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How many more days, how many more years, how many more DECADES, will it be, before SELF-DEFENCE becomes THE ONLY issue, for American PATRIOTS. In an America that sees PREVENTATIVE STRIKE as a LEGAL BASIS for VIOLENCE, how many more Patriots, will get disappeared, into the CIA BLACK PRISON SYSTEM, already allegedly containing pver 20,000 people - all disappeared, without a trace, like only INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, can do.

How many more; HOW MANY MORE?!?!  How many MORE before REAL AMERICANS realise it's WAY PAST TIME TO PULL THE TRIGGER on the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION; so SO way past time; and there's NO MORE TIME LEFT TO LOSE if you don't want to LOSE!

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"(N.Morgan) Bill Windsor has been missing for months. His documentary Lawless In America was never released. He disappeared and has been gone since August. This needs to be shared and exposed. Where is Bill Windsor? Some of the people working with him on his documentary were threatened by this regime if they worked with Bill. The Powers That Be don’t want this documentary out and they want to silence him. If you have any information as to Bill’s where abouts, please contact me.

We cannot leave a man behind. All of us matter, who are in this fight for our freedoms and liberties. Bill was fighting for us, now it is our turn to fight for HIM!



State of the Union 2013: Response of The Revolutionary Party.

Congressional Testimony: Walter J. Burien to Bill Windsor of Lawless America


"Greetings Humanity! We would like to extend a warm welcome and introduce ourselves. As you read this message, do not focus on who we are at this time (all will be explained in due time), what we ask of you is that you listen to the message contained within this document. 
For thousands of years, humans have asked the very basic questions: who are we, why are we here, where did we come from? It is time for all to learn, or should we say "remember", the answers to these very questions and more. However, there are many challenges which you all currently face, and you see no viable solution. 
We are offering humanity only truth. But with truth, will arrive the complete liberation of humanity's free will. Humanity will be able to choose their path freely as they will have a complete picture by which to decide their outcome. 
Our mission is very clear: to share wisdom and knowledge with all, as truth and free will are essential. Part of truth is in understanding that we are responsible for our actions, or lack there of. If we are to create change, we must act to make change real. We cannot wait “for someone else”. Because, in many cases, no one ever shows. So, what are you waiting for? 
You have already taken the very first step in doing your part in making Earth Day what it is intended to be. See, that wasn't so tough now was it? There are many, like yourself, who crave the need for healthy change. And, it is time for you to realize that you are not alone. But, the key to successful change is having an effective strategy, plan, organization, coordination, focus, and most importantly the willingness to act. Aggression, hate, oppression, anger, fear, and hostility all become irrelevant as truth has no enemies. They are created by what we are taught. 
Humanity has already begun the process of revealing its truth. All one needs to do is look at the immense number of protest and humanitarian movements forming globally. All that is needed is to nurture this momentum. But, each of you are needed for that. We cannot unite you. We cannot make you do anything. You must be willing to act. People have become so oppressed and beaten down by an oppressive system, that they have become fearful of action. Humanity is now realizing that this fear is only an illusion. This is you remembering your truth. You all are realizing that you do have the power to change what is, or you would not be reading this now. It is by all of you coming together, in one unified movement, which makes you effective. How many of you know someone that lives in another country? What if that person knows people in other countries as well? Now, if you start to spread out, you see how it takes very little work, from any one individual, to make global unity a reality. Each of you are needed to make this real. It is in acknowledging each other, and understanding that we are all connected to and a part of the same whole, in which greed, selfishness, and ego become irrelevant. They only hurt the self in the end, and it is time to live this truth. You are the gatekeepers of your own truth. We will be coordinating the efforts for April 22, and we would like to provide a thorough explanation of this day. The few will not harm us, as we offer the buffer of safety which will allow you all to coordinate and unify globally, while maintaining your anonymity and safety. Many of you may wonder how we are able to make such a bold claim, and we are happy to provide an explanation. The few have always known, are very aware of our presence, and know exactly who we are. They will not harm us as they are aware we will not harm them. Just as we protect all of you, we also must provide protection to all others. We cannot take sides. However, we have made it very clear to the few that we would unify humanity if they did not. They no longer have a say as all have a divine right to free will. They understand that they are on the losing side, and they are intelligent enough to understand we offer some type of resolution. However, they will not relinquish this power completely until humanity reclaims it. And, that is what must be done. We cannot violate universal law, or free will, by forcing the few to abdicate their power. We cannot interfere. We are only allowed to restore balance. By doing this very act of unity, you are able to instantly regain your free will and begin the process of healing. Disclosure will not be a government press release or document. It is a process which is lived and experienced. You are living it. We would like to broadcast truth to the globe, and we will need each of you to bring this to fruition. Your governments will not actively do this for you OR the greater good. You must make truth a reality by action. We would like to broadcast a global message at 12:00 GMT April 22, 2014. Please adjust for your local time and synchronize. We would like for each of you to choose a mainstream media network in your local geographic location. We would like for each of you to begin working within trusted, anonymous, and expandable circles and utilize every talent, skill, and technical ability you have, and bring it all to the table. We would like to broadcast 1 message and have each of you hack this feed into your chosen target. All angles will need to be covered. We will provide the message to all involved. Timing will be crucial as all must work as one. People will be needed to scramble signals, others will be needed to come up as other feeds are shut down, and many other aspects of this project need to be covered as well. We leave no back door open. We succeed by shear volume. Now, this may seem daunting, and you may ask how a global hack of truth will be possible, but the answer will be found within the concept of being Anonymous. If you all are coordinated into a single action, the few will be unable to shut it down. You do not need to speak with each other to be coordinated. You will instantly remove the power of the few, and not one weapon was raised, nor one aggreesive act will be needed. But, you must be willing to trust and count on others. You must believe you can. You hold the power to solve EVERY problem you face here. The individual issues that each of you so lovingly stand for can be fixed in one act, one moment of unity. It is that simple. Each of you will be needed for this. You make Earth Day real! So, please send us an email at Get involved. If you do not have tech skills, that is okay. This is a global project, and we need talents from all walks of life. It is time to think outside the box. What are your skills? All ideas are welcome. Spread this message everywhere possible. Saturate all information sources available so it is available to all! It is together in unity that we create change. April 22, 2014 is your day. We have included some links which will assist in gaining a full understanding of what April 22 truly encompasses for all of you. We love you.

- we are the Orion Blue Fire Command."


"More than a million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits after an emergency federal programme expired on Saturday.
Lawmakers failed to agree on an extension of the scheme before the US Congress began its winter recess.
Former President George W Bush introduced the assistance plan in 2008 at the start of the recession.
Under the programme, jobless people received an average monthly stipend of $1,166 for up to 73 weeks.
The White House says the benefits have kept millions of families out of poverty, but many Republicans argue that the scheme's annual $25bn price tag is too expensive.
The stalemate comes two months after a budget fight in the US Congress led to the partial shutdown of the government.
'Urgent priority'
President Barack Obama has vowed to push for the renewal of the expired programme when Congress reconvenes in early January.
"The president said his administration would, as it has for several weeks now, push Congress to act promptly and in bipartisan fashion to address this urgent economic priority," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.
An estimated 1.3 million people will initially be cut off with the end of the "emergency unemployment compensation", US officials say.
Millions more could be affected next year after they lose state benefits, which in many states expire after six months.
The financial aid was designed to help US citizens who lost their jobs during the recession and were unable to find new work while receiving the state benefits.
The US unemployment rate fell to a five-year low of 7% in November, according to the US Labor Department.
But the long-term jobless rate remains a problem for the economy, with some 4.1 million Americans currently out of work for six months or longer."
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