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After dealing with the Euro-Cannibal update ... onto a needed ... Laugh ...

Traitors calling people traitors; Politicians in Washington DC; the world's only and last laugh ...

during the years ... of genocide...

House Oversight Hearing Clearly Exposes Obama As A Dictator .. nMOR!

Enuf snuffers; onto HUMAN **HEROES**!


"Sunday   December 8, 2013

New Currency Ponzi Scheme Revealed
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

image source

UNITED States of America -  At this hour as worldwide bank asset deleveraging continues, it can now be reported that a new U.S. NSA foreign currency ponzi scheme is taking place involving a renegade currency exchange called "Bitcoin".  

Bitcoin has no middle man involving currency transactions and allows the use of anonymous individuals tied to large hedge funds and banks to bypass major commodity and currency exchanges.

Bitcoin is allowed to place large electronic block orders in the cash currency market that then cause major significant fluctuation of price in the underlying futures markets.

Bitcoin's major enablers are German Deutsche Bank, the Central Bank of Japan and Dutch bank ABN AMRO.


The FED, the NSA and Bitcoin have been trying to drive down the value of the U.S. dollar in an attempt to recollateralize ass backwards derivatives tied to UBS Switzerland, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Note:  Accordingly, the worldwide financial settlements remain on hold, as IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has now called for an immediate European Union (EU) inquiry into Bitcoin's currency racketeering.

Brazilian government officials are also convinced that the NSA and Bitcoin were responsible for driving up the value of the Brazilian Reais aka Brazilian Real.

Lagarde has also notified U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew that Bitcoin, Wells Fargo Bank of Reno, Nevada, along with Bank of America and the Royal Bank of Canada, are tied to the Iraqi dinar ponzi scam that actually involves counterfeit foreign currency.

P.S.  It is important to remember that the recent unemployment report that registered 7% and showed jobs being added to the American economy (even though they are part time) should have caused a major rally in the U.S. dollar given the prospects of FED tapering with interest rates now escalating.

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, which will include an update on the derivative riddled Italian banks and an update on the radiation that is still leaking out of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan that continues to threaten the United States and the world

Updates on radiation map:
Canadian officials estimated Fukushima cesium-137 release almost double Chernobyl — Based on the “most conservative and credible” projections
BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material” (AUDIO)
Gundersen: When the radioactive plume hits West Coast in a few months “it’s not like it’s going to end” — Fukushima still pumping contamination into Pacific Ocean 1,000 days after disaster began (AUDIO)"


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Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA

Meantime dumbfux Yanks,,,, pennny dropping on the old COMMUNIST PRESS over there, hey ;)

"Can you imagine participating in a protest outside the White House and forcing the entire U.S. government to resign? Can you imagine a group of randomly chosen private citizens rewriting the U.S. constitution to include measures banning corporate fraud? It seems incomprehensible in the U.S., but Icelanders did just that.  Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them. In fact, all of the events that unfolded were recorded by international journalists, overseas news bureaus, citizen journalists and bloggers. This has created current accusations of an intentional cover up of the story by mainstream U.S. news sources.
An “iReport” on CNN, written by a private citizen in May 2012, has questioned the reasons why this revolution has not been widely covered in the U.S., suggesting that perhaps the mainstream media is controlled by large corporate interests and thus has been unwilling to report on Iceland’s activities. That report is currently making its way around social media. CNN today placed a statement on its website saying: “We’ve noticed this iReport is being shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that this article was posted in May 2012. CNN has not yet verified the claims and we’re working to track down the original writer.” It is interesting to note that CNN’s European version, CNN Europe, already covered the story of the protests and the government’s resignation, leading many to question why CNN would now need to “look into” the claims.
Besides CNN Europe’s own coverage of the scandal, the events in Iceland were widely covered by international media and are easily verified by a simple search on Google which leads to a variety of reputable international news sources that ran numerous stories on the Icelandic revolution. A whole documentary has been made on the governmental overthrow called Pots, Pans and Other Solutions, and now, the conversation is focused on whether or not the citizens’ actions actually worked to make Iceland a more equitable nation."

The White Rabbit!  

Even the Jews, wakey, wakey; to a SHED load of SHIT being thrown at them, by the NWO crowd;

"State closes last three private psychiatric hospitals
07/11/2013 06:04"

If you didn't know:


FLOSS-HEAD FUX ... WATCHING genocide, for FUN, on TV YES YES **YOU**!

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