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Published on Dec 18, 2013
Rick Piltz is a former senior associate in the coordination office of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program. In 2005, he blew the whistle on the White House's improper editing and censorship of science program reports on global warming intended for the public and Congress. GAP, which represented Piltz, released edited reports to The New York Times that documented the actual hand-editing -- by White House Counsel on Environmental Quality Chief of Staff Philip Cooney, a lawyer and former climate team leader with the American Petroleum Institute -- which was done to downplay the reality of human-driven global warming and its harmful impacts, and exaggerate scientific uncertainty. This scandal sparked a media frenzy that resulted in the resignation of Cooney, who found a job at ExxonMobil days later.

"BP oil spill engineer obstructed justice"

Lost Society - Trash All over You by The Orchard

"An engineer charged with obstructing justice in connection with the 2010 BP well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico has been found guilty of obstructing justice by deleting text messages from his mobile phone."  ...   "He estimated in a text to a supervisor that every day over 630,000 gallons of oil was spilling out of the well – treble BP's public estimate of 210,000 gallons a day.""

And you SAT, FAT, and so ..

"BP makes first major Gulf of Mexico oil discovery since Deepwater Horizon Find at Gila prospect marks first big oil discovery since US regulators lifted ban on deepwater drilling 
Jennifer Rankin, Wednesday 18 December 2013 09.53 GMT "

Off they go; hope it don't BLOW AGAIN DUMBO HUMAN! ... Uh DUH!

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TOP TUNE! Dum Dum Girls - Lost Boys & Girls Club  


Mor! QE hits the Houses -  Spiv Speculators rejoice! .. You're trashing manufacturing (you know,   the people that pay the RENT on your PROPERTIES, Dumbux! HAHAHA!!!

"The business secretary, Vince Cable, has warned that interest rates may have to rise to constrain a "raging housing boom" in London and the south-east.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, he said if interest rates were not increased by the Bank of England, there was a danger that large parts of London could be inhabited only by foreigners and bankers as house prices spiralled.

He added that, on the other hand, if interest rates were increased it would have a negative impact on UK manufacturing since exchange rates would rise, making exports harder.

It is the first time Cable has spoken so openly about the possibility of interest rates rising due to the imbalance in the economic recovery.

He again called for the government to rethink its Help to Buy scheme, which he said was conceived in entirely different circumstances. He also hinted strongly he did not want to follow the Conservative path on spending cuts after the election in 2015, saying the social fabric was under strain.

Cable said: "There is a raging housing boom in London and the south-east, and not in other parts of the country."


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"In the last two weeks, I got pulled into another round of the endless debate on the role of US forces in Korea, so I missed this yet further depressing story of the US government flirting with extra-judicial, not-really-very-oversighted killings in the field of Americans.

I worried a few weeks ago that the killing over Alwaki, a US citizen, without due process, had crossed yet another, and to my mind, major civil liberties threshold in the history of the war on terror.

And here we are again. As usual, Greenwald has all the depressing details that we would all rather not discuss. Among other things, he was an American. He was only 16. He was killed by accident. The government first tried to spin the boy as an older AQ fighter, but the most basic journalistic digging uncovered that as bogus. Wow. This is just appalling.!"

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