPA, the DHS, and CIA P2 clearly have the goal to destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and bring about total Nazification of the United States of America.

The latest CIA P2, E-Systems Connecticut staged psyop was designed to scare the American People and create the underlying foundation for a "Martial Law" declaration in America before Christmas.

Item: Nazi gangster elements that occupy and rule a defacto American state are directly threatened by the forthcoming worldwide financial turmoil that can easily decapitate the worldwide banking ponzi scheme.

Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs
Part 2 of 3

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

We can also divulge that the foot dragging and delaying tactics by Obama Administration officials concerning finalizing the bilateral tax agreement between the IMF, Austrian banks and the U.S. Treasury that would return $1.5 TRILLION back to the American Taxpayers and finally complete the total implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols may soon isolate the United States as an open sore against the whole world.

Despite the delaying tactics of the Obama Administration, the IMF and its President Christine Lagarde continues to order massive redemption and repatriation of collateralized assets aka precious and industrial metals as complete Protocol implementation is still imminent.

P.S. Updates on Benghazi-Gate

We can now reveal that the attack on the U.S. CIA outpost (not a consulate) in Benghazi, Libya that lead to the assassination of U.S. diplomat and Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was intelligence agency blowback.

We can also report that the U.S. State Department, CIA P2, and the government of Turkey had approved a scheme (a psyop) to have Ambassador Stevens kidnapped by alleged Al Qaeda forces (the bought and paid for CIA data base) at the outpost in Benghazi, Libya and then held for ransom as part of a pre-scripted prisoner exchange for alleged Muslim cleric who was being held in Turkey on charges of terrorism.

Note: The Muslim cleric was not being tried by the Turkish government because he knew too much about the role of the American-Turkish Council in the George W. BushFRAUD engineered 9/11 Nazi "Skull and Bones" Reichstag fire attack on the United States.

Reference: The writings and revelations of CIA whistleblower and American Patriot Sibel Edmonds.

(sidebar by The White Rabbit!  Sibel Edmonds FULL ON OATH TESTIMONY, right here, as A BANKSTER BRIEFING 6) 911 Nuke Rogue Agencies (end sidebar)

It is important to remember that the night of the failed psyop in Benghazi, Libya massive volatility took place in the trading of both precious metals and energy futures markets.

We can now divulge that billions of dollars were exchanged the night of the Benghazi attack between U.S., Turkish, Saudi and Iranian representatives with the funds and proceeds laundered into the German Deutsche Bank, UBS Switzerland, U.S. Citibank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

European INTERPOL, the IMF and the U.S. Provost Marshal are now in possession of computerized records generated by PROMIS software that fingers the aforementioned gangsters in this massive money laundry.

Item: We now know why the U.S. State Department refused to send armed security to the CIA outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

It is now clear that Ambassador Christopher Stevens own State Department wanted him kidnapped.

Stevens was quickly assassinated when he got a heads up from his own intelligence in the CIA, along with French intelligence, about this kidnapping ransom scheme involving the Muslim cleric.

However, Stevens did not die in vain since he was able to tip off the IMF, European INTERPOL and the U.S. Provost Marshal on what was occurring.

Stay tuned, more serious blowback is on the way."

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Ohio Man Arrested With Bombs Is Intel Analyst With Top Secret Clearance (Video) (video)

Rothschild-Rockefeller Cartel VS Humanity: Richard Grove


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Sunday, 19 January 2014

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