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"BBC embroiled in scandal as further Top executive 'filmed Dutch child abuse movies'"

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Inside Story - Vatican: The Holy See of shame? by Al Jazeera English

"BBC embroiled in scandal as further Top executive 'filmed Dutch child abuse movies'

DETECTIVES are investigating claims That a retired BBC executive abused young boys at his home in Amsterdam.

By: James Fielding Published: Sun, January 26, 2014

He is said to have owned a three-storey property near the city center in the Eighties. Boys from British care homes were ferried Allegedly there to take part in sex movies.

Police have been toldthat the BBC employee was Involved in the abuse and played a key role in distributing the films.

The news comes as Dutch police prepare to re-open an investigation into child sex, Which May be broadened to include British paedophiles operating in the Netherlands.

A whistleblower tipped off the BBC Investigations Unit two weeks ago about the man, who has since retired from the Corporation.

The information was passed to the Metropolitan Police's Operation Yewtree, the unit set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal to look into historic sex crimes.

Although the Sunday Express knows both the identity of the Alleged abuser and his former address in Amsterdam, We Have Decided not to print the details to avoid jeopardising any police investigation. Scotland Yard refused to comment but the BBC last night confirmed it had alerted the Met."


Sex Abuse Scandal Piles Pressure on BBC by PressTV



London Grammar - Strong by London Grammar


Lawmakers say not enough is being done to keep children at day care safe by WMTW Mor!

MACHINE TRANSLATED from original Dutch

"A retired manager of the BBC is accused to have made. Pornographic movies with children

He rented in the eighties under the floor of a house on a well-known British pedophile, held the first floor for himself and used the attic for pornographic films with both adults and children. The minor boys were delivered from orphanages.

This reports the British newspaper Express. BBC employees, according to a whistleblower involved in the abuse and have played a key role in spreading the films, including Amsterdam. This news comes at a time, explains the Express link with the affair Demmink which "the Dutch police is preparing for the reopening of the investigation of child abuse, which could be for British pedophiles operating in Netherlands broadened." It also comes after the notorious scandal about Jimmy Savile, the famous British entertainer of the BBC, who came out after his death that he has children abused his life.

An abuse victim would the perpetrator have been identified as one of those who have abused him. The Express also reports that the name of Demmink appeared in 1998 at the notorious Rolodex- case , "a Dutch study to an Amsterdam pedophile". "This research was soon shut down, which is called accusations of a cover-up."  Continues.

U.N. Panel Questions Vatican On Child Sex Abuse by NewsyVideos


Parents catch therapist allegedly abusing son during session in Wisconsin by WISN

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'One Billion Rise' to end abuse of women by CNN International

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#OpCLEANSWEEP IOR: Popey Pope! Stopping Agenda21 @ ICC DEMAND IT 


Snuff movies?



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