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Before the horror, remind yourself, there can be a life other than as a BANKSTERS SLAVE!

Nick Goepper breaks down his winning freeskiing tricks by RIDERS MATCH

"Over the last year, a mass of shocking evidence has emerged on the close ties between Western government spy agencies and giant energy companies, and their mutual interests in criminalising anti-fracking activists.

Activists tarred with the same brush

In late 2013, official documents obtained under freedom of information showed that Canada's domestic spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), had ramped up its surveillance of activists opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline project on 'national security' grounds. The CSIS also routinely passed information about such groups to the project's corporate architect, Calgary-based energy company, Enbridge.

The Northern Gateway is an $8 billion project to transport oil from the Alberta tar sands to the British Columbia coast, where it can be shipped to global markets. According to the documents a Canadian federal agency, the National Energy Board, worked with CSIS and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to coordinate with Enbridge, TransCanada, and other energy corporations in gathering intelligence on anti-fracking activists - despite senior police privately admitting they "could not detect a direct or specific criminal threat."

Now it has emerged that former cabinet minister Chuck Strahl - the man appointed by Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to head up the CSIS' civilian oversight panel, the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) - has been lobbying for Enbridge since 2011.

But that's not all. .."  Continues.

RBS treatment of small businesses 'disgusting' by ITN News

TOP TUNE! Assert - "Fraud" 

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More More More Details on the ROYAL BANK of SCOTLAND; totally fingered by the EVIDENCE in a FIFTEEN TRILLION USD LAUNDERING ROBBERY of The Pet Goat in the United States of America ...

Royal Bank of Scotland
is facing a row over its pay policies after a fresh hit for legal bills and mis-selling scandals put the bailed-out bank on track to report up to £8bn in losses for 2013.

Even though its nine-strong top management team said they would waive any bonuses, given the scale of the losses, the bank gave the strongest indication yet it would sidestep the EU bonus cap by asking shareholders' permission to pay bonuses worth 200% of salaries – double the size of the restriction imposed by Brussels.

Chairman Sir Philip Hampton insisted RBS had to keep paying competitively. He spoke at a hastily convened conference call caused byan unscheduled trading statement in which the 81% taxpayer-owned bank revealed it would incur an extra £3bn of losses for conduct-related matters over the US sub-prime mortgage crisis and mis-selling ofpayment protection insurance and interest rate swaps.

The additional costs come on top of £4.5bn losses from the creation of a mini-bad bank inside RBS and, according to estimates, could drive the bank to losses of around £8bn by the time it reports full-year results at the end of next month.

If the loss is on that scale it would mean RBS has incurred more than £40bn of losses since its 2008 bailout – almost as much as the £45bn taxpayers pumped in to rescue it.

The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth

The 6 Creepiest Places On Earth by BuzzFeedVideo

Seems to be missing RBS and HSBC HQ's ...  Strangest places on Earth; fifteen trillion fraudulently created then STOLEN; and nary a whispher.  Truly, the power, of the BANKSTERS.  The power, to KEEP SECRET their CRIMINALITY, like this:

"A report setting out damaging allegations about the way Royal Bank of Scotland treats its small business customers by an adviser to business secretary Vince Cable underwent a number of revisions in the month before it was published.

According to a document released to the Guardian under a freedom of information request, the report published by Lawrence Tomlinson in November was different to the one sent by Cable to Sir Philip Hampton, the chairman of RBS, on 31 October.

The allegations made by Tomlinson will be aired when the Yorkshire-based entrepreneur -– who runs care homes and manufactures sports cars – appears before the Treasury select committee of MPs on Wednesday.

Tomlinson's report, published on 25 November, alleged that RBS was forcing viable small businesses to the brink to allow the 81% taxpayer-owned bank to make profits by buying their properties in its West Register division.

The foreword in the version sent to Hampton – and the City regulator the Financial Conduct Authority – before publication makes no reference to RBS specifically but to a "fundamental change in banking culture" and to banks in general.

The initial report states: "The experiences of many businesses across the country suggest that, at least within RBS and Lloyds, there are circumstances in which the banks are engineering a default to move the business out of local management and into their turnaround divisions, generating revenue through fees, increased margins and devalued assets."

In the published report, the reference to Lloyds has been omitted and the foreword includes references to RBS and the global restructuring group (GRG) – the turnaround division which is now the subject of controversy."  Continues.

Lloyds 'in good position' for sale

Lloyds 'in good position' for sale by PressAssociation

From the liar in chief; busy, taking CONtrol over the FRAUD OFFICE; I wonder why GIDEON, and so does 300,000,000 Americans, and 60,000,000 Brits. ;)

McEwan replaces Hester as RBS chief by PressAssociation But not for long. ;)

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Fed Reserve Caught Red Handed, 15,000,000,000,000, & Lord James Blackheath

Of course, there is a FOURTH possibiblity is there not Lord Blackheath; the FIFTEEN TRILLION was a PAYOFF for 911 ;)

Quantum Correction 911 COUP!

Surely, that's at least a POSSIBILITY, is it not, GROWING in STRENGTH DAILY, as the CHANCELLOR GIDEON takes CONtrol over the FRAUD OFFICE (he's not even a LAWYER); but he is, along with the Prime Minister, Jewish; along with the person responsible for SLACKING OFF ALL the regulations that lead to the BANKING CRISIS, and also, the person, interestingly enough, in charge of the NUCLEAR LIABILITIES FUND, just before FUKUSHIMA, too.

I am raising questions; I do not have answers; but my, what questions:

WHY NO INVESTIGATION MORON MAFIA; as requested by the Noble Lord Blackheath?

Your silence CONVICTS you. 

Questions, questions, questions ...

Spanish princess charged with tax fraud by reuters

Conspiracy to Enslave?  What CONspiracy to ENSLAVE?

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Someone doesn't like this all being pointed out by ... 

Hacking The Rabbit (Tryin ;))

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